Who is responsible?

I think we are all responsible for the worst things that are happening.

We never cared about who is going to be elected, we never spent single rupee in trying to get the right candidate to be elected, we always tried to escape our mistakes by paying bribes. We never shouted for wrong things that are happening, we never cared for the poor ourself. We never questioned any MLA or MP of the laws they created. We never questions them when they transferred any sincere police officer. We are busy in buying new homes and new cars. Never cared about the person coming from village to city.

We want complete protection no matter how we dress ourself. We don’t want anyone to touch us even if we walk naked on the road. We want to travel on A/C cars and we don’t want road side people to comment us. We shout at people for not protecting our properties.

When did we question the education we are getting? Where is any moral education?

When we are ourself ignoring our own responsibilities, how can we demand any thing better from the people we elected, or anything better from the people employed by those who are elected by us?

Remember, we are responsible. And it starts with your VOTE.