Episode 7: The Investment

It took almost a day for Naveen to come out of the trance. On Monday as usual he went to work.
There is not much work, and had to attend 3 meetings.

He always hated these meetings. In his view they take longer time than needed. There will be always some stupid in the meeting and it takes lot of effort to get him onboard with the decision or even making them understand the problem.

Initially he used to get much more upset with the meetings. But over the period he understood that there is no other way that a big company like IBM can do things.

He always tried not to be that stupid person in the meeting. And due to his long experience compared to others who spent all that time in BTech or MTech he managed to just fine.

He managed to assign the task to one of his subordinate Siva and asked him to lead the discussion. Even though he presented it as an oppertunity he is giving to Siva, actually he was actually not interested in the meeting. His mind is still occupied by Sowmya.

After the breakup with his girlfriend 3 years back, he never took this much interest in anyone. May be it is the combination of beauty and brain of Sowmya that made the difference.

Naveen have decided to check more about her.

Immediately after going home, he searched online to know about her and the company.
He watched the presentation video about the idea and the prototype explanation. He is impressed with the idea almost as much as he is with her.

Suddenly he got the idea. “What if he invests in their company?”

He checked to see his savings. Almost all of his savings are in fixed deposits. He managed to save almost 80 to 90% of all his salary. Actually saving money is very easy for him. He just always have to be himself. His biggest investment was his bike that too almost 10 years back.

Since then he was asked to invest in stocks, land, houses. He was never interested in any of those. He always thought that his company is paying him much more than what actually the work deserves. He thought he should not be spending what he does not deserve.

Initially he tried to donate some money to various NGOs. But later reduced that also. He was not happy with the outcome he is expecting from the money.

All that savings are around 50lakhs. Investing in Sowmya’s company will be a better investment in terms of investment and even as a social service. That medical device could save lot of lives.

They already got investment, and will they actually need his money? And how to even ask?

He opened WhatsApp and sent msg to her.

Naveen: Hey, Can I talk to you?

He got the reply after 10min.

Sowmya: Sure, Here? or directly?

Naveen: Directly, tomorrow evening you are free?

Sowmya: okey, Coffee-Day?

Naveen: Hmm, I don’t like that coffee, and is there any cheaper place?

Sowmya: 🙂 then come over to our office.

Naveen: Okey will be there by 6PM.

Sowmya: Ok, see you then.

Even though she already invited him to the office, she did not think what to tell others about who he is. Also why he asked to meet again, they just met 2 days back.

She decided not to tell others anything about it unless she knows clearly what Naveen wants to talk about.
Naveen went to the office around 6PM after the office on Tuesday.
It is a 3 bedroom apartment converted into a office space. There is a sofa and table in the hall.
Rahul is chatting with some one in computer. He kept his headphones and mic and discussing about some web site design with some one.

Rahul noticed naveen..

Rahul: Yes, how can I help you?
Naveen: I am here to meet Sowmya.
Rahul: In that room… (pointed to the last door)

Rahul went back to his voice call…

The door was closed. There is no sign board or anything on the door.

Naveen knocked the door. He heard ‘come in’ from inside. So he went in.
Sowmya: Hey, come in. Please sit..
Naveen: Thanks, I hope I am not disturbing your work.
Sowmya: No its ok. But I thought you will call. So waiting for the call.
Naveen: Sorry, should have called. I remember the office which I have shown me that day. So came straight here from my office.
Sowmya: Its ok, just give me 2 minutes, will wrap up this work.
Naveen: Ya sure, go ahead.

Sowmya went back to her work. Naveen started looking around the room.