FAQ on Project Girl Friend part 1

Q1: Define ‘Girl Friend’

Ans: As of now the definition is “some one who likes to spend time with me”

Q2: Spend time means? going to movies.. talking for hours? meeting outside the house?

Ans: Or just sitting in same room and reading her own book. No need for hours. Minutes are enough. No need for it to be outside, my home is a comfortable place.

Q3:ย  You are a married man, why would anyone wants to spend time with you?

Ans: Whether I am married or not is nothing to do with if some likes me or not. For example I like Aiswarya Rai. May be what I like maybe her beauty. So it is nothing to do with her marriage. I like her same irrespective ofย  her marriage status. So same here. No one will like me for the certificate being single.ย  Most probably if any one will like me that must be because of what I think and what I do. (Or may be their imagination of what I think and what I will do). Not the certificate. Now what do I have for some one to like me that is totally different question.

If some one likes me only if I am single, that means they might be looking for safety, security and insurance of marriage. I don’t mean to say they are irrelevant. For some girls those things may be needed. But for most of the girls in this generation they are overrated old concepts.

Q4: Is it really a girlfriend or a friend who is a girl you are looking for?

Ans: In relation to this post I am referring to girlfriend. Of course why would I not like having one more friend. But most probably no one needs wife permission for just a friend. So I am really looking for a girlfriend. If some one just wants to be a friend, and not girlfriend, then I am fine with it. Welcome.

Q5: With girlfriend there will be feelings, love and things like that, is your wife really okey with it?

Ans: Yes, I have permission to even to live-in with my girlfriend. (not saying that it is a requirement, but just in case). If some one really have a doubt, please reach out to her and confirm your doubts if any.

Q6: Is she mad or crazy?

Ans: She is fine. Crazy or not depends on what you believe in.

Q7: Are you both going through divorce or will get divorce after you get your girlfriend?

Ans: No not at all. We are very happy with each other. No thought of divorce as of now. We don’t think having a girlfriend will make any difference to that decision.

[These are some of the questions asked by family members and some are added by myself for clarity. If you have any more questions, I am happy to provide answers.]


Looking for a girlfriend. Any questions?

It might surprise some of you, and those who really know me it should not be a surprise. Surprise may not be because I am looking for girlfriend, but for saying so. I believe almost every man does look for girlfriends. Even if they are married and have kids. It is very rare some one may not want one. (they might have very good memory of some tragic event). Problem is most people are not allowed to say it, and some are afraid to say.

Well, lucky me. I am not afraid to say it, and also I even got permission to say it. Yes, permission to have a girlfriend given by my wife. (she is very kind, or may be confident that I will never find one). I think this is the biggest hurdle men face in expressing their thoughts on the subject.

Now, why do I need a girlfriend?

You might already know that I have decided to live for more than 120 years. So another 9 decades to go. Who knows I may extend it to 12 decades. After some years your spouse will become almost same as you, habits interchange and know each other completely. In a way you two become one. It may sound romantic, but it is real. You will not feel them as different person.

In life we always need some thing to do. Some people do jobs, and some like be struggle with some crazy business plans. Anyway we are here to enjoy life. You do what ever that gives you enjoyment. We don’t do lot of travel, and I can not do more business at once (no one suggests it, and hard). But (I think) I can do some thing in this space.

Till now I had only two girlfriends. One is a happy mother in some other continent( hi dear, how are you?), and other one is beside me. Some of you may say 2 is more than enough. May be. Life is a journey. And they are our travel companions. First journey was much shorter and second is long enough to be habituated to. You know what I mean. Total it is around 14 years. But 14 years in 120+ life is too short. What do you say? still not convinced? You are crazy.

So why am I posting all this here?

I don’t have many friends. I don’t do job(like in other big companies), I am married, I don’t go to many parties, I don’t travel, never started a conversation offline with a girl, never proposed anything, never got proposed ๐Ÿ™‚ (how many of you got proposed btw? In India this should be <10% I think). Considering all this, what other option I got to let the world know that I am still looking and available? So that is why I am posting here.

Those of you boys still not married and looking for girlfriend, sorry guys. What to do. We have to compete. Life is a struggle.

This is like a new job search. I have to decide what I need, apply, get rejected, try again and again. Lets see how it goes.

It is easy when you are single. Now it is somewhat complicated. I have to figure out what I need, why I need. I have to be clear with the other person too on this. What are the rules? and what are the ‘what if’ cases. etc. I will publish some of them as I continue through this journey.

You might be having lot of questions, please send them to in email, messages etc. I will anonymize the question and will answer them. May be the question will help me, or you or some other people. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Looking forward to your questions….

Surface Pro 3 Wifi not working problem (Solved)

In a strange way, my surface pro 3 does not show my home network (SSID) in the list. It happens on random times. All other devices at home have no problem connecting to this network.

One of the strange thing is, my surface shows all other networks in neighborhood except my own. As if it knows which is mine and which is not mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

My usual remedy was to restart the wifi multiple times and some times it works. On couple of occasions I gave up using surface at that time and shifted to some other device.

Today I found the reason and the solution.

Cause: My surface pro is bought in US. And normally there are 13 wifi channels your router can work. But in US only 1 to 11 are allowed(Regulations). But in Europe and in other places 1 to 13 are valid. So my surface pro does not work when my router picks up channels 12 and 13. Normally wifi routers are configured to auto select the channel based on what other wifi networks are available at the time when we start the router. (We usually turn it off while sleeping or when going out).

Solution: Configure your router not to auto select or select channel from 1 to 11 only. My router does not have feature to force to skip channels 12 and 13. So I have configured it for one channel only. (6 in my case). If some other router in my building also selects 6th channel I may have interference. May be their router will auto select some other channel if I keep my up all the time.

Another good way to solve is to tell your surface pro 3 to use all channels. I found on internet that old versions of surface have some registry setting that will enable this option. But current surface pro 3 does not have same setting in same place. May be some one else will figure it out.