Charity should be voluntary, not coerced

[This is shame less copy of of the post by Atanu Dey. In this article ‘I’ means Atanu Dey. I do fully support this view.]

All actions of a just society should be principles-based. One of the primary guiding principles of a just society is that coercion is kept at a minimum. That is, people should be free of coercion from others, including the government. Certainly, a case can be made for why there will have to be some coercion — but that has to be reserved for matters that are essential for the functioning of society. For these matters, government coercion is justified for raising revenues required for funding certain activities. Examples of such matters are policing (to maintain law and order) and the provisioning of collective goods such as public access roads or sanitation, etc. Aside from those limited exemptions, coercion is not justified.

Coercion is absolutely verboten in the case of charity. Using force to extract revenues to fund charity leads to the absurd result of the means frustrating the end. What’s worse, it is immoral and unethical.

Of all the things that a bad government does is to coerce people into paying for charity that they would not support had they not been threatened with violence. It is not the job of the government to decide on behalf of the citizens who should pay how much for what charity. When the government arrogates to itself the right which properly belongs to the individual to decide how much to give to whom by way of charity, it robs the individual not just of the money but also of his dignity and freedom of choice.

I came to know that PM Shri Modi has awarded scholarships to some selected children. I am certain that it was very good of him to be generous with his money. It’s his money and he has a right to give it to whomever he wishes. But in case Shri Modi was handing out Indian taxpayers’ money, that is problematic. That decision is not his to make. There are alternate mechanisms. For instance, he could have appealed to Indians that they voluntarily support a fund for the said scholarships. That would not have involved coercion and the threat of violence (imprisonment for non-payment of taxes.)

Perhaps I am over-reaching here, though I don’t think so, but I feel that one of the reasons for India’s disastrous lack of prosperity is that Indian leaders are not all that concerned with principles-based actions. It is shameful.

I have argued the case for why the government should not be involved in charity of any sort in a piece “Whose money is it anyway?” Excerpt:

Of all the pernicious things that a government does, arguably the worst is when the government gets into the business of charity. That’s the kind that Mr Bunce took exception to. If politicians and bureaucrats want to support charity, they should do that with their own money, not the public’s money. They are free to contribute as much as they wish of their own money, and they should extend that freedom to everybody else. Let people decide how much they want to spend and on which charity.

I can honestly claim that I contribute to charity regularly. Why? Because I am moved by empathy and compassion towards my fellow beings. I not only receive the joy of giving without expectations of return, I also derive psychic satisfaction by exercising the freedom of deciding on whom or what I spend my money. I wish I had more money so that I could give more of it away. A favorite quote from Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet goes, “All you have shall some day be given; Therefore give now, that the season of giving may be yours and not your inheritors.”

When the government takes my tax money to spend on what it considers charity, it deprives me of my freedom to give freely, it deprives me of the joy of giving, and takes away a responsibility from me that I treasure. What is worse, when I forced to do something, I resent it even if that something is something that I would have otherwise voluntarily done.

When the government taxes me to do charity, it is to me morally and functionally equivalent to someone putting a gun to my head and robbing me to help a poor person. Regardless of what the money is going to be used for, robbery is immoral and unethical.

Enough said.

Episode 9: Clarity

Morning 10:10AM. Rahul asked Ramesh and Srinivas to come to Sowmya’s room. He told we have some interesting thing to discuss about.

They all come into the room.

Srinivas: So whats the interesting thing?

Rahul: Sowmya, do you want to tell or I should?

Sowmya seemed lost in thoughts. Rahul knows what it is about. That morning Rahul called Sowmya. He asked her to come early to office to discuss some personal issue.


Sowmya: So what is it Rahul?

Rahul: I am going to tell you something. And I hope it does not cause any problem for the office.

Sowmya: First tell what it is.

Rahul: I think I am in Love with you.

He took out a Red Rose from his back pack and presented her. That is not the first time some one gave her roses or expressing love. Since collage days, so many proposed their love. She was never interested in any of them.

She always thought some one special will be there for her. Never spent much time on thinking who that might be or what actually she needs from that person. Before starting this company, she had no opinion of Rahul.

After starting the company with these 3 people she got to know him. Rahul makes every one laugh. People will be happy around him for most of the time. He has intense emotions and will do almost anything for friends.

And since the demo event, she has noticed the special care for her. As they are working together she thought he may not actually show interest in her. So she tried to behave as usual in all those cases.

Now it is clear. he told her.

Sowmya: Hmm. Since when?

Rahul: I don’t know. May be since we met, or now or some where in middle. I don’t know.

Sowmya: I don’t know what to tell.

Rahul: No need to tell anything now. I wanted to tell so I told. Think about it, we will talk later.

Sowmya: Do Ramesh and Srinivas know about it?

Rahul: I haven’t told anything myself. But I think they are aware that I have feelings for you.

Sowmya: Hmm. I don’t know if this is good for the company.

Rahul: I know. That is why I did hesitate to tell till now. Initially I did not have confidence to ask you. I thought I am not good enough for you. But after the event, now I think I am ready. Now I am CEO of a company that is going to do some great things right. That gave me confidence.

Sowmya: But what exactly made you tell today?

Rahul: To be frank it is Naveen. I don’t know what is there between you two. After I saw him yesterday, I thought I should not take risk.

Sowmya: I just met him 3 times. Once on a train. There is nothing between us.

Rahul: Its ok. I am not saying anything on that. I don’t have to know. Take your time, and tell me anything later.

Sowmya: ok.


Sowmya: hmm, you tell.

[She hoped that Rahul will tell only about Naveen’s investment proposal and not about his love proposal]

Rahul: okey. One of Sowmya’s friend came yesterday. His name is Naveen. He wants to invest in our company.

Ramesh: Our investment round is almost over na. Do we need more investment now?

Sowmya: Yes, that is what I told him. But said will discuss with you and tell.

Srinivas: But how do you know him, is he a big investor? What does he do.

Sowmya: Actually no. He is not an investor in the sense we talk about them. He is just a regular IT employee. He has his personal savings for 50 lakhs. That he wanted to invest in our company.

Ramesh: But why in your company? How do you know him?

Sowmya told them the total story with Naveen. She initially thought of keeping it private. She wanted to have it to be her personal experience. It makes her feel happy and smile every time she remembers the train incident. But now she has to tell everything as it is about money and company.

Srinivas: Normally we don’t get investment without business plan, prototype, and so much stuff. And he wants to invest all his life savings without even seeing business plan? Why would any one do that?

Sowmya: I don’t know.

Ramesh: May be he is doing for you. May be he is interested in you.

That made Somya blush. She immediately realized that Rahul is there. He proposed just 30min back. She tried to appear neutral and turned towards Rahul. Rahul is watching her only. He wanted to stay neutral on this Naveen. He don’t want to encourage it, as it may put his proposal at risk, and at same time he don’t want to be the bad guy.

Ramesh has realized his mistake. He knows that Rahul have feelings for Sowmya. But he does not know that he already proposed.

Rahul: What ever may be his real intention, we will not know that. But should we accept or not is the issue here.

Ramesh: Sowmya you tell. Do you want to take his investment? Do you trust him?

Sowmya: Can we accept the investment now? If yes, then yes I want him to be part of this. I trust him.

Based on the way Naveen behaved and the way he talks, the books he needs Sowmya have thought that he has knowledge. He is not average guy for sure. But is he investing because of her? or he is really interested in the company? If he is only investing because of her, then she do not want to take his investment.

Rahul: If you guys agree to take his investment, we have to renegotiate with the ABC Capital and offer them 20% only instead of 25% we agreed. And rest of the 5% we can give to Naveen. But we did not even discuss the valuation or even business plan with him. I have sent him the business plan today morning only.

Sowmya: Let me talk to him again today. I need some clarity. I will tell him our valuation numbers and what we can offer. Then we will decide to talk to ABC Capital tomorrow.

Every one realized what clarity she is referring to.  Later Sowmya sent mail to Naveen “Hi, Can we talk today? Can you come to coffee shop today at 6PM?”

Naveen saw the mail later that day and agreed to meet in evening.

Episode 8: Investment Part 2

The room looked like an electronics lab. There are couple of oscilloscopes, and lot of circuit boards on all tables, wires every where. Couple of prototypes of the device they have built etc. Naveen never imagines Sowmya in a room like this. He knew that she is the major role in the product they are developing, but never fully imagined what it means.

He remembered how he was at the start of the career. He started as a hardware repair technician.  It used to be lot more like this room in those days. Except here it is lot of more high tech and they might be knowing lot more than he does.

He did not touch soldering iron for more than 10+ years. Software looked more easy and more interesting to him than hardware. Once he got job in software he never looked back.

After seeing Sowmya in this room he felt lot more respect for her.

Sowmya is still working on her system. She is wearing T-shirt and Jeans. For the first time he got the opportunity to see her face in detail. He actually felt lucky to see her working like this. If she is not working, then he have to start talking about why he is there, and he would not have this opportunity to see her like that.

In middle she tuned to Naveen and apologized for doing work and said “Just 2 more min. I am sorry”.

“Don’t worry I am enjoying watching you like this, take your time” thought Naveen. But said “Its ok”.

As she turned back to her computer, Naveen thought .. “What would happen if no one can lie. What would happen if I say my thoughts out loud. It really sounds interesting, but for now, it is good that I can lie”.

After 2 minutes Showmya finished her work, and turned off her monitor and turned to Naveen.

Sowmya: Sorry about that. Tell me, How are you?

Naveen: Its ok. I am good. I have some questions about your company. I hope you don’t have problem answering them.

Sowmya: About company? ya sure ask, no problem

[Naveen realized that he did not ask how she is, she did ask him. But he never habituated to these formalities. Most of the times he forgets to ask, and always finds them useless even if he asks. He never found anyone saying ‘I am not fine’ as a reply.]

Naveen: Is your funding finished? How much did you raise?

Sowmya: Not yet, we got some offers. Almost accepted one, but legal work is going on. With in one or two days it will be over. We are seeing 2 crores.

Naveen: Oh ok. Actually I was thinking from couple of days. I have one proposal not sure if this is correct time or not. I want to invest in your company. I have 50 lakhs of my savings which I want to invest in your company.

Sowmya: What? 50 lakhs? Why? Why did you decide to invest? How do you even know what we do here?

Naveen: I am earning good money every month. I don’t spend any of that, some how I don’t like to do what most other people are doing, like stocks, real estate or anythings like that. Till now I didn’t know what to do. So I kept piling up all my savings.

After I met you and read about your company and the product you are developing etc. I am very interested in what you guys are doing here. So thought it would be good use of my savings.

Do you think at this stage it is possible to invest?

Sowmya: I don’t know. I need to talk to the team. But you hardly know any of us. How do you trust us?

Naveen: I just need to trust your cause of doing this product.

Sowmya: hmm.. I am really surprised. I used to think that old big investors or Angles do the investment. So it never crossed my mind that there will be people like you too. Anyway lets talk to Rahul.

As she was about to go and call Rahul.. Rahul entered the room with two plates of biscuits and two small juice bottles. He offered one to Naveen and one to Sowmya. Sowmya was little surprised with this gesture of Rahul. It is not the first time it happened.

Sowmya: Rahul, this is Naveen. Naveen, this is Rahul our CEO.

Naveen stoodup and shook hands with Rahul.

Sowmya: Naveen is my friend and works in IBM. He knows about our company and he wants to invest in it.

Rahul: Really, that is great to hear. But our funding is almost finished. We are going to sign in couple of days.

Naveen: Yes, she told me. I just wanted to check if there is an opportunity.

Sowmya: He wants to invest 50 lakhs.

Rahul: Okey. As we have not finalized with Investors yet, may be we can discuss and get back to you Naveen.

Sowmya: Other than the product I assume you don’t know our business plan, right?

Naveen: Ya right.

Sowmya: Rahul will send you the business plan, you can go through it. And really see if you are still interested.

Naveen: Sure.

Rahul: Please take these..[pointed to the biscuits and juice]

Seeing the biscuits both Naveen and Sowmya got smile on their faces. They saw each other smiling. Smile gave hint to each other that the other person still remembers the train incident.

After Naveen left from there Rahul asked Sowmya how she knows Naveen. Sowmya told about the train incident and other things. Rahul was really surprised to that some one who met on train comes to invest 50 lakhs with unknown people.

Sowmya could imagine what Rahul might be thinking. She thought he will reject it outright. He did not. He just said “We will discuss together tomorrow and will decide”.

Rahul offered to drop Sowmya at home. Rahul is always a joyful person. He  makes jokes and keeps every one around him happy. Without him they could never had finished the prototype by now. He manages all external communication single highhandedly.

Since the event in Bangalore Sowmya could notice the change. She could tell that the special care he is showing for her.

That night Rahul decided to tell Sowmya about how he feels about her. He does not want to take risk of what ever is between Naveen and Sowmya.

Theory Only: How to do weight training without weights

Here is my crazy theory on how to do weight training without any weights. According to this theory, there is no need to go to gym for any weight training purpose. You can do anytime anywhere. No need for buying any equipment.

The theory is…

Every muscle in our body have another set of muscle that works in opposite direction. Ex: Biceps <=> Triceps,

I don’t know names of all those muscles, but you can check it yourself that you have two sets that work in opposite direction.

For example you want to do exercise for biceps, instead of weights (which just act as force in the opposite direction of your intended movement)  just use your triceps muscle. So it will be like you imagining a heavy weight. But actually using your triceps to simulate that weight.

Your body does not know the difference between weight and your simulated weight. All it cares is about opposite force, no matter from where it is coming.

So same theory applies to all other muscles in your body.  *I have used this theory and got a perfect body without going to gym. Now it is your turn to try.

[** it is lie, I have not tried it yet. It needs lot of mental patience to simulate the weights perfectly]

Episode 7: The Investment

It took almost a day for Naveen to come out of the trance. On Monday as usual he went to work.
There is not much work, and had to attend 3 meetings.

He always hated these meetings. In his view they take longer time than needed. There will be always some stupid in the meeting and it takes lot of effort to get him onboard with the decision or even making them understand the problem.

Initially he used to get much more upset with the meetings. But over the period he understood that there is no other way that a big company like IBM can do things.

He always tried not to be that stupid person in the meeting. And due to his long experience compared to others who spent all that time in BTech or MTech he managed to just fine.

He managed to assign the task to one of his subordinate Siva and asked him to lead the discussion. Even though he presented it as an oppertunity he is giving to Siva, actually he was actually not interested in the meeting. His mind is still occupied by Sowmya.

After the breakup with his girlfriend 3 years back, he never took this much interest in anyone. May be it is the combination of beauty and brain of Sowmya that made the difference.

Naveen have decided to check more about her.

Immediately after going home, he searched online to know about her and the company.
He watched the presentation video about the idea and the prototype explanation. He is impressed with the idea almost as much as he is with her.

Suddenly he got the idea. “What if he invests in their company?”

He checked to see his savings. Almost all of his savings are in fixed deposits. He managed to save almost 80 to 90% of all his salary. Actually saving money is very easy for him. He just always have to be himself. His biggest investment was his bike that too almost 10 years back.

Since then he was asked to invest in stocks, land, houses. He was never interested in any of those. He always thought that his company is paying him much more than what actually the work deserves. He thought he should not be spending what he does not deserve.

Initially he tried to donate some money to various NGOs. But later reduced that also. He was not happy with the outcome he is expecting from the money.

All that savings are around 50lakhs. Investing in Sowmya’s company will be a better investment in terms of investment and even as a social service. That medical device could save lot of lives.

They already got investment, and will they actually need his money? And how to even ask?

He opened WhatsApp and sent msg to her.

Naveen: Hey, Can I talk to you?

He got the reply after 10min.

Sowmya: Sure, Here? or directly?

Naveen: Directly, tomorrow evening you are free?

Sowmya: okey, Coffee-Day?

Naveen: Hmm, I don’t like that coffee, and is there any cheaper place?

Sowmya: 🙂 then come over to our office.

Naveen: Okey will be there by 6PM.

Sowmya: Ok, see you then.

Even though she already invited him to the office, she did not think what to tell others about who he is. Also why he asked to meet again, they just met 2 days back.

She decided not to tell others anything about it unless she knows clearly what Naveen wants to talk about.
Naveen went to the office around 6PM after the office on Tuesday.
It is a 3 bedroom apartment converted into a office space. There is a sofa and table in the hall.
Rahul is chatting with some one in computer. He kept his headphones and mic and discussing about some web site design with some one.

Rahul noticed naveen..

Rahul: Yes, how can I help you?
Naveen: I am here to meet Sowmya.
Rahul: In that room… (pointed to the last door)

Rahul went back to his voice call…

The door was closed. There is no sign board or anything on the door.

Naveen knocked the door. He heard ‘come in’ from inside. So he went in.
Sowmya: Hey, come in. Please sit..
Naveen: Thanks, I hope I am not disturbing your work.
Sowmya: No its ok. But I thought you will call. So waiting for the call.
Naveen: Sorry, should have called. I remember the office which I have shown me that day. So came straight here from my office.
Sowmya: Its ok, just give me 2 minutes, will wrap up this work.
Naveen: Ya sure, go ahead.

Sowmya went back to her work. Naveen started looking around the room.


4 things I want girls to understand

My friend asked me “if there is one thing you want girls to understand, what would that be?”, this post is answer to that question.

I don’t think we can generalize all girls. Every one is different. So the answer will be, “nothing”. But that is not an interesting answer, and most probably that is not what my friend is expecting from me.

So  I am changing the question to “What I want girls to understand”. Here ‘girls’ means most girls I have seen. And it is about my perspective. I don’t mean all girls need my advise. Well may be no one needs my advise.

I have 4 things that they should understand.

  • Stop listening to your parents and make your own decision like most boys. It is very unlikely that your parents are more educated than you, and more aware of current generation needs or aspirations. Even if they are, unless you are mentally retarded there is no way they can make better decision than you. Stop doing stupid things to satisfy short term needs and happiness of your parents. Your long term happiness is more important for them and for you. So please treat stupid demands of parents as such, and ignore them.
  • Stop treating your boyfriend or husband as a god given gift for you to fulfill all your needs in life. Sorry to disappoint you, that is not true. (even if god exists, I don’t believe he/she/it intends that). They are just partners. Every one have +v’s and -v’s encourage +vs and discourage -vs. Do your duty as an Individual first, then as a partner. Stop depending on them for every decision, be independent and make your own decisions. You can discuss your decisions or even make them in such a way that they consider other’s views also.  I have seen enough examples, and I can say for sure that an independent women will be more happy in long term.
  • Grow up, get out and do some thing. Stop sitting at home. Your husband does not need you 24hrs, if he does, may be he is just a kid. Your kids don’t need you 24hrs. I have seen enough families and I see no correlation between quality of character of a person to his mother’s hours of care. So just because you spend more time taking care of them does not make then better people. In fact I believe that it will affect adversely. Outsource what ever is possible. May be they will do better job than us. It is even good to earn x amount and spend all that X amount just to outsource what ever work you are doing.
  • Take care of your health. Your parents, or your husband or your kids can not return your health to you if you loose it for any of them. No one or nothing is more important then your health. Your house work is not exercise.

I feel very bad to live in circle/time where I know very less number of girls who follow all these 4 things. If you are following all these, then send me a message.

Episode 6: The Trance

Naveen was just looking at beautiful Sowmya in saree. She came in smiling.

“I am sorry. I got late in the temple. It is Sunday na, so there is little rush.”

Then he realized that the saree is for the God. Ofcourse she barely knew him.

“It’s okey, I was wondering if you forgot this also like you forgot the mail”.

“No, really I thought I will finish temple visit by 11. I go once every week. And last 2 weeks I was too busy.”

She wanted to tell him that she didn’t reply to the mail not because she forgot. But because she couldn’t get the words to type exactly what she wanted. Even though she tried to reply 3 times, every time she deleted what she typed. It was new to her, talking to some one in mail. She does fair amount of talking in Facebook and chatting etc. But mail is some how difficult. May be problem is that we have more time to decide what to say, and that time will give us lot of options, and in the end we confuse what to choose. At least that was the case with her. She wanted to write how she remembered him every time she eat biscuits. But that will be the stupidest thing to say to the mail that says “Congratulations”.

But she can not tell him all that. What would he think, crazy. She already told that she forgot to reply.

Now she realized that she is in saree. Even though it looks sexy, it is always a bit difficult for her. Have to be constantly aware that it is saree and have to adjust the way she walks etc. So people get to see her in saree only when she goes to temple.

Then she thought “Now will he think that I came in saree for him? lets hope not.”.

“So you go to temple every Sunday?”.

“Normally on Fridays”.

“Oh ok. Do you live near by?”

“Ya, around 2km. Our office is walking distance from here.”

Seeing the other party has arrived, waiter came for the order again.

“What would you like to have?” Naveen asked her. He thought as he don’t know any item in the menu, it may be better to order what ever she orders.

“Cappuccino for me” she told without looking anything in the menu.

“Okey, 2 Cappuccinos” Naveen told to waiter. He thought he heard that name before, so sounds okey for the experiment.

Soumya: “What about you? Where do you stay?”

Naveen: “In Miyapur.”

Sowyma: “You work in IBM right?”

Naveen: “Yes, you remember”.

Sowmya: Yes, I have pretty good memory.

Naveen: Great

Even though he is talking to her face to face, he didn’t see her completely. She came in very fast. And since then he did not get the opportunity to look at rest of her except her face. Even in face he is just looking straight into her eyes, as he normally would do. He thinks it is not polite to look somewhere else when you talk to some one. That is how he always been.

Now he is regretting that. He wanted to see her, fully. But he is afraid.

Sowmya: So what is that you are reading? Do you read lot of books?”

She noticed the book on the table.

Naveen: This is The Third Chimpanzee. Ya, I read more books

Sowmya: I noticed that you were reading some book on the train too. What is this about? Is it a fiction?

Naveen: May be. No it is about human evolution. Do you read books?

Sowmya: Nope, only academic books and research articles. I don’t think I have patience to read these.

Neveen: You have never tried? Even fiction?

Sowmya: May be some short stories in papers or magazines. Never more than 5 pagers.

Coffee came. While she is having coffee, he got the opportunity to look at her. Her hair, her nose…well you get the picture.

She looked up to him while sipping the coffee. He was caught looking at her.

It made both of them little uncomfortable.

Sowmya: So are you married?

She wanted to ask this in the mail itself. But she could not. That is another reason why she didn’t reply to him.

Naveen: No, Not yet. Are you?

He is sure that she is not. He asked that in the flow. He regretted immediately for asking.

Sowyma: How do I look? Do I look married?

Naveen: What is looks has anything to do with marriage? May be you are.

Sowyma: Yes, I am married, and also have 4 kids too.

They laughed.

Naveen: So what do you do on Sundays?

Sowmya: Mostly sleep and movie. u?

Naveen: I normally don’t sleep in morning. Mostly spend time reading book and watching tv.

Sowyma: Ok. So do you talk to all girls with your phone in trains? Does it work for you?

Naveen: Actually you are the first, and never got the opportunity again. It worked right?

Sowmya: Actually I don’t think it will work. I felt little odd, may be you should talk directly.

Naveen: That may not be possible for me. Hey, what time is it now?

Sowyma: around 12:10. You have any work?

Naveen: I teach programming to some kids near my apartment. I need to be there by 12:30. May be I should start now.

Sowyma: Okey, lets move.

He paid the bill. The bill amount took him by surprise. He thought he can finish total lunch at that rate. He tried to hide the surprise from her and kept the bill in his pocket.

While walking outside,

Naveen: So, nice meeting you, will we meet again.

Sowmya: Up to you, See that blue building, that is our new office. So you know where I will be. Call me before if you want to come some other day.

Naveen: Okey sure. I need your number to call.

She gave her number. He updated the contact which he already have with email. He called her number to check. He noticed some God photo on the lock screen of her phone.  She took her bike and he started his bike, both in opposite directions.

While on the bike Naveen was thinking…..

He is atheist, and she is theist. He is not that good looking, and she is beautiful. She is from BITS Pilani, and he is just Diploma candidate. She has her own company now, and he is just regular IT job holder. She is fast, he is slow. He reads books all the time, and she never read one. She is almost opposite to him. He never thought he will have a coffee with some one like that that too in Coffee day. But she is interesting, why?

Is it because of her beauty? or because of her brains. How come such an intelligent and high educated person believe in God? This is crazy….

His thought were disrupted by the beggar near the traffic signal. He thought he could have donated more than 50 times to such beggars with the money he spent on the coffee that he was barely was able to swallow.

It is right thing to do, or not…only time will tell.

The journey back to his apartment took almost 20min, but it felt as if it was just 5min. He didn’t realize he already reached home. He is in a trance. He could not get her face from the mind. He does not want to.

Lets outsource that work too..

Purpose of life is to enjoy. Every day we find new ways to enjoy our life. If you are not doing that, please do so. For some of us doing interesting work is enjoyment. For some spending time with family is enjoyment. For some others it is to be with friends.  Traveling, Arts and so many other activities.  Each one of us are different, and we get happiness in different things. Being happy and enjoying life is the main task we need to do. I hope all of you are doing that.

While being busy in enjoying life, I some times face a problem. I believe most of you also face a problem like this. As I need to be happy, I try not to read things that makes me unhappy. Like tragedy news etc. Or even politics. I don’t read news paper. (Online or Offline). I don’t watch news in TV or any site. I try to keep me as much occupied in other stuff that brings me happy. But some times I have to face the reality. I may notice some people who are in need. Some things which are sad to read, but we still read. About some sad stories, or people looking for help. It is our human nature to feel compassion. We may not be 100% altruistic. But we all feel sympathy for others. We all feel that we should help them.

But for me this feeling that I have to help others comes at the cost of enjoying life. I may enjoy helping some people. But in most cases what needs to be done to help others is too much effort for an individual. So we all try to ignore the problem, as we feel we can not help. I believe in a view where it is not Govt duty to help others. [More info on this view is here] It is the society that has to take care of the people in need. Even though I enjoy every day, some part of my mind keep feeling guilty for not helping others.

Like me all of you are busy with enjoying your life and you should be. And I believe you might also have that guilty feeling. So I believe there should be a better way for us to help others. A way which will remove that guilty feeling from us. A way which is much better than an individual like you and me doing things.

So I came up with this idea. Every day we outsource things which we can not do to others. We pay others to do the work for us. From online shopping to Hair Saloon, that is what we do. We anyway do it in IT. That is what total economy runs on, outsourcing. So lets outsource this work also to some other entity. Some one who can do better than us.

We create a Trust/Fund/Society/Non Profit Company. We outsource the work to that entity. We donate/contribute/invest some part of our earnings to that entity.

Since the start in 2001 more than 200 people have worked in Vimukti. For most of you it is your first job. I believe almost all of them are well settled now with some rare exceptions. So I thought we can create this entity with all of us joining in this.

To see if people are willing to do, I asked my existing Vimukti Employees (around 15 as of now) to see how much of their current earnings they want to contribute to this idea. The answers I received are really surprising to me. They are willing to contribute from 1% to 4% of monthly salary. This is a very great news. After seeing that response I decided to write this post.

Here is the plan.

  1. We will create the entity (Society, Trust or Non Profit Company will be decided after discussion).
  2. We will set up site, accounting rules, rules of operation and transparency systems.
  3. We will donate some fixed % of our monthly salaries to this entity. (We will try to get tax free status).
  4. We will select a team, hire employees and let them do the work.

I don’t have a name for this entity yet. I want every Vimukti employees (Ex or working) to participate in this. Outsiders also welcome if you don’t have other outsourcing entities 🙂 . Please submit your interest at with how much % of your salary you are willing to donate. I believe it should be %. So think through it and send me your % number. Once I receive from every employee, I will start the work on this.

Will be waiting for your message.