My take on Hyderabad Bomb Blast

I am going to do some praising and blaming here, so don’t read if not interested.

People: Good that people responded soon to move the victims to hospitals. I hope people to keep reacting in such a fast way in all future incidents.

CM & Politicians: What is the need to visit the area after the blast? Did we elect you to do police investigation? or to run after culprits? Your visit will block traffic, interrupt investigation. And what if there is another bomb nearby? Are you out of your mind?

People: Why we are expecting the politicians to visit us? What are we going to get? If some politician does not visit, then we blame them saying they do not care. And they come to visit due to fear of your vote. Not because they want to.

JP: I heard that you also visited the place. Come on. Why you need to visit? What did you achieve?

People: I see FB posts saying there is one camera, or no one watching for these events. Do you think anyone can protect you from a random bomb blast in this much big country? Are you out of your mind? Do you want govt to install crores of Cameras in every street and hire lakhs of people to watch them? Then you will fight about privacy.

People: This is the price we have to pay for the inability to leave religion. It is not about one religion. Every one please convert to Atheism, soon people from those hard core religious fundamentalists will also convert. That is the only way I see to accelerate this process. Next time don’t do strike because some one did hurt your feelings.

People: ROI on expenses for protecting these random acts of violence is very poor. Don’t ask govt to increase that spending. Instead ask Govt to put that money in education and improving reason.

Me: May be I should control my anger and not post this one.  I see more ROI in posting it.