Episode 5: Coffee Day

It is one of the best mornings of her life. That is why she is up by 7AM and already on the way to temple. Lots of calls all night and early morning too. Mainly friends and colleagues.

While on the way, she turned ON the mobile Net to check her Facebook account.
Rahul has shared the story from Start Up India Event on the Facebook already. Hundreds of likes and comments. She felt very happy for everything.

She thought, “Now it is time to resign from the job, and start building the company. All the discussions about the investment and the process will take a month or so. That will give sufficient time for the notice period at current position. ”

Among all the FB, WhatsApp and other notifications, there is on that caught her eye.
Email from ‘Naveen C’ with subject “Congratulations”. She opened it.


Hi Sowmya,

This is Naveen. We met on train. Congratulations on getting funding for your startup.
More than the funding, I am very impressed with the idea and the innovation.

Have a good day


She starts thinking… “How did he get to know about it? May be from internet. He already knows my name. That is enough to get this information. But he must be searching for it particularly.
Why will he be searching specifically, may be same reason why I checked mobile 20 times for his email yesterday. He didn’t answer the question if he is married or not. What if he is married. Why I did wait for his mail?”

Her thoughts are interrupted by call from Rahul.

“Hey, We have a meeting at 11AM today in Taj Hotel. You will come directly? or I need to pick you up?”

“Do I have to come? Why don’t you and Ramesh go? I am not much interested in all the financial details etc.”

“We all will be there. You have to come as you are the major share holder.”

“hmm, ok will come.”

It was Ramesh’s idea. Even though all 4 thought to be equal partners, he said it is better to have different share holding so that there is no problem in voting in future. She is the brain of the project along with Srinivas. So they divided the share in unequal numbers Sowmya 28%, Srinivas 26%, Ramesh 24%, Rahul 22%.

“But still there is a problem.” Said Sowmya. “What if Me and Rahul agree on something for which you both don’t agree?”

“Then, add 1% from mine to Sowmya” said Srinivas. “anyway she is doing more than 30% of work here.”

Sowmya was never interested about money or share. All she cares about is work and how it can help people. She needs a challenge and this is the best challenge she got till now.

Finally they agreed on, Sowmya 29%, Srinivas 25%, Ramesh 24%, Rahul 22%.

Now that is the reason she has to go to the meeting.
Investors said that company registration is the first task. After that only actual investment will take place.

Rahul is happy now. Till now his major contribution was to provide the materials to the research lab. Now he got some real work that can keep him busy.

[10 days later]

“Naveen come fast” called his friend.

Naveen turned his head towards his friend.. He realized he has to go. He normally does not go to big movie halls. But for Interstellar like movies he has to make an exception. While walking towards the entrance, he felt as if he has to have one last glance at the beautiful thing he was watching 1 sec ago.

He turned his head back and saw her. Yes that is the same dress she wore in the startup event. He can easily recognize her. Her face is not something anyone would forget easily. But he can now see that she is looking right at him. Till now she was talking to some group of people. He felt embarrassed to find her catch him looking at her. He can recognize slight change in the way she saw, and he realized that she recognized him. He turned and rushed towards the entrance.

Even though the thought of her has occupied his back of mind, the movie took the central role. It was good. These are the movies worth paying the extra amount to watch in big screens.

By the end of the movie, his mind has taken over by the movie. He was thinking, what are the scientific possibilities of the climax. How did he come out of black-hole? etc. Even though he knows that he is not that good with physics, he felt as if he is the physics scientist who has to question the details of the movie. Are they really accurate according to the current science?

His thoughts were interrupted by a female voice.


It is her. He thought she will ignore him. But seems like she didn’t.

“Hey, How are you?”

“I am good. How are you?”

“I am good. How is the movie?” He knows that he does not want to talk about the movie.

“Good. You have seen me before the movie right? Why you did not talk?”

With half smile and half despair feeling he said. “I didn’t get the reply to email, so I thought you would prefer not to talk.”

“Hey, sorry ya, I was really busy with the company and funding, I thought I would reply later, but forgot.”

“It’s ok.” Even though he appeared normal, his heart is beating very fast. He felt happy because she did not ignore him.

“Sowmya, are you coming?” Her friends called her.

“I am really sorry. I have to go. If you are free tomorrow we can meet in Coffee day in Banjara Hills?”

“hm… ya ok sure, what time?”

“Around 11AM?”


She raced back to her group.

Naveen can notice the questioning and sarcastic expression in his friend’s face.

“I met her on the train, some days back.”

“And you mailed her, and now you are going for coffee with her. wow, I don’t know you could do these things.”.

“I even don’t know till now.” smiled Naveen.

He never went into a Coffee Day before. There are no customers. He reached there at 10:45, he does not want to be late.

He managed to get courage to go inside and sit there.

He never felt this much nervous before. He managed so many big projects with big international clients. He has almost 20 people team working under him.  8 of the 20 are in his team are girls. He had lunches with them before. But this is different.

He brought a book from the backpack and started reading.

Waiter came to ask for the order.

“I am waiting for some one” he said hoping that would make him escape.

“Sure, sir” he left.

Minutes are going like hours. He never waited for some girl before. Will she come? Why did she even ask him to come? She almost knows nothing about him. And he know that he is not that handsome to impress a girl with just his looks.

Pages are not at all moving. He read 50 pages in 1hr yesterday, now for 20min 1 page is also not finished.

It is almost 11:10AM. One by one 3 out of 5 tables are occupied.

He thought the waiter would come and ask again. He prepared himself with the answer if that happens.

But he never came, “may be that is how these rich places work” he thought.

At around 11:20AM she came. She is in a saree now. That is something he didn’t expect at all.


Short Story: Episode 4, StartUp

The organizer is inviting each team one by one to present their idea before the selection panel in “Startup India 2015, Bangalore”. Already 5 startups have presented their products. Sowmya is feeling both happy and bore after watching the 5 presentations. Boring because 4 of those 5 are e-commerce related and she has no interest in those things. Happy because it gives their team a chance to be different and attract attention.

Sowmya, Ramesh, Rahul and Srinivas are going once again through the power point. Their team is the next one.

“Now I invite Mr. Rahul and Ms. Sowmya from RAKSHA to present their idea.” the organizer announced.

Rahul and Sowmya started to give their presentation. Rahul is explaining their invention for Low cost blood analyzer. A simple handheld device that can do almost 35 blood tests in minutes. These are the tests that used to take almost a day and most of the time patient has to collect the results the next day in any traditional diagnostic centers.

Even though Rahul is a very handsome man presenting a very different and very innovative idea, all eyes are on Sowmya. She is really beautiful even in her T-Shirt and Jeans. They are wondering her role in the team.

After explaining the market size and the potential of this device, Rahul yielded by saying “Now our engineering head Sowmya will explain the inner working of our device.”

Sowmya is topper in her batch in BITS, Pilani. No one is surprised when she got placed in multi national electronics firm in campus. Rahul and Ramesh are her class mates and Srinivas is friend of Ramesh. He is chemical engineer from NIT, Warangal. Rahul is the most energetic person and have very good communication skills. That is why the team decided to make him the CEO and Sowmya the CTO.

The product is the brain child of Sowmya and Ramesh. Ramesh is a very shy and never used to talk to girls during his college days. Infact he never had any direct conversation beyond “hi, how are you”, “I am good” with Sowmya in his entire graduation period.

Ramesh and Rahul got selected in big IT company. Only after working there for one year Ramesh realized that IT his not his domain. His engineering in Electronics is going to be a waste if he does not switch. But he got family commitments and need big salaries to fulfill them. IT companies are giving highest salaries. After working for 3 years, he sent mail to Sowmya because she is the only person working in electronics domain that any one remembered.

Sowmya was okey with her job as research engineer in multi national electronics company. She is never interested in starting the company or never thought she would do. Email conversations with Ramesh and her own experience with her fathers medical procedures gave her idea of doing something in that domain.

Ramesh invited Rahul and Srinivas to join the team. They worked in a makeshift lab created in 2 bed room apartment. Used to work around 2 hrs every day and mostly full day on Saturdays and Sundays. It took almost 1 year do come up with the working prototypes. Combination of Srinivas’s chemical engineering and Sowmya’s electrical engineering paved the way for them to successfully finishing the prototype.

Rahul is never interested in business. He is happy enjoying his job in big IT company. He said “Yes” when Ramesh asked him. He always wanted to part of something big. But he was so busy with his week end parties and road trips that he never gave a thought about what to do about it. Ramesh’s proposal and having Sowmya in the team made him believe that this is some thing big.

Sowmya finished explaining the inner working of the product. She also explained the chemistry is crucial component of their innovation.

“By simply changing the cartridge and swapping it with different cartridge each with different chemical components and electrical circuits we are able to do all the 35 standard tests.”

Rahul presented the closing note and it is time for questions from the panel. Q & A is a closed private session with the panel.

Every one in the panel are very impressed with the product and more than that they are impressed with the team. Some panel members asked about current funding status, accuracy of the test results, cost of the materials, and if they have taken any patents etc. The RAKSHA team has answered all the questions.

It is almost 4PM by the time they finished with Q &A. They have to wait until 5PM to get the results.  They went to have a coffee.

Sowmya and Srinivas went straight to sofas while Rahul and Ramesh went for the coffee.

Seeing the beautiful engineer sitting idle, 3 people have approached her to ask about the startup and their product. She does not have much energy to explain, but she did.

Rahul brought her the cup of coffee with some biscuits. He took over the conversation and Sowmya thought “thank god”.

Seeing the biscuits Sowmya remembered what happened last night. She was never as much afraid as she was last night. She thought Naveen missed the train. She remembered how she reacted when she finally saw him coming from other compartment. She remembered eating those 250/- biscuits. That thought brought her a smile.

Ramesh and Srinivas both noticed that smile in her face.

Ramesh asked “What?”

“Nothing” said Sowmya while still smiling. “Will tell some other time”.

As they waited for the results, she checked her Gmail account on the mobile to see if there is any mail. There are some spam and other mails. Nothing new. The one she expecting is not there.

While the results are being announced Sowmya prayed to her favorite god. They where expecting the funding for almost 2 crores.

It was announced that 3 leading investors in the panel are interested in funding their startup. They are invited to discuss this with each investor individually.


After heavy lunch and 2 rounds of ice creams Naveen is feeling almost sleepy. All of the guests invited for his sisters daughter’s 4th birthday party left. Some how they managed to arrange the party at home. Around 30 people have attended.

Naveen did not get time to sit after the party started. There is no place to sit. After lunch, his job was to drop the guests back on main road where they can get auto or cabs.

He sat on the sofa in the hall and about to go to sleep.

“Anna, where is Siri?” His sister shouted from Kichen.

“She is playing outside.” answered Naveen. Did not even try to open his eyes.

“Go get her, I have to change her dress”. she said.

Naveen got up and went out. Siri is playing in ground floor with some kids from same apartments. She is still in her birthday dress. Naveen managed to stop her games and bring her home.

While carying her, she took his phone.

“Careful, don’t drop it”. he said.

” Mama who is Sowmya?”

“Who?” He felt it as if he heard that name before.

“This one” Siri showed the mobile to him.

“Sowmya Guptha” and her email id clearly seen in contact details. After she entered the contact details, he did not touch the mobile till now. That is why the contact is still open.

“Oh, I met her in train” he said while coming into house.

“Met whom?” asked his sister and mom at same time. It is the first time they heard Naveen talking about any girl after 3 years. After his breakup with his girl friend 3 years ago this is the firs time.

“No one” he said. Handed Siri over to her mother.

Every thing that happened yesterday night came to his mind. His sleep is gone now. He connected mobile to wifi and searched in Google.

“Bangalore startup event”

In first link itself he got the results. “Startup India 2015, Bangalore”. He found the event website and saw the schedule.

It is already over, 5PM Results, and Investment discussions”. Even though he barely knows her, he wanted her to win.
He realized how silly he is being, wishing some one to win without knowing anything about them. He does not know her company name, product or why they deserve to win.

But, another part of the brain is still want her to win. He has never seen any woman engineer starting a company. May be seen in news, but never that close. Never who actually touched him. He wished, that she should win.

He opened twitter and searched “Startup India, Bangalore, Sowmya Guptha”.

He got many tweets. One says “Congrats to RAKSHA team Rahul, Sowmya, Ramesh, Srinivas for getting selected in Startup India, 2015. #IndiaInnovate, #startupindia”

Other one says “RAKSHA team Rahul Bose and Sowmya Guptha presenting at #StartupIndia2015″ with an image. Sowmya and Rahul standing on the stage and Sowmya explaining something”

Naveen felt very happy. He needs to findout more about her.

“Chinni, where is your laptop?” almost jumped out from the sofa.

“Check in bed room” said his sister.


The Train, Part 3

“Hey, come on, give me the change”. I almost shouted. Train already started moving. I never missed a train before. I normally don’t buy anything in railway stations. Not just in here, almost anyplace where the price is drastically different to outside.

I would not have come down if it is just for me. I am habituated to hunger. I used to travel empty stomach in my diploma days. I don’t know if it is my ability to control hunger or my inability to spend money.

My berth is in S9 and I can see S7 crossing the shop. The shop was almost closed, and the shopkeeper was about to lock it. I requested him to get me two biscuit packets. I thought he will refuse. But he didn’t.

He asked for change, and I don’t have anything except 500 notes. So I gave 500, and he took reluctantly. It is 15×2=30. I need to get the rest back. What if he says he does not have any change? How is it  possible?

I never ran after train before. And I was really worried. In an instant I decided to ignore the money and go back. I can see S5 crossing me. I quickly started and some how managed to get near S4. But its door was shut. Shit.. What if all other doors are closed? A sense of fear just shook my whole body.

Luckily S3 door was open and I managed to get on it. I thought may be the shop keeper have the money but know that I will leave the change with him. May be that is why he was moving slow while looking for change.

Crazy, now these biscuit packets are 250/- each. I felt happy and sad at same time. Lucky to get on the train at least.

I turned back to see the shop. I saw the shopkeeper running towards me. I can see the change in his hand. But it is already late. He can not run that fast for sure. I saw him stopped running and going back.

It is very to misunderstand and miss judge someone. I thought. What if I did not look back? I would have blamed that poor guy for cheating me. “Good lesson” I thought.

I started moving trough the compartments from S3 to S9. Every one was sleeping. What if some one thinks I am a thief? I tried not to make any sounds or touch anything as I was moving.

I thought If I missed the train no one would even know until tomorrow. As I entered S9, I could see Sowmya coming from our section. She saw me.

I could clearly see her face filling with happiness. It is cold outside. I am covered with sweat. I can still feel my heart running at double speed.

I can clearly see a drop of sweat coming down from her hair on to her cheeks. Some how she looked more beautiful now compared to when she was fresh that evening. Moon light from the outside made her much more beautiful.

She cleared the sweat with one hand and raised other and hit me on my shoulder.  “Where have you been, You know I was really worried”.

I smiled and gave her the biscuit packet. She looked into my eyes and smiled. We went back to our section. I was walking behind her, and thinking, “What a look, I wish I never forget this scene”. She gave her water bottle. I sat down on her berth on one side and she on the other side. I am still breathing heavily. It took 2 minutes to cool down and then I drank some water.

She is still looking at me I think. As I turned my head, she turned away her gaze to the biscuit packet. She still did not open it. She smiled again and said “Thanks”.

“Eat it. They are the costliest biscuits I ever bought” I whispered. Some how I could not resist myself expressing that feeling.

“What?” she was bit surprised looking at me and the 15rs MRP clearly written on the packet.

I told her what happened, in whispering mode as very one is still sleeping.

She took a heavy breath, and smiled looking at that packet. I saw her opening it and took one biscuit out and started eating. “They are good. Thanks again” she said.

It is already 12AM. May be I could have talked a bit more, but I was hardly able to whisper. She even indicated twice to talk in low voice as I was telling what happened. So I thought may be I can talk tomorrow.

“Good night” I said and went up to my bed.

“Good night” she replied.

I could hear her eating another 2 or 3 biscuits. I almost finished the packet myself. I thought of having one more glance of her before sleeping. Turned my face down to see. I could see her already sleeping or at least eyes closed.

I woke up at round 7AM. Train almost reached Bangalore it seems. As I was getting down, I could see her coming from washbasin after washing her face.

“Good morning Naveen, Had good sleep?” she asked.

“Yes I did, you?”

“Yes, I did.”

I could notice a bit of surprise from other people in the section. They never saw us talking before. They saw us as strangers before. Now they are seeing us as some one who knows each other. It lasted for some seconds, and every one became normal again.

I did not answer her question yesterday. I did answer it partially, but did not show it to her. Seems like she forgot about it. I was not sure if it would look good to bring up that conversation. That too in a radical medium 🙂 Notes app.

After washing my face, I got back and sat opposite to her. She folded the berth for sitting by that time.

“Good luck with your presentation” I said.

“Thank you” she said with a smile.

Man that smile will make many people mad, I thought.

“Can I have your email?” I asked hesitatingly. After yesterday night event, I thought may be I could dare to ask that.

“Sure”, she took my mobile and created a contact with her email id in it.

I felt very happy inside. This is the first time I talked to a stranger and able to get her contact details. “Not bad Naveen”. I thought.

Station came, and every one started getting down. I tried to move behind her. But could not. Got others in between, and some how by the time I got down, I could not see her.

I went upto cross over bridge, while looking all around to find her. I could not. Shit, I could have said bye at least.

When I was about to get down on 1st platform from the bridge, I could see her talking to some one who is helping her by carrying her luggage. She was still on the 3rd platform. She saw me, and waved her hand.

I waved and got down. I could see she pointing to me and telling that person something. I wondered what she might be telling about me.

I went out and got an auto to my sisters place. All auto drivers are all waiting outside, asking each passenger. I could not get even a minute time to wait. He agreed on my price which rarely happens and I didn’t get a chance to look at Sowmya again.


Short Story: The Train, Part 2

Who is this guy? Why is he showing his phone to me?

Lets see, anyway he seems decent enough. Is it a photo he wants to show to me? I took the phone.

“Hi, I am Naveen, Do you like to talk? Type your answer here.” written in Notes app.

Oh man, all this is just to talk? why to type in phone? anyway crazy people, crazy ideas. This guy looks like he is 30+, thin, light brown skin and good height.

He is still looking at me, I am not going to get proper sleep in train anyway. lets give it a shot.

“Sure, but why in phone? we can talk directly?” I typed, and handed the phone to him. I can see his facial expression shifting from tension to excited mode.

Every one started settling for sleep. Except some small light from far, all lights in our section are off. He stopped typing, and started moving to his berth. Mine is side lower, and his one is side upper. Does he even fit in that side? Looks taller than 6′ as he stands.

Once he settled he extended his phone from above berth.

“Thanks, talking directly might disturb others. I work in software field. Going to Bangalore to visit my sister there. What about you?”

Hmm, one more software guy. Should I tell him my details? He seems polite.

“ok, I am Sowmya. I am an electronics engineer. Going to Bangalore for a startup event. Which company do you work for?”

I told him the real name. It’s ok. What can he do with just a name. Gave him the phone. How many times will we have to exchange the phone like this? After some time I will say I am getting sleep and will end this.

I started feeling my hunger. Did not eat anything after lunch. Ravi offered to buy something while starting. I said ‘No’.  I thought I will do fasting in this way. Seems like bad idea.

He is done it seems, phone is ready. I took the phone.

“An engineer, great. I saw you doing something with laptop and thought you are some MBA kind. I work in IBM. What is this event? Going on some company work?”

IBM, that is big.

“Ya, I was doing some changes to the presentation for the demo give at this event. It is an event for startups to pitch and raise funding. No and Yes. It is not company work, and it is company work :-)”

Will he get it? Lets see how smart he really is. After typing something, as he tried to give the phone, someone in our section woke up and went to bathroom. Naveen pulled back and gave the phone only after other guy left.

He seems really shy.

“Ok, I get it. You are working in some company, but you are starting your own, right?”

Not bad.

“Right. What do you do in IBM exactly?”

“Normally I don’t do anything, I just manage a team of developers who are more educated but less experienced than me. What exactly do you do in your current company?”

“Don’t do anything? They are giving salary for free? I work as research assistant dealing with radio waves and communications.”

“Actual job title is Team Manager. All I just do is watch what others are doing, and offer little bit of help here and there. Tell them what to do. Most of this is already in specifications, I just fill in any gaps.”

“Oh okey. What did you study and from how long you are working?”

“I only did Diploma in Civil Engineering, I am with IBM from last 4 years. Where are you from? and family?”

“Civil to Software, that too in IBM. Interesting. Do you have anything to eat? I am hungry”.

I don’t think it is a good idea to take anything to eat from strangers. But I am really hungry, and he seems trust worthy.

“Sorry, don’t have anything. Even I did not eat anything and I am hungry too. May be I can buy if train stops in any station.”

“Its ok. I am from Lucknow. I am only daughter in the family. Father is a business man. What about you? Is it Younger sister or Elder sister in Bangalore.”

“I am from Vijayawada. Actually a small village near Vijayawada. We are two. Me, my sister. She is Younger. She is married. Father is a farmer.”

He is looking 30+ so most probably married already. Lets ask.

“What about you? Not married yet?”

He took the phone and started typing something… I was feeling hungry, and some how went into sleep. It was almost 11:30 PM then.

I woke up when the train halted in some station. I see him going out towards entrance. I checked my stuff once. Everything is there, his bag is still there on his berth. Fine, he is not a thief 🙂 I thought.

I hoped he went out to buy something to eat. The hunger came back as I woke up. I hate these train travels. It is the travel or the hunger? May be hunger for now.

It stopped for around 3 minutes, and train started moving. I looked for him, while still on my berth. All windows are closed. Every one is sleeping. Saw towards the entrance. There is no sign of him.

I quickly ran towards the entrance. Train has already picked up some speed. It looked like a very small station. I did not see any sign of him, thought may be he just got on from other side. I looked back, and went back to see if he was entering from other side. Nope. No sign of him.

Train left the station. I am back on my berth. What just happened? Where did he go?



Short Story: The Train, Part 1

“Seat No: 47” for the third time Naveen checked his ticket just before getting on to the train.

While on the way to his seat, he thought he should have checked list at the entrance to see if there is any girl nearby. For a fraction of second he thought he should go back and check the list. But the desire is not big enough to overcome the desire to look like a good boy. “Anyway who ever there is, will come and we can see then” he justified his action and went looking for his seat.

Seems like his “God of Luck” was happy with him that day. A girl came. Her seat is just opposite right to our hero.

BTW our guy never talked to any girl outside. He did talk to some girls on internet. Talking over internet is easy, talking to some one you know and got introduced is also okey. But talking to a stranger, that too a girl? completely different story. It never happened with our guy before.

“May be it is same with 99% of guys”… A self justification.

“Wow she is looking good”. initial reaction.  “Now the journey will not be boring”.

As usual our Sherlock Homes started his work.

Train is yet to move. She is talking to some one through the window. He is somewhere between 30 to 35. Looks like some friend or brother. There are no facial resemblance with her. So may be her friend or classmate. You don’t call some one who drops you at train station a classmate. So must be some friend or distant relative.

She is around 5’6″ to 5’7″, white skin, around 26 to 30 years. She is wearing jeans with some t-shirt and some costly looking jacket on the top. “She must be rich” he thought. “or at least richer than me”.

Train is going from Hyderabad to Bangalore. May be she is doing job there. But this is not Sunday evening. This is Tuesday. If she is doing job, why will she go on Tuesday? She may have taken leave?

If I keep writing what ever our hero is thinking, it will not be a short story. So for the sake of your time, patience and my inability to describe all his thoughts, I will stop for now. You can imagine what ever might be going on in his mind.

Immediately after train started, she opened her laptop. And started doing something with it. He can not see what she is typing as she is sitting opposite to him. She is using the track pad more than keyboard.  So might be she doing with it? May be she is MBA and what do all MBA people do, make presentations. Seems like her laptop usage matching our profile of making presentations.

Naveen opened his bag and took out a book. Even though the subject is interesting, it is not as interesting as looking at that girl. As there is nothing he can do, he tried to concentrate on the book. Occasionally he did cross eyes with her. But what to do, he never started at any girl for more than 2 seconds in his life. (We are talking on strangers here). What can happen in 2 seconds?

3 hours passed. It is almost 9PM.  Every one started preparing for the sleep. Some ate what they brought from home and some ordered in the train. Naveen did not eat anything. He never buys anything on trains. Never satisfied with the quality. More than that never satisfied with the price. She also did not seem to have eaten anything.

She closed her laptop and was just idle looking through the window.

Naveen closed his book, started thinking about her. “She is beautiful. Wow her hair is nice. May be little over weight. But nice.”

“If I ever talk to some girl who is a stranger, then it has to start with her. How long will I keep dragging my inability and act as good boy which is of no use to anyone. Who knows, may be she is also thinking that I should talk. I should talk to her.”

“But how? every one is still awake, and I still don’t have any other reason to start the conversation. No one else will introduce us each other here.”

“How about sending a message? But how? I don’t know her mobile number. She has a smart phone. But no use. We both have mobiles that have enough power to do what a big room full of computers can not do in 1970. We have Wifi, BlueTooth, and what not, but still no use. There is no way to send her a message. This is crazy.”

He is thinking “may be I should write that app. but both people need to install that app. May be such apps already exist. But what is the probability that two random people in a train installs same app in preparation to talk to strangers? almost zero.”

“Forget about writing that app, first lets figure out how to talk to her”.

He opened his mobile. opened “Notes” app and typed “Hi, I am Naveen, Do you like to talk? Type your answer here.”

He waited for 5 min after that. He was looking for right movement. Then, once she was looking at something and the eyes crossed again, then he extended his had with his mobile to her. The message is clearly visible to her.

She took the phone.

[To be Continued]