No special status for A.P please..

Some of my friends have asked me to sign a petition to PM for granting special status to A.P. This is my reply to them..

Mr PM and FM, please do not grant any special status to A.P. Not only for A.P such status should not be granted to any state. All these special requests are normally asked to create economic incentive for businesses to start in particular region. But the thing people don’t normally understand is that it is not just about the will of PM. Number of businesses in the country do not grow because of any such activity. They just move from one place to another. So by giving such status to any state, we are actually harming some other states near by. Well that is the reason such status is not given yet.

It is like farmers asking for subsidy. We give money from our total tax collections to some specific people. Take from some one and give to some one.

Why should other states allow it? If AP is backwards why no other chief minister raised that issue till now? Why did they not choose proper leaders for their region till now?

Why did they concentrated all the development in Hyderabad and leave the rest of the state with nothing?

Also there are much better and healthy ways to attract business. Why not make the state a corruption free first? That will make very easy for businesses to start and run. They will prefer a corruption free state than a corrupted state. How come CBN did not launch the corruption help line like Kejriwal did?

Also asking special status is not our right. It is like begging other states. I am not sure why do you want to do that?

If we believed BJP to give it as if it is their own Party fund, it is our problem. It just does not give us any more rights.

Anyway, this is my view. Feel free to disagree and share your views on why I am wrong. Happy to learn…