How rich people are killing the poor?

Normally it may sound crazy or too leftist. But in fact it is not. It is the truth. Here is how.

Why oil prices are increased?  To reduce burden on govt due to oil subsidy.

Why govt is giving oil subsidy?  To reduce burden on poor people due to high oil prices.

Why oil prices are high? Because we don’t have enough dollars to buy it from.

Why we don’t have enough dollars? We import more than we export.

Why we import more? Because rich people buy gold, and other stuff that is not available in India.

Why rich people buy gold? Because they are stupid enough not to know the relation between gold and oil.

What the heck, whats the problem with govt increasing oil prices?
Because it causes inflation, and food prices will rise, you can buy food for your family, but the poor guy can not. So you are causing him to save less, so that he does not have chance to increase his social status, get enough education for their kids etc.

Are you not importing your computers?
I know you will ask, you can import anything as long as that makes you export more than the imports. By importing gold we are not exporting anything.

This is bullshit, what is the proof of all this?

Here it is

We import $150b of oil and $60b of gold. Now assume that we reduce our gold import by say 50%, see how much affect it will have on our purchase capacity of oil.

My solutions to some of the world problems -1

Problem: Environmental Damage


  • Bring one child policy.
  • Remove all subsidies on non-renewable energy sources.
  • Remove all subsidies on power (as it is from coal or gas)
  • Remove all tax exemptions on housing.

Problem: Water Shortage


  • Make rain water harvesting compulsory for every building
  • Make water meters compulsory for every apartment

Problem: Corruption


  • Put every decision of every govt department, and every govt officer online and open for public in real time.


Environment: Collective Action: Inevitable failure

According to the recent article that I read we doing some thing very bad. We are killing our environment in such a way that never happened in the history of mankind. There are couple of solutions that were discussed in that article. And after reading all of them I found that most of them will fail.

All of these solutions need some things which we never know how to do.

  • Think about the future(beyond 10 years)
  • Think about the collective loss than individual gain
  • Change the lifestyle

Even though I am normally optimist (My brother thinks I am pessimist compared to him), my optimism is only about myself. I believe it is very unlikely to do any of the above. Here are some things which I think wont happen.

  • Developing countries will not agree to reduce their environmental damage (India and China)
  • Developed countries will not agree to cut their damage if developing countries continues to do the damage

I don’t see any political stage for environment in India. Here we are still fighting with things like corruption, lack of education, lack of proper governance and many more problems. Even though most of them are silly when we think of environment. But I am sure 99% of Indians do not agree with me, or even if they agree they will not be ready to take the right decision.

So the question now is, provided that it is evident that the environment will be damaged, food shortage will be there, riots and large scale unrest will be there, heat and cold will increase” what I need to do now?

I have 2 options.

  1. Plan for those things, and protect myself from them
  2. Start educating people about the problems, and try to see that we can prevent such things. Even though this is hopeless, this has to be done.

Guys, what are your suggestions for protecting from such future?