Stop valuing simplicity

Everyone is biased towards simplicity. I see mainly this in SAAS products. When they see a very simple interface of an app they know already and this new interface removes most of the features to look simple, people think that is cool. They think every one likes things simple.

Before trying to make things simple first question why it is in the current state. Why all the features are added which you are trying to remove in the name of simplicity? They are added because some one needs them. Only that we don’t know how to hide them for one user who may to use and show them for another who may use. But that does not mean any software without these features will be better then this.

So stop saying “wow, that is so simple”.

In fact what is needed is the ability to make same software simple and complex based on the person using, and the context. Why do many people prefer Android than IPhone ? Because simplicity sucks ones you start using it. We need all the features. Only that we need them to be hidden when we don’t know how to use them and when not required.

Ask for flexibility rather than simplicity.