Fate of Telugu

Now I am sure, Telugu will die much ahead in time. It does not have to, but that is what the state government is planning to do. By forcing news papers and others to use only Telugu words for all modern English words. They have some crazy words invented for “Computer, Audio, Video etc”.

If you see the history of any language, one thing is sure, It keeps changing. Anyone trying to prevent change will die first. See how the great languages changed over period of history, they adapt. They add more words form other languages and call them their own.

Now what will happen? More people will stop using Telugu as a medium of communication, as they don’t know all these new words and they are irrelevant to any online life. So every one will use English and only for Govt works they will take some translator with them. 🙂

I used to read some Telugu news papers, but these days in every article I find some words that are very irritating to me. So I keep reducing my reading time on that site. If some one covers local news in English, I might actually forget Telugu site completely.

BTW I love the language. It is really good. I prefer Telugu over English in any place. But if the language is not growing and not adapting, then I would rather switch to English completely.

I see some officers who actually check the implementation of Telugu language in the state. I am sure most of their kids are in IT business and talk English all the time and I can even bet that > 30% have some one in family who is staying in US or UK and never does talk Telugu.

I would actually say that those people who advocate in fixing the rules for language use, are actually same people who fight over religions, cast, state etc.

Change..or else … die….