Vaasthu: How many you know follow this?

Email conversation with my friend Ramana.

Me: Just got a doubt, did you follow Vaasthu in your home construction or not? If you did follow, tell me why? Do you think that was a mistake(to follow)?


No, literally I don’t.

For example, it is true scientifically, any two doors are opposite to each other the flow of wind (technically called Flux) will be high. Even if the rooms are closed on all sides, and if we make their doors face opposite, the wind flows from one chamber to another chamber. That is property of any gas. Like this some of their reasons are valid.

But, few are completely baseless and irrelevant. Facing always east, kitchen on specific side, stairs to be here, entrance on North-East, slab to be started on auspicious day, many to name. I had big clashes with my parents on some of their opinions, and finally took bold steps.

One more simple example, the construction was started in last March, and as per Sastras, we supposed to open the house before next March (in three months). I don’t know who has written these rules, if he still alive, I would send him to South African desert.

Other side of the coin, Vaastu became big business across India. Some people written over 300 page books. Above all theyrare making crores of rupees. సర్వేజనాసుఖినోభవంతు (Watch in Chrome). If you have room to cheat you, who can help you? Only, time will answer.

Even constructors like Mantri, Tata Housing, Brigade, etc… are supposed to publish that their constructions are as per vastu. Otherwise they can’t do business.

Just, one more, in the TV there are programs like Subhamastu, Subhaghadiyalu, etc… for people like you & me it is great fun to laugh. Just try one day. You will see, how stupid are people about their fate. If one thinks wearing a stone can change their fate, and large number of TVs telecasting these shows, how can save them?

See the attachment. This is how the civilization of logic less thinking evolves.