I am not a patriot

According to Google “Patriot” means “A person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.”

I got this question myself when Obama is talking about if Snowden is patriot or not. And the answer is “NO”. I am not a patriot and I don’t want any one to mistake me to be a patriot.

First of all I don’t see country as a person. Country is not a person. Government is not a person. Government is set a of people. And I judge people, not the country. So I don’t defend my country or any country for that matter in anything. I do defend policies if they are good, no mater if they are about my country or some other country.

People say things like “I am proud to be an Indian”. For me, no. Sorry. I am not proud to be an Indian, and I don’t want anyone to tag me as Indian. For that matter I don’t want anyone to tag me as belonging to any race, location or culture. I am an human being and want to live as one.

I pay my taxes according to the rules of place where I am. I have social responsibility towards other people. I do play my part in that.