Interview: With Nagaraju, from plumber to programmer

This is my 3rd Interview, and Nagaraju is highly skilled programmer who is currently working in Vimukti.
Rajesh: Tell us about the some of the early things that you remember from your childhood.

Nagaraju: So far in my childhood I didn’t face any thing that I should remember for a long time. I got inspired from Great Mathematician Srinivas Ramanujan, Start working on maths by self, Which made me topper in the maths in my class.

Rajesh: You only concentrated on maths? what is your over all rank?

Nagaraju: Yes, I shown great interest on maths since my childhood, and normal on reset of the subjects. Overall rank 7 out of 10.

Rajesh: What made you join Polytechnic course?

Nagaraju: As I told above my ability and interest on mathematics. That got recognized by my uncle, and he only suggested me to apply CEEP because I feel little difficult on theoretical subjects(Intermediate) which needs to remember more theory rather than logic.

Rajesh: Do you remember the feeling after join in first year? Is that the first time you are away from home?

Nagaraju: Yes, I never forget that feeling. Because that was first time English medium and I feel fear about to pass the subjects. That was not first time away from home, before i was working as plumber in Hyderabad (Moosapet).

Rajesh: Oh that is interesting, for how long you worked? is it after 10th? Why you had to work?

Nagaraju: Up to 9th class I don’t know the value of education. So lack of interest on study i simply discontinue to 9th class and join in plumber and worked for 1 year.

Rajesh: Is it due to your own interest? or any financial reason?

Nagaraju: I felt comfortable in work rather study due to my own interest.

Rajesh: What made you go back to school?

Nagaraju: I was working as a plumber with hard work and sincerity, mean while i never stop thinking on mathematics and keep on doing some logical problems.At that time my uncle came to my work place and observed, I never give up interest on maths but still working in lower profession. He suggested me to return back to study and took 9th class final exam as privately.At that movement i got the real value of study. Then on wards shown more concentration on studies.

Rajesh: So if your uncle did not tell you to go back, what do you think you might be doing now?

Nagaraju: Even I have more interest on maths I never get idea to change my profession because that time I never think about profession where I work that should be in top position. And I always think about great things to learn plumbing to become a A1-contractor.

Rajesh: Normally every boy will have a crush on some girls, what about you? (no need to tell names)

Nagaraju: Yes I agree with you. But in my case it did not happen. because in my academic there was a break so I am eager to get job immediately after completion of study.

Rajesh: What do you think are the skills needed for a programmer? And what is the way to learn them?

Nagaraju: Programmer must have bellow skills.    1.    Have to understand how computer works for a program that he developed.    2.    If he wants to expert in a specific language, he has to know the underlaying things of that language instead of syntax.    3.    He must have interest to find the working flow when he found any different syntax.    He will get all above skills if he enjoyed when writing a program.

Rajesh: What is that you like most from your childhood? What is that you did not like?

Nagaraju: In my childhood I don’t have any strong feeling that needs to share. Because at that time I never think about my life and education etc. I just spent my childhood like a blind horse. After I discontinued my 9th class then I started thinking….

Rajesh: What is the reason for that? is it due to there is no one to guide?

Nagaraju: Yes, basically my parents were uneducated. They didn’t observe my studies. They just satisfied if I went to school daily. Even they never think about my marks. At that time my uncle is busy with his studies. And no one is guided me.

Rajesh: Do you think there are people in that stage as you are in? Do you think you can guide people now?

Nagaraju: Yes, Still many people are facing same problem mostly in villages. I am always ready to guide such people.

Rajesh: When do you think you will get married? what do you think is the right age and why?

Nagaraju: I don’t know much more about this. But the right age to marriage for boy is 24-26. Because he has to settle in life. And I am ready to marriage in another 2-3 years.

Rajesh: How old are you now? What is your definition of love? Do you love some one?

Nagaraju: Now I am 23 years old. Love is a great relation between two persons. Always thinking about opposite person to make him/her happy is love. Yes I am loving someone.

Rajesh: So you say love is making other person happy? What if you have to make them unhappy for their own good? I always want to make others happy, does that not mean I love them all, what do you say?

Nagaraju: If I did things that they feel unhappy, then I stopped doing it again. It doesn’t effect on love if I mistakenly did that unhappy things.

Nagaraju: No that is not love, That means you likes all of them. Suppose if you have a choice to make decision to save only one person from a big ware,then you should calculate the percent of liking you have on each person and save that person only. That means you can’t show love equally on everyone normally. The most liking becomes love.

Rajesh: What is your future goal?

Nagaraju: I want to create new innovation in IT industry by a website or software or language.

Rajesh: When can we expect that to happen?

Nagaraju: Right now i didn’t get much time to think about it. It may take another 1-2 years to start.

Rajesh: What are your views on religion? Do you believe in God?

Nagaraju: I am secular, i never give high priority to any religion. I don’t believe in god because till now i didn’t get any proof for presence of god.

Rajesh: Do you think world will be in better place without religion?

Nagaraju: Yes exactly. If there is no religion in this world we can avoid 50% brain investment, and we can spent that brain to another useful work.

Rajesh: Then being Atheist is better than being secular, don’t you think?

Nagaraju: As our country basically a secular democratic, so we must respect to all of our citizen’s views and ideas, though I prefer Atheist.

Rajesh: So you are an Atheist? If a govt document asks you to write your religion what will you write?

Nagaraju: I will write Hindu, because since my childhood I habitually choose Hindu religion as I came from Hindu family. There is no option for choosing Atheist in any case.

Rajesh: You can always write Atheist when any one asks religion or cast. That is what I do

Nagaraju: But i don’t want to say as Atheist because i am in the process to find whether god exist or not.

Rajesh: What do you think is the number one task you will do if you become PM for India?

Nagaraju: My first task is on corruption. Whatever task/project initiated by govt must be transparency and accountable from starting to completion of the project, here every citizen to PM can monitor the status of the project. So we have to change the system of governance from manual to technology by using Information and Communication Technology.

Rajesh: What do you think lacking in our education that you would like to be included?

Nagaraju: Actually this also main task. Over education system is completely outdated. There is no correlation between industry, academic and R&D. What we learn from academic which is not useful in the work place. Thus change the curriculum as for industry demands. Like as teaching includes all subjects including English from 1st standard. And change the current trend of eligibility for employment based on knowledge/talent in place of degrees.

Rajesh: Good. What do you think are the qualities of good political leader?

Nagaraju: A good political leader whom i like mostly- He must fair and objective, he always look for welfare of the people and serve the society without expect. He must be practical rather theatricality and naked promises. Thinks globally and acts locally.

Rajesh: Do you think you have those qualities?

Nagaraju: Yes. I have these skills but waiting for great fortune to start such a bold tasks for the society.

Rajesh: How great fortune do you need? Can you tell in numbers?

Nagaraju: I need to get fortune by the way of money and support from the people. I want to get an opportunity to aware and realize the people to choose a good and clean political leader.

Rajesh: What are your contributions to society till now? What are your plans in future for this?

Nagaraju: I did not contribute any thing so far. But I want to get peoples awareness by using technology on administration and political drama and how they are looting valuable natural resources and misleading the people. People must realize on long term benefits but not short term and immediate offerings(Drink and biryani packets for vote).

Rajesh: Can we see you more actively participating in making people aware from now?

Nagaraju: Not right now. It will take sometime because I need to settle in a stable position.

Rajesh: What is needed for you to say that you are settled?

Nagaraju: I need to change first of all my family position. For that i may require some money. I need to gather some more money to start my tasks successfully. It needs certain environment and infrastructure.

Rajesh: How much money? And what environment and what infrastructure is needed. That is the question.

Nagaraju: We can’t say fixed amount of money. Because it will change according to situation. If i need to start aware the people about the present scenario throw media and mass communication campaigns, for that require more number of volunteers and technology equipment like computers and phones in each village.

Rajesh: So without them you can not do anything?

Nagaraju: Yes. I think so.

Rajesh: Thank you for your time, Do you have any thing to tell to my readers?

Nagaraju: Dear readers please think about vulnerability situation of society, and come forward to join with us to build better society!

Rajesh: Thank you, all the best for your future. Good night.

Nagaraju: Thank you for spending your valuable time with me. Good night.