Interview: With my wife, an aspiring business woman

Recently I got an idea to take interviews of people around me in a way to know more about them also give them little help in self discovery. With this interview I want to achieve greater social participation, connecting people, and a bound with their words.

I will be touching every one connected to me through this interview program. I am starting this with my wife to show an example for others to follow.

Rajesh: Tell us little bit about your childhood.

Indu: I spent most of my childhood in Priya cements Ltd colony near Jaggaighpet. Came to Hyderabad in 96. Growing up in a city, meeting new people was a new experience to me.

Rajesh: ok, what else you remember before coming to hyderabad? How are you in studies back then?

Indu: I used to be good at studies always. 1st or 2nd in class, when I was there and here in Hyd. Nothing special happened in my childhood, everything was quiet normal. Coming to hyd I think brought some change in me. New people, new environment. This was when I started questioning the basic happenings in society, like God, difference shown between a girl and boy etc.

Rajesh: What is that you like very much from your childhood? and what is that you did not like?

Indu: I don’t remember having a strong affinity towards anything in childhood. The one thing I didn’t like was I never got answers to my questions, people around me were different to me which made me think that something was wrong with me and I took it for granted.

Rajesh: So, you are determined to change that for your kids then?

Indu: ofcourse, I will give an open platform with all necessarily tools for my kids to nurture them right from very young age.

Rajesh: That is good to hear. What do you wanted to become before 10th?

Indu: In 10th me along and my friend wanted to become cardiologist. The only thing we did in 10th was reading science. I neglected all the other subjects. But then after 10th, as getting into MBBS is a tedious and long process, MBBS for girls was not encouraged by anyone, I didn’t defend and I took MPC as the majority were taking that group.

Rajesh: I remember that you have written EMCET 2 times. Why is that? Do you suggest doing same to any one?

Indu: I got a bad rank the first time and as I cant get a seat in good engineering college, I wrote twice. It was my decision, however I regret it now.

Rajesh: Why do you regret?

Indu: Getting a seat in good engineering college is required for job as it helps for campus selections. I have no interest in doing job. I didn’t realize I would never be interested in a job, but instead in doing something of my own. Also wasting an year during the most important age of a person does no good. Knowing what one wants to do early in life and spending his time towards achieving that goal is extremely important.]

Rajesh: well said. Tell us something about your collage life? Normally most people say that is the best time of their life. What about you?

Indu: My college life is not my best phase. There are no life-changing lessons I learned. I didn’t like the college environment. I was spending a life of my own. Wasn’t interested much about my engineering subjects. I started studying businesses during that time. Started exploring Internet.

Rajesh: What is your thoughts then about love? Did you love any one?

Indu: Yes but I was not sure of love then, didn’t had as much clarity as I have now.

Rajesh: What is your definition of love now?

Indu: An intense feeling of deep affection. But it may not be towards one person all life. As we change, grow up, as distance between people increases, as our tastes change, everything changes. I think there can never be an absolute perfect partner. As we keep knwoing each other, explore each other more the affection may gets reduced. So it is subjective. The intensity keeps changing.

Rajesh: In other countries students earn their money by doing part-time jobs etc,  In India we depend on parents even upto PG. Why do you think it is like that? Do you think it should change?

Indu: The culture here is like that. Making their kids work is considered in a negative way here. Of course, it should change. We should teach kids right from young age that they are independent and should learn to be independent in all ways.

Rajesh: What will be your advice for collage joining students?

Indu: 1. To have a clear idea of what they want to do in life. 2. Start working from early age, it teaches lot of lessons both personally and for their career. 3. Do not depend on anything for anyone. Take advices both don’t just blindly follow them. Use your brain while taking decisions. 4. Try to be logical and rational all the time. 5. READ READ and READ.

Rajesh: Very good. What are you doing now? I mean work.

Indu: In the process of implementing 2 of my business ideas.

Rajesh: What are next plans for the future?

Indu: I want to be part of life-changing business ventures.

Rajesh: Nowadays by your age every one is buying House and Car? What about you?

Indu: I may buy a comfortable car but no plans of buying a home.

Rajesh: When you get money, what are the things that come into mind first to buy?

Indu: books and business. That’s it. Those are my primary interest.

Rajesh: What is your opinion on religion?

Indu: As you said, a jail is a prison for the body. A religion is a prison for the mind. I only saw negative outcome of a religion, I don’t know if it causes any positive outcome in at least few people. I don’t know of its positive effects, it there are any. Would like to know.

Rajesh: Why do you think India is still last in many development lists?

Indu: I have been seeing India being in ‘development’ list for a long time. I felt that can be changed during IT boom when India became a major destination for IT service industry. But it didn’t happen. I think there are lot of reasons. To become a developed country, it needs a lot. Healthy politics, Good government policies, good leaders, eradicating corruption, taking strategic decisions that leads to increased exports, outside investments, education, eradicating poverty, emphasizing on entrepreneurship, encouraging start-ups etc.

Rajesh: How do you think we can prevent corruption?

Indu: The recent Anna Hazare episode was crazy. By seeing¬† the low attendance and low response during his fasting in Mumbai, I read somewhere ‘Mumbai people prefer chikni chameli to Anna hazare’ (the movie agneepath released the same day). That’s how we are. A strong leader to fight such issues are important but is not enough. I think it should be a collaborative function of all of us. The realization has to start from us.

Rajesh: What steps you as a citizen has taken to address these? How can an individual make a difference?

Indu: To be frank, nothing significant as of now. I wasn’t paying close attention to politics and its effects til l recently. Only recently I realized how badly theyare are effecting us. 1. Most people are not aware of how bad politics, bad govt effects all of us for a very long period, so if you know any, educate about them to your family, friends, colleagues. 2. Its important for us to know whats happening around us. Not just serials, do watch news. 3. Do not vote just because a candidate belongs to your caste. You and your caste means nothing to him. All he needs is just money when he comes to power which again he steals from you. 4. Mainly, the awareness that politics is not an eternal entity, an ‘outside responsibility’. We should realize that it is our own responsibility, as much as how we are responsible for our own family.

Rajesh: What will be your suggestions on marriage, if any one asks you?

Indu: Getting married or not is an individual choice. Marriage may be hell to one and heaven to others. One need to know and have an understanding of what they want in life. Marriage is not a destination and I think on an average marriage system does good in a society.

Rajesh: What can we expect from you in future? regarding your social and business activity?

Indu: Business is my passion and society is a duty. I give my 100% in whatever I do.

Rajesh: Thank you very much for your time, I wish you all the best in your business activity.

Indu: Thank you.