Where is Rambabu?

I have just watched the recently released Telugu movie “Camera man Ganga tho Rambabu(CGR)” after I was told that it is good and mostly a hit.  I have seen some bits of it in YouTube and even expected the movie to be good.

Here is a quick review from my side.

Songs: Except one all are worst.

Direction: 3/10

Story: 4/10

Acting: 2/10 (Excluding Hero)

Message: 8/10 (Very good)

The message from the movie is clear. Hero questions the people, why not get up and fight. Do take a step, even you alone do what is needed.

I am assuming that many people like the movie.

  • But what did we learn?
  • How many of us who have seen the move and posted in facebook did anything to change the state of the state/country?
  • We have time to watch movies by standing in queue, and don’t have time to support a leader or question a wrong leader?
  • We are willing to stand in queue and do every shit thing they ask us to to get a US visa, but we never did anything of that sort for the state or country?

Don’t tell me you and me can not do anything, if we can go jobs, write programs, do lot of many other things, then we can do anything. We can do if we decide to do.

We are happy to discuss movies, jobs, salaries, technologies but we don’t discuss each others opinions about a political issue or social issue. When did any one of you discuss about your views on a political party within your family? When did we question which party our family members support and why? Where is Rambabu in us?

Come join Loksatta Party and help us build better tomorrow.

My Resolution: I am going to question every one, my family, my friends, my relatives and my colleagues. If I see you posting something on FB related to politics, corruption, social problems then I am going to question what your views are, which party you are supporting and why? If you do not know the answers, then find them. If you don’t want me to ask you, then remove me from your friend list.