Politics & Financial Rewards

Politics should be financially rewarding, otherwise why will any sane person will try that job? having said that, how much should those rewards be?

Recently there is a news saying that Govt is building apartments for Rajya Sabha members at the cost of 2crores per apartment in Delhi. Now we all know what you can get at 2crores in Delhi. Most probably a very decent apartment. Even in Hyderabad they are costing 50lakh for a 3 bedroom apartment.

Now if you can not even give an apartment for a MP why should he become a MP and fight for your rights? Why should he sacrifice all his career and go into politics in first place. There is no certainty that his job is secure, that is the most un secure job you can find.

It is another point that those people are already rich before they go into politics. But that is irrelevant. Provided there is a person who left his job and went into politics to become a MP and do service to the country, don’t you think 2crores apartment is the very small cost? Each one of them is representing around 40lakh people. How many houses in the country do you think cost more than 2 crores? I think they will be more than 1 lakh. Only software engineers will be 50% of those list.

Now I heard a lot of people replying to that post saying that they are looting poor people. That might be an unfortunate truth, but that is nothing to do with the plan of building the apartment at 2 crores cost. They are worth it and I believe any person who becomes a MP should be rewarded in such a way that he should never have a financial problem for rest of his life even if he does not have any other income source. They should be able to live as a wealthy person until death.

Only when we put such situation, then a good person may quit his job and try politics as a career. Like people who try civils exams for more than 5 times. They do it because the rewards are that much big.