Meta: Next generation application development

I am happy to let you all know that we made the first step my goal of intelligent systems. Meta is our solution to software development problems we know now. Meta lets you develop applications without writing any coding*. It will take your specification and will generate Web, Mobile**, Tablet** apps automatically.

Our aim is simple, lets not do our self what computer can do automatically and never write anything more than once.

The cool feature is, we write the code for you and you can take it and modify if you want. We generate code needed to run native on every platform. Like Java, Objective-C, C# etc.

Out Meta is in Alpha Stage now and ready for your experiments. Build what you always had in mind now with Meta. Here is an demo of how to make an App to share expenses by room mates.

Now if you are too exited and think you can add a lot to our plan, call me, you are welcome to join us. We are in the process of raising funds for further development and we are looking for great visionaries, developers and UI designers.

* You still need to tell us what you need.

** Coming soon for IPhone, Android, Windows Phone7