Education Plan for my kids – Part 1

“How I will bring up my kid in current education system?” It is an interesting question. I have been complaining on current education system since I finished my diploma. I had lot of arguments with others on this within and outside the family on this topic.

Most of those arguments ended up with “lets see what you will do when you time comes”. More people wants to know what I will do. Actually even I want to know what I will do. It is a very complex issue. Till now, I did not thought fully on what I will do, because of the fallowing reasons.

  • I don’t have kids now, and it is some future issue.
  • We don’t know if we will have kids or not.
  • Every kid will have some biological constraints beyond our control. What we plan to do may never work.
  • I am not 100% sure what I usually think is right or wrong(on this topic). It takes lot of research(money) to check their validity.

So if I make a plan now I have to consider the following.

  • My plans are for my kid that may be evaluated after 15 to 20 years.
  • By 2030 our society will be completely different than what we are now.
  • By then we will have computers that can think faster than human brain.
  • We will be talking to computers like we talk to other person.
  • They will be reacting to our thoughts without giving commands manually.

What I think my kid should learn are the following..

  1. High moral standards. (Must)
  2. Understanding of Human behavior. (Must)
  3. Aggressive optimistic attitude. (Required)
  4. Highly rational thinking. (Required)
  5. Do not remember information. (Highly suggested)
  6. Ask right questions to understand and solve the problem. (Preferable)
  7. Ability to go really deep into some problem in such a way to go through all available info on one topic. (Good to have)
  8. Ability to think really high level and abstract concepts. (Good to have)

In a way the most important 6 out of 8 points are nothing to do with what they learn in normal schools. So all those have to be taught differently in a school that is built for those things. Point 7 and 8 is also very unlikely to be taught in current schools. These last two are not very essential and I think they are needed only to excel financially.

I believe that I can train my kid personally on the first 6 points. If there is a school for these, then I will surely send my kid over there. I hope some one starts such school, or I have to start it myself. If I can not start I will teach myself. May be I will be forced to start the school when my kid needs it, and it will grow along with him/her.

I will be posting more detailed plans on those 6 points in future, so that I can refer to them when I really need. 🙂