Leave the dead alone

Well there were lot of tragedies in recent times which came as media highlights. In most of these many people have died. Even though it is sad to know that people have died, for me it is very sad that people are wasting lot of public money just to find the dead bodies of the deceased. Some times they keep looking after months of confirmation that they are dead.

What will some one gain from finding the dead bodies? Why that much money have to be spent on it? Why ministers of state have to over see the operations of finding dead bodies?

All that effort can be spent in preventing such tragedies from accruing again. How on earth is is justifiable to spend around 100mil $ to find missing Flight 370 ? We could save more than 10k people from dying with the same money.

If the families of the deceased are spending this money, then I would understand even though I may not okey with it. But public money is being spent which should be spent in saving lives rather than finding dead bodies.

I will not even try to collect the dead body if such tragedies happen to any of my relatives for whom I may represent. I want any one to do the same for me. Once there is no life, I want to spend as little as possible in finishing the formalities. I even told my mother about the same. I would rather be happy spending that amount on something useful.

I know that not every one thinks like me and have to. You may disagree, but I need to tell what I believe in.