Veil: The new disease

I am not sure if all of you noticed or not, there is a new disease in the country(or at lease in Hyderabad). Fortunately it seems to be only affecting the females.

People affected by this disease choose to wear Veil over 20 to 30% of the upper body from top.

Here are some information about the disease…

  • Initially started by girls traveling on bikes
  • Slowly it started affecting people who travel by any vehicle
  • This disease affects the people severely impairing their logical reasoning ability
  • It also affects their perception of the environment
  • They loose ability to distinguish between day and night
  • They remain shy from every one and choose to wear veil as much as possible.
  • Some researches say that slowly it may have more dangerous consequences like people choosing to¬†wear it at all times including when they sleep.
  • Doctors suggested that family members should first recognize the disease.
  • They also warn that a severe Vitamin-D deficiency may occur in people with Veil disease due to lack of sunlight on the skin.

Another researcher says that it is caused by the Traffic Police. He says that Traffic Police have started accepting Veil as an alternative to helmet, and that cause then to start wearing Veil initially. When asked about popular saying that “Veil is in response to growing air pollution” the researcher questions “If that is the case why air pollution is concern for male population? and why Veil is not used for children? ” He says even people in China with very high level of air pollution when compared to Hyderabad does not wear Veils. “It is clearly a disease”.