Episode 10: Clarity 2

By the time Naveen reached the Coffee shop it is already 6:05PM. He got delayed in traffic even though he started early. But he did not expect Sowmya to be waiting there for him. He expected her to come late, that is what he thought all girls do, based on his experience.

She is waiting for him. She is eager to findout why Naveen wants to invest really. The girly part of her wants to know if some one can make such a decision just for her. But if that is the case, she has decided to reject the offer.

Naveen: Hi, sorry I was late. Got struck in traffic.

Sowmya: It’s okey. Even I just came.

Naveen: ok.

[He did not get words to talk, he knows it is about the investment. But he did not expect her to make any decision that fast. He is mentally prepared to accept the rejection.]

Naveen: So, decided anything on my offer?

Sowmya: We have discussed with the team today. We needed some clarity before we proceed.

Naveen: Sure, tell me, what kind of clarity.

Sowmya: Why you want to invest with us.

[She could not find words to ask if it is for her.]

Naveen: I told you na, I have read about your company, and I believe in the idea. I think it will be good use for the money.

Sowmya: Ya, you told me that. But..

[She felt really awkward to have to ask this. Naveen noticed that she is hesitating to ask something.]

Naveen: It’s Ok, you can ask anything.

Sowmya: Is it because of me?

Naveen: What? Sorry I did not get you.

[Shit… Now she is really embarrassed. She barely could ask that question, now she has to repeat again]

Sowmya: I mean, are you investing because you are interested in me?

[Naveen understood the reason why she is feeling uneasy to ask. Even though he did not expect this question, he is clear on what to answer. But he could not stop smile from his face.]

Naveen: hmm.. To be frank, it is true that I checked about you and your company because of you. But once I read about your company and the product, I was really impressed. Before this I never checked to invest in other companies. Never even tried to read about companies or any opportunities in that side.

So in a way it is because of you, and no it is not just because of you.

[He really felt happy to having this opportunity to express his interest in her.]

[Now, Sowmya is but confused. She got what she wanted. As per the investment part, it is clear. His frankness make his words trust worthy.  But what about interest in her? How to react to it?]

Sowmya: So you are interested in me?

Naveen: I am sorry, that I had to tell in this way. Yes, I am. But that is nothing to do with the investment.

Sowmya: What exactly you mean by you are interested?

Naveen: Actually, you are the one who used that word. So you might have some idea right?

[He is enjoying this conversation]

Sowmya: hmm.. No no, you tell me. What do you mean? Are you in love with me?

Naveen: No no. Love is a very big word. I don’t think we know enough about each other to even talk about it. I think it is a long way to go for that. Except your education and your company, I don’t know much about you. Once we know what our interests and thoughts are, we may and may not like.

[Again, it is Sowmya’s turn to feel awkward again. Not even a single person except Rahul who expressed love to her know anything about her. Most of them did not talk to her before expressing love. She her self have not given much thought to it.]

Sowmya: Ok, fine.Thanks for the clarifying. I will tell the team about it. As of now for the current valuation you will get 5% for your investment. That means it is valued at 10cr now. Are you okey with it?

Naveen: Oh okey. How much you are raising from the investors? And is it also at same valuation?

Sowmya: We have thought of taking 2.5cr for 25%. But now we may reduce it to 20% if we accept yours. Yes, we may not be able to offer any better offer as the investors will agree if it is anything different.

Naveen: Ya, then it is okey.

Sowmya: It may take couple of days to discuss this with the investors and make them agree to it.

Naveen: Sure no problem.

Sowmya: Okey then, will inform you. Shell we go?

Naveen: Sure.

[Sowmya and Naveen left from coffee shop. Just that day morning Rahul expressed his love. Now Naveen is telling that he is interested. Even though he is clear on it, Sowmya is still confused. What is love then? Does Rahul really know what her interests and thoughts are? They never talked personally except today morning. There is lot to think about. It is the time to really think about Love.]