Learning from mistakes

Based on the thousands of mistakes I did, and experience of dealing with the aftermath of those things..

  • It is impossible not to make mistakes. Each mistakes costs us something.
  • The goal is to minimize the mistakes. The more we avoid, the faster we get success.
  • It is reliable to depend on process than intention.
  • More than intelligence and knowledge, the ability to create and follow process will help us reach our goal.
  • It is easy to follow a process than create one. Mainly if you are not a boss.
  • Rarely people question wrong process. A wrong process will waste resources(time and money).
  • Each new mistake is an opportunity to optimize the process.
  • Process serves as a shared knowledge where as experience is a un shared knowledge.
  • Many people avoid mistakes by not doing anything. But that is not an option for me/some.

May be we need a software to assist us in this. Any suggestions on this please send.