Future Plans

In one way future is always better than present, and in another way it is very scary place.

Never in the history of homo sapiens our species is more happy than now. We have made tremendous progress in technology and we are successful in improving the lives of so many people. Never in the history people are so peaceful, and more healthy.

At the same time as alien in “The Day the Earth Stood Still” feels, I think humans have lot of destructive power. The success of this species will risk the existence of all the species on earth and ultimately risk the existence of life on this planet. All the progress I mentioned above is all made due to selfishness of individuals. None of the major advancements are done by a group of people let alone a state or country. The problems which we may face in future may not be solved by individuals. It may need collective act, and history is the proof that we never succeeded in that. They did win some world wars, but I still doubt if that counts as a collective act.

I have almost completed 1/3rd of the life. What I should be doing in next 2/3rd time?

Some times knowledge is a scary thing. Ignorance is a bliss. What is that we achieved by knowing that our existence itself is a random act,  there is no next or prev lives, nothing will be permanent, our feelings are just some chemistry, our body is a mix of stardust with some physics and chemistry going on. What is that we get when we know that every one around us will go, they are no different to us than group of monkeys to each other?

We just continue to act if that information is of no use, just continue our role in this global drama, and most of us forget that it is just the role we are playing. For those who don’t know the information do play the role as we are playing, they don’t know it is a role, some do, but we just keep on playing.

My thinking is that given all the information, the best way act is to create a meaning for the life out of this meaningless existence of ours on this planet. In a sense it is same as ‘just keep on playing your role’.

So how am I going to play my role in future?

Keep on acting that I am the one who needs to do what I am doing,
keep on acting that if I don’t do it world will not be better place,
Keep on trying to make friends,
Keep on trying to make more money as if some day I will do some thing with all that,
Keep on falling pray to chemistry of brain involved in luxuries,
Keep on trying to improve lives of people around me,
Keep on helping others in most efficient way possible,
Keep on trying to understand and predict the other person,
Keep on playing my role as best as possible.