It’s your fault

One of my friend asks whose fault is it regarding the crimes against women. I think this is my answer to that question.

I never knew the problem is this much serious. I never imagined that girls are subjected to such crime. Rare incidents are different and regular incidents are different. After reading the open letter from an actress my wife says it is happening to every one. But I never thought that is possible. Now I know that seems to be the reality.

Now to the question, whose fault is it? Is it not your fault. Fault of all educated women? Why each one of you have registered a police complaint on every time such things happened to you? That would have been say minimum of 10 crore cases. Don’t you think if you have started speaking out loudly it would have made a difference.

Corruption, and progress was the main issues in this elections. What was the issue before? Did women safety every came as the issue. Why not? Is it because women don’t have voting rights? I think we have then since independence. If there are even 1 lake cases registered in any city then politicians will come running for you. They will make you their agenda. What they want is to get elected. And if you are facing problem and every other girl is facing problem then they will try to pass laws or do what ever needed.

Now don’t say that laws are useless. Any country is great only because of its laws. Without laws you will not go to US. Or to any other place. So laws work. May be not to their maximum potential. But they work.

So the point is, shout it. Make it loud. Do strike. Don’t do peaceful rallies, do more crazy and violent protests. If your male friends are not joining you or your husband asks you not to go then complain. Until then do your duty first then you can complain.

I don’t mean to blame any one. My point is, the on the race to progress and urbanization we have forgot many thing. You can not suddenly become rich country without going through all these issues. 120crore population is too big for anything. So things will be tough. So at least in next election I want to see this issue to be primary focus. Else stop feeding the male population. They will fight for you.

I vs i

From today i will stop capitalizing ‘I’ when i have to use it alone in the sentence. Because i like to break traditions which are not relevant to current ages. So i suggest every one to do the same.