Lets outsource that work too..

Purpose of life is to enjoy. Every day we find new ways to enjoy our life. If you are not doing that, please do so. For some of us doing interesting work is enjoyment. For some spending time with family is enjoyment. For some others it is to be with friends.  Traveling, Arts and so many other activities.  Each one of us are different, and we get happiness in different things. Being happy and enjoying life is the main task we need to do. I hope all of you are doing that.

While being busy in enjoying life, I some times face a problem. I believe most of you also face a problem like this. As I need to be happy, I try not to read things that makes me unhappy. Like tragedy news etc. Or even politics. I don’t read news paper. (Online or Offline). I don’t watch news in TV or any site. I try to keep me as much occupied in other stuff that brings me happy. But some times I have to face the reality. I may notice some people who are in need. Some things which are sad to read, but we still read. About some sad stories, or people looking for help. It is our human nature to feel compassion. We may not be 100% altruistic. But we all feel sympathy for others. We all feel that we should help them.

But for me this feeling that I have to help others comes at the cost of enjoying life. I may enjoy helping some people. But in most cases what needs to be done to help others is too much effort for an individual. So we all try to ignore the problem, as we feel we can not help. I believe in a view where it is not Govt duty to help others. [More info on this view is here http://www.deeshaa.org/2015/11/29/constitution-government-economy-part-2/] It is the society that has to take care of the people in need. Even though I enjoy every day, some part of my mind keep feeling guilty for not helping others.

Like me all of you are busy with enjoying your life and you should be. And I believe you might also have that guilty feeling. So I believe there should be a better way for us to help others. A way which will remove that guilty feeling from us. A way which is much better than an individual like you and me doing things.

So I came up with this idea. Every day we outsource things which we can not do to others. We pay others to do the work for us. From online shopping to Hair Saloon, that is what we do. We anyway do it in IT. That is what total economy runs on, outsourcing. So lets outsource this work also to some other entity. Some one who can do better than us.

We create a Trust/Fund/Society/Non Profit Company. We outsource the work to that entity. We donate/contribute/invest some part of our earnings to that entity.

Since the start in 2001 more than 200 people have worked in Vimukti. For most of you it is your first job. I believe almost all of them are well settled now with some rare exceptions. So I thought we can create this entity with all of us joining in this.

To see if people are willing to do, I asked my existing Vimukti Employees (around 15 as of now) to see how much of their current earnings they want to contribute to this idea. The answers I received are really surprising to me. They are willing to contribute from 1% to 4% of monthly salary. This is a very great news. After seeing that response I decided to write this post.

Here is the plan.

  1. We will create the entity (Society, Trust or Non Profit Company will be decided after discussion).
  2. We will set up site, accounting rules, rules of operation and transparency systems.
  3. We will donate some fixed % of our monthly salaries to this entity. (We will try to get tax free status).
  4. We will select a team, hire employees and let them do the work.

I don’t have a name for this entity yet. I want every Vimukti employees (Ex or working) to participate in this. Outsiders also welcome if you don’t have other outsourcing entities 🙂 . Please submit your interest at http://goo.gl/forms/Ow6bEmXmdZ with how much % of your salary you are willing to donate. I believe it should be %. So think through it and send me your % number. Once I receive from every employee, I will start the work on this.

Will be waiting for your message.