Women and Beauty

Recently my wife pointed out that I have been applying kind of a double standards when it comes to looks of women.

In one side I ask my wife to dress in a more comforting outfits like T shirts and Pants, toss the idea of cutting hair like men, and to cut some of her beauty preparations.

In another side I do keep looking at women with long hair, clear skin, colorful dresses etc.

Also I have been thinking about Women Hair and Men Hair, and I think genetically both are identical (when there is hair) and they grow at same speed. So why do we make our women grow hair, and waste substantial time and energy in taking care of it?

Ya, I know the answer. Because of my other standard. Men think women with long hair are beautiful, and so women also think so, and total culture became like that.

Now why do men think women with long hair are beautiful? I do like some of modern short haircuts of women. (rare to find these days anyway).

Consider a hypothetical situation, if for some strange reason, women and men hair become identical today(means short like men), what will happen after some years? Do women and men find a way to differentiate their hair from each other? And in a society of ours at this age, do such differentiation needed?

When it comes to men’s likes for women’s beauty, I think that almost 90% of them are cultural and 10% are only genetic. So as we are changing our religions and other cultural aspects, is it the time to change some of old cultural habits and stop expecting women in those traditional and less efficient ways?