What are they doing?

Ministers in Andhra Pradesh are saying that YS did some thing in their back and they are not responsible for the wrong decisions they took. I don’t understand one thing.

If YS did some thing and they are not aware of it when they took the decision, what are they doing since then? Why they are saying it only now, only when they are being booked under the cases? Why not they come out when they got to know that things are changed behind their back?

Lets assume that they are afraid of YS and could not dare, why not they come out about it after YS’s death? It has been many years since YS’s death, what took them so long to come out?

Also why are they not telling what ever they think wrong happened at least now. Why are they only telling about things on which they are being arrested?

What is media doing? Why this media did not question all these things when the decisions were taken? Also what is opposition doing at that time? Why all of them are talking about it just now?

These ministers, if we assume that they got to know that things went wrong only now, do they really think they still have capacity to be a minister when they don’t know what is really happening behind their back?

And these people will only know the pain when govt increases the Taxes or when there is Inflation. Every other time, they enjoy voting the most corrupt people to the power.

If we show the most honest and sincere party, then they get 10001 doubts about integrity of every person in the party. They can not even imagine voting to honest person, because they have lost the ability to recognize what is honest because they them self have became dishonest.