Post: Friend

Eligibility: Known reference

Application: Just send a mail or call me

Process & Details :
During the Friendturnship you are allowed to stay with me in my house for 24 to 48 hours(along with other members of my family). You will be like a family member during that period.

I believe, every one wants to make friends. But we want to make friends, who actually make us happy with their presence. For finding a good friend we need to see how they act in their normal life. And staying together even for one or two days will greatly improve the chance of understanding each other. We will have plenty of time to talk about each other and all the background information to judge a person. Once we know each other we will anyway decide how to take it further.

We may like each other or not. But we will know that we have tried.

You may be doing a job or got married or what ever situation. For that Friendturnship duration you can consider my home as your home.

For more details: Contact me