Fighting together

We are all busy, every one have their own problems to solve, their own family to look after and job to attend to. It is not easy for any person to really spend time for solving problem which are causing us trouble.

Here are some common problems we all face, and we all want them solved, but no one is capable of doing it except by sacrificing their time/money for the good of others.

  1. People are making lot of sounds for Ganesh Nimarjan at midnight and you want them to be punished. Some one has to go and file a case, and some one must be punished. But we can not do that alone and not surly at that time. But we can hire some people to do it, and we can pay them for it. Not just you or me, but by lot of people like us.
  2. You see a nearby road is in very bad position and you want some one to go and file a complaint. But as we are all busy with our works any one alone dont want to do it. But we all can spend some amount so that some one else can do it for us.
  3. You have a doubt about a food products quality, but you can not invest money to send it to lab and get tested. But if there are other people like you, then may be they all can support it.

In this way there are so many problems around us. But we need others to share our burden. So I am thinking of starting an new Non Profit Organization registered under Societies Act, which will create infrastructure for people to come together and get some thing achieved.

I am sure all of you have lot of ideas of what you want to do with it. So those who are willing to join me, please send me a message.