Interview: With Kisor Biswal, the ambitious and responsible

Here is my second interview with one of my best employees, future business partner, and present thinking partner.

Rajesh:  Where is your native place? tell us about your family.

Kisor: I’m from Odisha. Born in a village near Berhampur. My parents are farmer. I have two younger sisters, one is studying graduation and other is looking for jobs.

Rajesh:  Tell us about your education, what kind of student are you in various stages?

Kisor: I was an average student upto 8th(considering  percentage), later I scored better marks as I understood the importance of having good score certificates. But I don’t see any major difference in my attitude or my problem solving skill. One more point here is, learning something for understanding and learning something for certificate is different. I consider the later more as business. That’s why I choose to work after diploma instead of doing B.Tech in Bank loan.

Rajesh:  What are the most +ve and -ve feeling situations in your childhood, before 10th etc.

Kisor: +ve is that my parents are good, they never have enforced their wishes on me, I took all my decisions since childhood. -ve is that I had less exposure to the world I’m living in now, but it’s a chance.

Rajesh:  Why you joined Diploma? What you wanted to become before that?

Kisor: Since childhood I wanted to do anything I see new, in different part of time I wanted to become Philosopher, Economist, Physicist. When I was in 10th I used to read a column named “Information Technology” in an Odia newspaper The Sambad, there I saw the opportunity in IT, especially lured by the money 🙂 This was answer for why IT. Why diploma is, I wanted to be employable as soon as possible.

Rajesh:  Tell us about your college days, what you are used to do in free time?

Kisor: In home used to read self help books, as I did not have a computer. If get free time in college I used to write C programs to implement data structures, VB program to play songs(Teacher cant scold for watching video in labs).

Rajesh:  Why you came to Hyderabad? tell us about your journey into Vimukti.

Kisor: I came to Hyderabad to look for a job. It took less than a week to know that all employers in IT want 16 years of education, what I did not have. I decided to stay in Hyderabad no matter what, and for that I need to earn , took some alternative job(in a KPO) with in 16 days of coming to Hyderabad. Kept looking for a job as a Programmer, after around 10 months I found Vimukti’s ad in Naukri and then interview with you, then joined. And thank you for all what I got from Vimukti.

Rajesh:  So what exactly you got from Vimukti? And where do you stand now?

Kisor: Learnt everything from programming to business and management. Most important is the self confidence I got by doing things on own, Vimukti took the risk of leaving things on hands of less(no) experienced people. That no other company does.

Rajesh:  So tell us about your work experience, how long in vimukti, after that what you did, up to now.

Kisor: I worked in Vimukti around 3.5 years, other important thing I like in Vimukti is the encouragement for Entrepreneurship. During the last 1year in Vimukti I took work(web development) as independent contractor in off office hours. After leaving Vimukti developed some mobile applications, basically wanted to start an App Development business but the equation did not workout, and I continued to work full time.

Rajesh:  What do you want to do in future?

Kisor: I want to be a serial entrepreneur, and contribute to society by doing the best in what I do.

Rajesh:  What are your views on religion?

Kisor: I’m agnostic. I don’t have any knowledge of God. I don’t believe in all the rituals etc. I’ll be happy if someone promotes religions where rituals are going Gym regularly, sleeping in time, doing things which are good, not killing each other for some mysterious reasons.

Rajesh:  What qualities do you expect from a political leader for you to vote?

Kisor: He must understand economics, the long term effect of small decisions taken everyday(not wasting Govt. money in giving unwanted subsidies to influence voters). Good ethics. Ability to lead with a Vision.

Rajesh:  Continuing the previous question, do you think the society is facing problems with religious people? Do you think being agnostic is better stand than being atheist to be able to fight the bad things in religions.

Kisor: I see many problems which are triggered by religious reasons, however the believe is so deep that it is difficult to eliminate, just should be controlled. I refrain arguing with the fundamentalist as a way of ignoring the religions.

Rajesh:  What is your views on Love?

Kisor: Love is a kind of strong relation. A big commitment. I’ll suggest to watch “A beautiful mind” to know more 

Rajesh:  I have seen it, but I don’t remember exactly, Love is a commitment? or marriage is?

Kisor: Marriage is commitment.

Rajesh:  so can love be one sided?

Kisor: Oh you are talking about that, I don’t like one side loves, love means care why to care someone who does not care for you. Can be initiated by someone but should be stressed much if the other party is not interested.

Rajesh:  Can you love more than one person at a time?

Kisor: Technically possible but should be practiced, in my opinion. It will lead to conflict easily.

Rajesh:  What do you think is the best way to deal with educated stupids? Do we have any responsibility for changing them?

Kisor: Yes, we have the responsibility of changing anything that is not aligned with our interest. Can I get some example of stupidity?

Rajesh:  Sure, Just today I have seen one of our colleague sharing a post which asks why govt is not giving subsidy but giving tax exemption to corporates. of big numbers 1300000000000000

Kisor: Got, it.

Rajesh:  How do you think we should deal with them, they are educated, earning money, married, they think they are settled in life.

Kisor: I don’t think they have understood the whole process of getting money as tax to giving back as subsidy. They are educated in writing a software program, or doing some specific task. The best way to deal is educate them, let them understand the process. We should teach people how to search for solution to problem not just complaint about it. Ask him to read “Naked Economics”.

Rajesh:  How well do you think you are doing the teaching? Are there any such people in your circles?

Kisor: Yes, I see friends talking about diesel/petrol price hikes, the distress when big amount of tax is deducted from own salary. I try to explain them how all these works, giving reference to books. But I don’t see any change in them. After some time they talk again in the same way.

Rajesh:  So can we succeed in teaching? Do you have any other ideas on how to deal with them?

Kisor: There will be some influence by telling continuously. As of now I don’t have any better ideas.

Rajesh:  In what ways you plan to contribute to the society? When we can see some of those?

Kisor: Doing business that provides employment, product and services for well-being of society, will start soon. Will support good political parties.

Rajesh:  How will you describe yourself in the least number of  words?

Kisor: I’m ambitious, responsible.

Rajesh:  What do you think lacking in our education that you would like to be included?

Kisor: We have got enough information in education. Need to teach how to apply those. In 6th standard we study what should be the eligibility of MLA, MP, President etc, and when grown up giving vote for Money.

Rajesh:  Do you remember reading about Tax?

Kisor: Yes, I do.

Rajesh:  I don’t, good you have good memory. When will you consider yourself settled in life?

Kisor: I don’t like the word settle itself, I never want to be settled, I like the change, I like a dynamic life rather than static. I believe routine life is what called settled.

Rajesh:  Very good, Thank you for your time, do you have anything to say to my readers?

Kisor: Thank you. Yes, just want to say plenty of books available make use of those.