Mass hysteria, I have seen it before

Just now watched a movie called “The boy in the striped pajamas”. It is a story of a why a German boy enters into concentration camp to find father of his friend who is inside. Well we know what happens once he goes inside.

I used to wonder how on earth such thing happened. “How can minds of so many people go low to such an extent?”

Even though I don’t know exact answer, I think I am kind of witnessing a similar thing here in my state. People of “Telangana” have been brain washed to believe that the other side is evil, and they can only prosper if they separate. Same like in Germany, initially very less number of people believe it. But over a period and due to some external forces, things go pretty fast, and before we realize every one believes it. I see people fighting for it as if it is like an independence from a foreign rule.

Just up to last 2 months, many people in Non-telanga region didn’t care about Telangana.  If some one has taken survey, I am sure it would have been very less then. But just in last 60 days things have changed too quickly. I am sure that people who would like united Andhra Pradesh might have doubled just with in last 2 months. People are posting in FB and talking in Press, Media as if being united makes a great difference to their lives.

This is the mass hysteria in the making. Now I strongly believe that only thing that is stopped any other event like ‘Germany’ is war and ability to get away with it. Provided we put people through some wars and create mass hysteria like this, I think it is possible to recreate that tragic events again.

Come on wake up people, as long as you keep voting to that thug and for those stupid reasons, our country wont change no matter how many states are in the country. It may be 30 or 20, it doesn’t matter. Only your vote matters.