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4 things I want girls to understand

December 9th, 2015

My friend asked me “if there is one thing you want girls to understand, what would that be?”, this post is answer to that question.

I don’t think we can generalize all girls. Every one is different. So the answer will be, “nothing”. But that is not an interesting answer, and most probably that is not what my friend is expecting from me.

So  I am changing the question to “What I want girls to understand”. Here ‘girls’ means most girls I have seen. And it is about my perspective. I don’t mean all girls need my advise. Well may be no one needs my advise.

I have 4 things that they should understand.

  • Stop listening to your parents and make your own decision like most boys. It is very unlikely that your parents are more educated than you, and more aware of current generation needs or aspirations. Even if they are, unless you are mentally retarded there is no way they can make better decision than you. Stop doing stupid things to satisfy short term needs and happiness of your parents. Your long term happiness is more important for them and for you. So please treat stupid demands of parents as such, and ignore them.
  • Stop treating your boyfriend or husband as a god given gift for you to fulfill all your needs in life. Sorry to disappoint you, that is not true. (even if god exists, I don’t believe he/she/it intends that). They are just partners. Every one have +v’s and -v’s encourage +vs and discourage -vs. Do your duty as an Individual first, then as a partner. Stop depending on them for every decision, be independent and make your own decisions. You can discuss your decisions or even make them in such a way that they consider other’s views also.  I have seen enough examples, and I can say for sure that an independent women will be more happy in long term.
  • Grow up, get out and do some thing. Stop sitting at home. Your husband does not need you 24hrs, if he does, may be he is just a kid. Your kids don’t need you 24hrs. I have seen enough families and I see no correlation between quality of character of a person to his mother’s hours of care. So just because you spend more time taking care of them does not make then better people. In fact I believe that it will affect adversely. Outsource what ever is possible. May be they will do better job than us. It is even good to earn x amount and spend all that X amount just to outsource what ever work you are doing.
  • Take care of your health. Your parents, or your husband or your kids can not return your health to you if you loose it for any of them. No one or nothing is more important then your health. Your house work is not exercise.

I feel very bad to live in circle/time where I know very less number of girls who follow all these 4 things. If you are following all these, then send me a message.

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