Building Web/Mobile application For a Political Party

I have been associated with Loksatta Party for long time. And I will continue to be. The goal of any Political Party should be “helping citizens” get the best from the government. As of now all political parties are being run like a 18th century organizations.

I believe that only way to address the needs of current generation is to use technology to the maximum. When I say technology I don’t mean a Twitter or Facebook account. They are marketing platforms. Not Organizational tools.

For that reason I wanted to build a software that can be used by any political party for its internal organization. Goal is to have the software that will address every aspect of the internal organization functions.

On high level features of the software are the following..

  • Allow people to Register as Members.
  • Allow members to see all internal events.
  • Support for complete paper less operations. (Voting, Meetings, Discussions, Q&A, Interviews, Press Releases etc)
  • Support for complete online operations where physical presence is not needed.
  • Transparent budgeting and financial information.
  • Multi Lingual Support and Translation Infrastructure.
  • Assigning and tracking responsibility of every activity
  • Record, Analyze anything and everything

Well, I know what you are thinking… How can I do all this? That is where I need your help. Don’t worry I don’t need you to write code with me.  I think I can do all the coding… actually I don’t need to. Using our new Ecgine Platform we can do all this without coding. It includes all mobile apps also. Everything can be done without any coding. And I will do the the architecture. (may be you can help me there too.)

What I need from you is the specification. What do you want? What kind of features? We need to remember that this is about going 100% online. So you have to think that anything is possible. So if anything is possible, what do you need.

This is not just for Loksatta Party. I want to give this software for free to any political party. So even if you belong to TDP or BJP or any other party you can help me. I believe it will lead to better politics and so better governance.

Mission 2100 A.D

From the recent studies and the information I got from my brother  it seems that our body is like a car or a bike. Even though we buy them for 5 years or max 10 years, some people use them for 50+ years through regular maintenance and keeping it in good condition.

So I have also decided to maintain my car(i.m.  my body). Based on the knowledge I have till now, it is easily possible that we can celebrate 120th birthday easily. So my mission is 2100 A.D.

You may ask, why do I want to live that long? That’s because there is so much to do and I am not having enough time. Even 120 is not enough. But that is what you can get with enough maintenance. It is certainly possible to go for 200 years also. May be I will revise it as new medical research becomes available to users like me.

That means I have 86 years to go. So guys, here is what you can do to help me(if you want to help).

  • Don’t offer me sweets. Don’t buy any for me.
  • Don’t offer me any fried items to eat.
  • Don’t question what ever tablets I take unless you have studied more than me about it.
  • Don’t cause me stress(that is rare anyway, it is mostly me who causes stress on others… 😉 )
  • Don’t give me the eye when I start acting like a child.
  • Don’t expect me to cry when you die. 😉

I have one advantage I think. I don’t remember useless things. So always I can feel young without the burden of all the memories.

Note *: “i.m.” means I mean. Actually I invented it. Why to use i.e(“id est” in Latin and means”that is” )? when we can use English words itself?. Through my blog I will be introducing more English words so bare with me. Those who like this idea or dislike share your views.

Hudhud donation, why I may not be doing it

As of now I have not donated for relief of Hudhud affected people. After hearing that Bill & Milinda Gates Foundation donated $700,000 for Kashmir Flood Relief I thought if he donated for problems in India then at least we also have to donate. Then I donated through PMNRF After that I also have donated to Doctors Without Borders for Ebola relief.

People are more or less manipulated by feelings. If they see the problem nearby they will respond. If they see the problem at very far (take Kashmir Floods or Ebola in Libia etc) they don’t connect with them. They don’t respond.

I have seen many people asking to donate to HudHud relief funds. It is very good they have seen the problem and extended their generosity.

I believe I should concentrate my ability(which is very limited as I am not taking any salary) to help others for long term issues and also for issues where response from others is missing or delayed. I do not mean my contributions are better than others. I am just trying to help on a different area.

I have seen some of my friends planning to donate their Diwali Cracker spending on HudHud reliefs. It is very good idea.

May be not just for this time, I request them to do it every time. There will be some kind of disaster some where in the world. Why it has to be only in your state? Why not other states? Why not other countries? I suggest to keep making your circle big. Step by step. Be a global citizen. Citizen of humanity. May be you can extend it beyond that too, (then you will become Budha or God I think)…