Episode 9: Clarity

Morning 10:10AM. Rahul asked Ramesh and Srinivas to come to Sowmya’s room. He told we have some interesting thing to discuss about.

They all come into the room.

Srinivas: So whats the interesting thing?

Rahul: Sowmya, do you want to tell or I should?

Sowmya seemed lost in thoughts. Rahul knows what it is about. That morning Rahul called Sowmya. He asked her to come early to office to discuss some personal issue.


Sowmya: So what is it Rahul?

Rahul: I am going to tell you something. And I hope it does not cause any problem for the office.

Sowmya: First tell what it is.

Rahul: I think I am in Love with you.

He took out a Red Rose from his back pack and presented her. That is not the first time some one gave her roses or expressing love. Since collage days, so many proposed their love. She was never interested in any of them.

She always thought some one special will be there for her. Never spent much time on thinking who that might be or what actually she needs from that person. Before starting this company, she had no opinion of Rahul.

After starting the company with these 3 people she got to know him. Rahul makes every one laugh. People will be happy around him for most of the time. He has intense emotions and will do almost anything for friends.

And since the demo event, she has noticed the special care for her. As they are working together she thought he may not actually show interest in her. So she tried to behave as usual in all those cases.

Now it is clear. he told her.

Sowmya: Hmm. Since when?

Rahul: I don’t know. May be since we met, or now or some where in middle. I don’t know.

Sowmya: I don’t know what to tell.

Rahul: No need to tell anything now. I wanted to tell so I told. Think about it, we will talk later.

Sowmya: Do Ramesh and Srinivas know about it?

Rahul: I haven’t told anything myself. But I think they are aware that I have feelings for you.

Sowmya: Hmm. I don’t know if this is good for the company.

Rahul: I know. That is why I did hesitate to tell till now. Initially I did not have confidence to ask you. I thought I am not good enough for you. But after the event, now I think I am ready. Now I am CEO of a company that is going to do some great things right. That gave me confidence.

Sowmya: But what exactly made you tell today?

Rahul: To be frank it is Naveen. I don’t know what is there between you two. After I saw him yesterday, I thought I should not take risk.

Sowmya: I just met him 3 times. Once on a train. There is nothing between us.

Rahul: Its ok. I am not saying anything on that. I don’t have to know. Take your time, and tell me anything later.

Sowmya: ok.


Sowmya: hmm, you tell.

[She hoped that Rahul will tell only about Naveen’s investment proposal and not about his love proposal]

Rahul: okey. One of Sowmya’s friend came yesterday. His name is Naveen. He wants to invest in our company.

Ramesh: Our investment round is almost over na. Do we need more investment now?

Sowmya: Yes, that is what I told him. But said will discuss with you and tell.

Srinivas: But how do you know him, is he a big investor? What does he do.

Sowmya: Actually no. He is not an investor in the sense we talk about them. He is just a regular IT employee. He has his personal savings for 50 lakhs. That he wanted to invest in our company.

Ramesh: But why in your company? How do you know him?

Sowmya told them the total story with Naveen. She initially thought of keeping it private. She wanted to have it to be her personal experience. It makes her feel happy and smile every time she remembers the train incident. But now she has to tell everything as it is about money and company.

Srinivas: Normally we don’t get investment without business plan, prototype, and so much stuff. And he wants to invest all his life savings without even seeing business plan? Why would any one do that?

Sowmya: I don’t know.

Ramesh: May be he is doing for you. May be he is interested in you.

That made Somya blush. She immediately realized that Rahul is there. He proposed just 30min back. She tried to appear neutral and turned towards Rahul. Rahul is watching her only. He wanted to stay neutral on this Naveen. He don’t want to encourage it, as it may put his proposal at risk, and at same time he don’t want to be the bad guy.

Ramesh has realized his mistake. He knows that Rahul have feelings for Sowmya. But he does not know that he already proposed.

Rahul: What ever may be his real intention, we will not know that. But should we accept or not is the issue here.

Ramesh: Sowmya you tell. Do you want to take his investment? Do you trust him?

Sowmya: Can we accept the investment now? If yes, then yes I want him to be part of this. I trust him.

Based on the way Naveen behaved and the way he talks, the books he needs Sowmya have thought that he has knowledge. He is not average guy for sure. But is he investing because of her? or he is really interested in the company? If he is only investing because of her, then she do not want to take his investment.

Rahul: If you guys agree to take his investment, we have to renegotiate with the ABC Capital and offer them 20% only instead of 25% we agreed. And rest of the 5% we can give to Naveen. But we did not even discuss the valuation or even business plan with him. I have sent him the business plan today morning only.

Sowmya: Let me talk to him again today. I need some clarity. I will tell him our valuation numbers and what we can offer. Then we will decide to talk to ABC Capital tomorrow.

Every one realized what clarity she is referring to.  Later Sowmya sent mail to Naveen “Hi, Can we talk today? Can you come to coffee shop today at 6PM?”

Naveen saw the mail later that day and agreed to meet in evening.