Future Plans

In one way future is always better than present, and in another way it is very scary place.

Never in the history of homo sapiens our species is more happy than now. We have made tremendous progress in technology and we are successful in improving the lives of so many people. Never in the history people are so peaceful, and more healthy.

At the same time as alien in “The Day the Earth Stood Still” feels, I think humans have lot of destructive power. The success of this species will risk the existence of all the species on earth and ultimately risk the existence of life on this planet. All the progress I mentioned above is all made due to selfishness of individuals. None of the major advancements are done by a group of people let alone a state or country. The problems which we may face in future may not be solved by individuals. It may need collective act, and history is the proof that we never succeeded in that. They did win some world wars, but I still doubt if that counts as a collective act.

I have almost completed 1/3rd of the life. What I should be doing in next 2/3rd time?

Some times knowledge is a scary thing. Ignorance is a bliss. What is that we achieved by knowing that our existence itself is a random act,  there is no next or prev lives, nothing will be permanent, our feelings are just some chemistry, our body is a mix of stardust with some physics and chemistry going on. What is that we get when we know that every one around us will go, they are no different to us than group of monkeys to each other?

We just continue to act if that information is of no use, just continue our role in this global drama, and most of us forget that it is just the role we are playing. For those who don’t know the information do play the role as we are playing, they don’t know it is a role, some do, but we just keep on playing.

My thinking is that given all the information, the best way act is to create a meaning for the life out of this meaningless existence of ours on this planet. In a sense it is same as ‘just keep on playing your role’.

So how am I going to play my role in future?

Keep on acting that I am the one who needs to do what I am doing,
keep on acting that if I don’t do it world will not be better place,
Keep on trying to make friends,
Keep on trying to make more money as if some day I will do some thing with all that,
Keep on falling pray to chemistry of brain involved in luxuries,
Keep on trying to improve lives of people around me,
Keep on helping others in most efficient way possible,
Keep on trying to understand and predict the other person,
Keep on playing my role as best as possible.

Open Minds

Some one said that one of my biggest strength which is “being open” is actually one of my weaknesses. When talking to some one I find myself always more open than the other person, and I actually enjoy being open.

I express my feeling or views in much open way as possible. (Except some special crushes). And I was informed that people do hate me for it. Even though I don’t think I will be changing anything anytime soon, I still wonder what is wrong with telling things frankly?

I don’t normally keep my views about something secret just because in future I may need to withdraw those views for financial or other benefits. I don’t lie in personal life because of my business needs.

By being open and by telling my views on things which many people don’t want to talk, I actually want to create a barrier for myself so that I don’t ever have to stand on the other side of my views. If I don’t express my views on say ‘X’, then some times I can say “X” is good and some times “X” is bad when ever needed. But by expressing them in public, it creates a barrier to jump from one side to other side.

I do keep some things out of this blog. But that is not because I don’t want to talk about them, but only because people who may see the blog are not ready to tolerate/handle/understand them.

Note: I have closed comments in this blog, if you want to send your views, use social media or mail.

Get business applications developed for free

We at Vimukti are working on ‘Ecgine’ our new business application development tool from last one year. We are as of now building around 5 different products using Ecgine.

We are now currently offering free development services for business applications. If you need(or know any one who might) a custom business application let us know. Our developers at Vimukti will be developing the custom product for you.

By offering this service we want to know your feedback and an idea of what you might want to build with it.

Your application can have lot of forms, reports, charts and even integration with 3rd party services like SalesForce, Google Drive or any REST API etc.

So what are you waiting for, dream big and let us know what you want to build. But remember we don’t have AI yet 🙂

Note: There will be runtime costs(servers and bandwidth) involved for using the custom application

Creativity: Requirements

To be creative one needs to be in right environment. If you got an idea and no one around is even interested to listen to it, then that is when you drop 99% of your ideas. There may be 1% exceptional individuals who may continue even after that.

Environment is what we make. So if you want to be creative, go build your environment or change it. Find people who may like to listen to your idea, some who may understand it. Also you need some one to be critic. I hear people saying they don’t have any ideas. We wont get any ideas if we are surrounded by people who does not expect those ideas from us. Even if we get, we will not continue on them.

I have a very bad memory, I don’t remember my ideas unless I share them with others. I have lost so many of them just because there is no one with me at that time ready to listen.

Go find the people you need, build the right environment.

Education: Whats wrong, how to fix.

Even though I consider my self as bad teacher, education is one of my favorite topic. From last 20 years, I have been very irritated with our current education system.

Here are the problems I see…

  • They will teach, you will listen, but no one cares if you really understand.
  • No one cares what you like, just follow the schedule.
  • Everything about remembering. Nothing to do with understanding.
  • Everything is only theory, no real life significance.
  • Nothing on Morals, Religion and humanity
  • Nothing about Crime and Punishment
  • Nothing related to social issues like poverty, hunger etc.

Recently I happened to check some sample test for Civils(IAS). I found that 99% of all those question can be answered by remembering stuff. Which Google can do much better than any one of those selected candidates.

I agree that provided all other skills are same, the person with biggest memory can do things much better. But I see that 90% of testing is based on memory. So how will they judge if the the candidates are same in all other aspects?

I am myself an example. I don’t remember anything. I hardly know 5 authors names. But I have read many books. I don’t remember more than 5 mobile numbers. I don’t even remember my bike or car registration number. But I am good(surly above average) at analytics. Given any context you can bet on me for asking the right(in%) questions, taking right(in %) decisions. I know people whose 2 to 4 years of life is being wasted just for remembering stuff that they never use.

How to fix

  1. Reduce dependency on memory and increase on analysis and problem solving.
  2. Make sure students understand, not just listen, remember and write.
  3. Make sure students like what they are learning. Create curiosity and improve self learning.
  4. Create practical experience. Let them use what they have learnt. As much as possible.
  5. Create subjects “Morality, Religion” etc. Make sure they are more important then Math and Science.
  6. Lets students know the real world problems, and explain the reasons. They will find the solution.

I know these are very easy to tell and very difficult to do.  I will be preparing detailed plans on this and will let you know. If you have any suggestions on how we can implement these points, do share with me.

How to get a job in IT?

My regular readers would know it already, I am writing this for others. You can share it with people you know and looking for job.

Recently we have started hiring we looking for 8 freshers to start working with us. Even after going through 2000 resumes we are yet to find the suitable candidate. In that process we have mailed the applicants about what we expect and what they need to do. We got some good response for that mail, and some people have asked me for suggestions on how to get the job.  I am writing this for helping them. Share it with your friends and people in need.

My Experience:

I have hired more than 200 people and trained them from freshers to super programmers. There are people who joined Vimukti for 4k salary and left while at 40k(in 3 years). I might have taken 2000+ interviews to select them in last 12 years. So I am writing this with all the experience. We have worked in all technologies(almost) from Web Design, C, C++, Java, C#, PHP, Ruby etc. I have hired managers and programmers too.

The problem:

The major problem is education system. I am not a graduate, but I hired from Diploma in Metallurgy to MTech in Computer Science candidates. Our collages are not producing any useful skills.

  1. Once we are in collage, we just read before exams and enjoy rest of the time. (tell me if you are exception)
  2. We teach compiler design to a candidate who can not even make a website in HTML.
  3. BTech people just passed last year from same collage will come to us to teach. Poor guy did not get a job in IT so he choose this. Now if we are learning from the person who did not get Job, what are we going to learn from him?
  4. 95% us never use anything we read in collage in real work environment. Then what is the purpose of collage?
  5. Even before Engineering we study Sanskrit or some stupid subjects which we know are for no use.
  6. Even the subjects we do read and score 95%’s we don’t know how to use them in real life? (Do you guys know you need to apply trigonometry to tell the distance between two points on earth? )
  7. Even those who wants to do stuff while studying will be looked like crazy people by other students, so they wont even dare.
  8. We have no interest in self sustaining. We are happy to depends on parents all the time. We have no shame. Not even 5% in US attend collage with parents money. But here 95% do that.
  9. Even after collage, we are happy to live on parents until they force us.
  10. We do not have the concept of dignity of labor.
  11. We buy computer by telling parents that we will learn programming etc. But we use it for downloading movies, playing games. 90% of us never sit for >=4hr writing a program or learning something on our own computer.
  12. We all want programming job, we don’t even know what it is. We don’t even know what kinds of other jobs are there in IT.
  13. And finally we all want jobs in MNC companies, with glass doors and ACs.  How many of our parents are living in AC?

The Solutions:

The solutions change from person to person. So I will try to address individually.

7th Pass: Join some institute and learn Java, C, C++ and HTML. If you can not afford, then do friendship with some one who has computer and going through the course. Learn from his books. And use his computer. You must also know how to us Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

10th Pass: You must have made a website already. And written a couple of good programs, and you should know what is the difference between compiled languages and interpreted languages. Should have known Javascript. Decide if you wall in Top 5% or not. If not better don’t join any IIT or EMCET related collages for +2.

Doing 10 + 2 or Diploma: Stop caring about marks and start thinking about where you can use the knowledge you are reading. Solve real world problems, or at least understand the relation between what you did and where it is used. Spend your time in acquiring knowledge rather than just doing high jumps(IIT, EMCET, ECET). Keep on improving your IT skills.

Did +2, and thinking for next: You are exceptionally interested in how Java language is written? Or how computer is working, or even TV? You have already opened your TV and all other equipment components? Or exceptionally good in Math and Science? Try for IIT and EMCET.

If not, Look for a part time job. It can be anything as long as it pays enough for your expenses. Do not depend on parents for money. Spend time learning English, Graphics Design, Accounting, Communication etc by choosing the part time job that allows you to learn them. Understand what kinds of jobs are there in the market, and which one suites your interests.

Not every one needs to be BTech CSE, We need to know what we are interested in. The early we detect that, the better. It is normal to like something for some days and then something else after some time. Good, keep shifting jobs to suite your interests. Remember, your interests+ basic pay is your requirement.

If your interest is in getting deep understanding of stuff around you, then go and become Engineer. If not, better don’t even try. Do some thing that is interesting. You don’t need to be BTech CSE for being a programmer, UI designer, Test Engineer, Customer Support Engineer, Corporate Communication Officer, or Chief Accounting Officer etc. There are 1000’s of different jobs. Choose the job in the industry you like that has growth potential. See what skills they need, and do a course that gives you that skills.

Doing Degree(BTech, or other): If you are top candidate, then you don’t need to read this post, you will get job in big company anyway. So for others, here is what you need to do.

Continue your part time job while studying degree. If you can afford to buy a computer buy it. Get Internet, without that your computer is waste. Never buy a computer if you don’t want to put Internet.

Better go join some company where you want to work after the collage. When ever you don’t have collage be in that office. Even work for free if needed. That is all the investment you are putting in your skill development. People learn a lot while doing it in real time.

Practice using your won computer, or your friends for hours. Programming is Art, you can not learn that just by doing a course. You need to write bigger and bigger programs. I used to spend 14hrs writing programs while I am in diploma. Some times it went upto 18hrs. If you don’t know what to do, call me, I can tell you 100 things to do.

Did Degree, Looking for jobs: Do use full time with your computer and write as big programs/software as possible. Go work in other companies for free. Tell that you will even pay in reverse if they allow you to work there(for free). Till now even one even proposed that to me. Some people said they will work for free, but even before they got any skills, they start expecting salary.

Don’t join any courses. Get computer with Internet, or get a friend who has them 🙂 If you have a excuse for why you don’t have computer, then it means you did not try at all. If you did everything and failed to get computer and internet, then call me. There are lot of videos and online tutorials. Go get a partner to learn with you, start working on improving your skills. Spend as much time as possible. Up to 18hrs is okey.

Don’t worry about what language to learn. All languages are same(90%). So choose anything to start with, it does not matter.

If you are interested in Arts, then go for UI Designing. There are lot of things you can aim for, not just programming.

Here are some of the different branches of IT, as I know.

  • Engineers: Need to write algorithms, and compilers etc, you need to be too smart, and good to have CSE degree.
  • Programmers: You don’t need to write big algorithms, but you need to know what they are, how to use them, write normal looks and control logic etc. You don’t need CSE degree for it. All you need is practice.
  • UI Designers: You need sense of Colors, Art, sketching, drawing. Need to spend time in Web Design etc.
  • Graphics Designers: Same as above but don’t need to think too much about users.
  • Testers: You need attention to detail, ability to find problems with others work, be ruthless in telling what is wrong. Does not need any programming or CSE Degree.
  • Customer Support: Need to understand some project/product, communicate well in English.
  • and more ..there are many more like these.

MTech: Not sure why you did it. What is there to learn in 2 years which you could not learn in 4 years? Better do a job first. And then if you are interested in research, then quit the job and go do MTech or PhD

So feel free to give your feedback on this. Reasonable Criticism is okey.



Women and Beauty

Recently my wife pointed out that I have been applying kind of a double standards when it comes to looks of women.

In one side I ask my wife to dress in a more comforting outfits like T shirts and Pants, toss the idea of cutting hair like men, and to cut some of her beauty preparations.

In another side I do keep looking at women with long hair, clear skin, colorful dresses etc.

Also I have been thinking about Women Hair and Men Hair, and I think genetically both are identical (when there is hair) and they grow at same speed. So why do we make our women grow hair, and waste substantial time and energy in taking care of it?

Ya, I know the answer. Because of my other standard. Men think women with long hair are beautiful, and so women also think so, and total culture became like that.

Now why do men think women with long hair are beautiful? I do like some of modern short haircuts of women. (rare to find these days anyway).

Consider a hypothetical situation, if for some strange reason, women and men hair become identical today(means short like men), what will happen after some years? Do women and men find a way to differentiate their hair from each other? And in a society of ours at this age, do such differentiation needed?

When it comes to men’s likes for women’s beauty, I think that almost 90% of them are cultural and 10% are only genetic. So as we are changing our religions and other cultural aspects, is it the time to change some of old cultural habits and stop expecting women in those traditional and less efficient ways?