Open Minds

Some one said that one of my biggest strength which is “being open” is actually one of my weaknesses. When talking to some one I find myself always more open than the other person, and I actually enjoy being open.

I express my feeling or views in much open way as possible. (Except some special crushes). And I was informed that people do hate me for it. Even though I don’t think I will be changing anything anytime soon, I still wonder what is wrong with telling things frankly?

I don’t normally keep my views about something secret just because in future I may need to withdraw those views for financial or other benefits. I don’t lie in personal life because of my business needs.

By being open and by telling my views on things which many people don’t want to talk, I actually want to create a barrier for myself so that I don’t ever have to stand on the other side of my views. If I don’t express my views on say ‘X’, then some times I can say “X” is good and some times “X” is bad when ever needed. But by expressing them in public, it creates a barrier to jump from one side to other side.

I do keep some things out of this blog. But that is not because I don’t want to talk about them, but only because people who may see the blog are not ready to tolerate/handle/understand them.

Note: I have closed comments in this blog, if you want to send your views, use social media or mail.