My Dream of new Loksatta party website

For the record, all this is my dreams. None of this is officially approved or discussed with any one. I don’t know who else is working on various other things which I dream of replacing with this new site. So don’t blame me for dreaming, but any constructive criticism is highly welcome.

New website will have the following features

Streamlined Authorization to content

Now, there are more than 20 websites related to Loksatta. Once for each state, blogs for videos, and projects etc. Soon they will be 100 if we leave it like this.

New site will divide the website into a hierarchy. National Level, State Level, District Level, Ward Level. Also there will be sections that are divided based on Projects, Office Departments. It will allow users to create content (News, Posts) at all these levels. Users will have permissions to post in particular section only. People above that level have option to make that post appear in their section. For example if an post related to one activity in a district is done, that district level people will post that in their section. If it is good fit, then state level people will approve to make it visible in state level.

These permissions can be organized in hierarchy, and multiple people will have permission on once section where they have to collaborate. So website does not depend on any one person.


As of now there is no central place where I can see all the projects happening in Loksatta. I don’t know who is working in what project. Only when I know that information I will be able to offer my services or resources for it. So we need all projects listed and project team to update the progress in that section.

They will have information about events, next meetings, decisions etc all posted in the website rather than some blog.


Normally most contributors wants to make the contribution public. It will help others get inspired by it. So we need a members profile. From when I am a member and what I did for Loksatta. Otherwise there is no recognition, and without it people wont come to support us. So each member will have a profile and contribution information.

Central Ticketing System

Every task in the party must be routed through a ticketing system. If I asked some one for doing something, then there must be a pending ticket for that user until it is done. So every one else knows what we are doing, where the issues are pending, how we can solve pending issues.

Social Integration

There must be grater integration of the website with the social networks but it has to maintain the control of the community. With one click users should be able to make a post which is in the website appear in the Facebook page.

Accounting & Auditing

All accounting information should be publicly available and should be allowed for anyone to audit them. This is only possible when there is a section for that Office Department in the website and they are allowed to post what ever they like in that section.