Happy birthday, let me apply cake to your face

Seems like this is the new tradition now. Here is how we celebrate our birthdays these days.

If it is your birthday your friends buy a big cake. They will put lot of candles on them. They will buy some Chinese made special cracker which will throw some plastic papers all over every one and on cake too. They buy sprays that simulate snow which falls on all our hair. Those candles are specially designed for birthday cake in such a way that they will not blowout easily. So you have to blow air with your mouth repeatedly and it is a fun for your friends. They will enjoy as you struggle to blow them out. Finally you may succeed or you remove them from cake manually. You cut the cake and you distribute the cake. Now, your friends will start applying cake to all over your face. You may try to avoid it, or you may happily accept it like a face cream. Some of you will even apply it to your friends in retaliation. You take some photos, and laugh and wash your face.

Now you may be thinking, what I am trying to tell. Do any one of you watch discovery science? If you do you will know that lot of germs(viruses or bacteria) go from the mouth to the surface of the cake when we blow air. And for fun we not only do it once, we make that person do lot of time. That is how most air born deceases transmit. Including common cold. Do we really know what these Chinese cracker or snow spray contain inside? Do you think they have tested it for safety? Well, I don’t think so.

Now for the unfortunate person like me, you will blow all your germs on to the cake and you give a piece to me. Now my problem is, what will you feel if I reject it?

BTW since when did we start having cakes for birthdays? And candles? I never knew until I came to city. Previously my mother used to do a cake or some special food item for my birthday. There was never blowing of candles, no sprays.  I have never seen people applying cake all over the face until I came to city.

My question to you is, why we do it? Is that your way of enjoyment? Consider this, some one you know went to some function. He kept all kinds of food items in his plate(during lunch time) and he just tasted one or two items, and did not like them and decided to throw all of that. What do you feel? Not sure about you, I will feel very bad anyone throwing food away. Throwing food when it is contaminated is okey. But throwing when it good and fresh is kind of bad attitude in my view. For me wasting any kind of resource is a sin. I don’t believe in god. So for me sin is something that I don’t want to do it. I will not encourage it, and I will not tolerate it too.

Do you think Bil Gates, Gandhi, Mandela, Lincon or any great people in the history will act as we are doing? Why you think some one is great than other? Greatness does not come when you become Billionaire or when you become Leader. You will become leader only when you have greatness with in you first. Greatness is in deciding what to do and what not to do. It is in knowing what to support and what not to support. It comes from character and attitude.

What is the best act on your birthday than to donate something to some needy? If you have not tried it, try it. Helping someone gives lot of happiness than a cake applied to your face.

Next time, when you want to cut a cake on your birthday, if possible don’t invite me.