Deep drive

Starting today I am going go deep drive into a research mode. Till now I used to spend some time understanding issues like politics, social issues etc. I used to read news paper articles one in a month or so. Used to follow people who are not related to my core work areas. Like political leaders, some movie stars, and some social service people. 

I have decided that my brain capacity is limited, and I could not afford to spend anytime on other activities, even if it is for small fraction of time. I used to think a well balanced approach is good. But now I change my view. 

If I am going to do something great, then I need to be very focused. I cannot afford to think about anything else. Need no distractions. I am going to unfollow everyone not related to my core research. Not going to talk about politics, news movies etc. Even though I don’t do much, I won’t even talk about social issues. I don’t want to listen to them as well. 

One thing I will follow is about health and taking good care of the body. As without that we will be dead. But the rest of the stuff is not that important.

There is lot of crap I follow related to startups. It is just time waste.

So goodbye to Loksatta, JP, RGV, Wikileaks, and the rest….