Expectations are the reason why we are sad

Even though we know this truth, we always fail to not to expect. It is same situation in office and in personal life. We hire a new candidate and we think he will do that and he will do this, and we get unhappy as they fail to reach our expectations of them. We want our close people to be in a way, and we get upset when ever they behave in a different way.

Not just expectations from others, I have realized that I expect more from myself too. I think it is same for others too. We start a new project expecting we will finish it on time. We start new hobby expecting we will reach to some level. Most of the time we fail.

When we are young we will be more optimistic. We always underestimate the power of reality. We consider what ever is ‘possible’ as ‘probable’. As we grow older we learn from our past history and try to give more importance to the probability then the possibility.

Even if I fail in almost 99% of time, I still hope to have some optimism left in me when I become 80years old. (Well that itself is the optimism).

Lets not expect more from others, but continue to expect more from yourself. I think the results will be good.