Creativity: Requirements

To be creative one needs to be in right environment. If you got an idea and no one around is even interested to listen to it, then that is when you drop 99% of your ideas. There may be 1% exceptional individuals who may continue even after that.

Environment is what we make. So if you want to be creative, go build your environment or change it. Find people who may like to listen to your idea, some who may understand it. Also you need some one to be critic. I hear people saying they don’t have any ideas. We wont get any ideas if we are surrounded by people who does not expect those ideas from us. Even if we get, we will not continue on them.

I have a very bad memory, I don’t remember my ideas unless I share them with others. I have lost so many of them just because there is no one with me at that time ready to listen.

Go find the people you need, build the right environment.