Free Drupal7 CMS Training and Live project

These days I wanted to work on website and post it from Joomla CMS to Drupal 7 CMS. Main reason for is that Drupal 7 is much more powerful and it has power to become one stop place for all Loksatta related work.

Initially I wanted to keep the site exactly same as how it looks before. Then there will not be any problem for users(who ever uses it now) to move to new site. Once they move on to it, we will keep making incremental changes every day so that there is no sudden shift.

For doing this I need help, and only way I can get help it by helping others. So I have decided to teach who ever joins me in this work about Drupal 7. All you need to know is ability to use internet and read English. I will teach the rest of it. There is some programming needed, but that you can learn easily. I also need some CSS designers help, may be I can teach that too.

So what are you waiting for? Learn the most powerful free CMS out there, send me a message right away. BTW this is completely online course, so no need to come visit me. You can do it even if you are in US, UK, India or even in China. 🙂