Episode 13: Keychain

Next day evening Naveen went to the Sowmya’s office.

Rahul is busy in some work on his laptop. He could not find Sowmya in the office. He knocked the door and went into Rahul’s room.

Naveen asked if there is any work for him. After discussions it was decided that Naveen should help in creating a portal to capture all the data collected from all the testing devices, and they are securely stored in the server for future retrieval and analysis.

Encryption and Data analytics is little new to Naveen but building cloud applications for large data is some thing he has done many times. So he decided that he will collect all the requirements first and will create the architecture. Based on the architecture they will decide if they have to outsource it or build it them self.

He collected some required data from Rahul. But more details about the readings and the amount of the data Sowmya has to tell.

Naveen: Where is she?
Rahul: She went out. Some of her friends came from collage.
Naveen: Oh ok, so how is the production plan going.
Rahul: Most of the components and circuit boards all being manufactured in China. We are gong through testing of some test boards we god yesterday. May be in a month or so we may finalize first version.
Naveen: So the assembly will be done here.
Rahul: Yes, that is the plan. We plan to outsource that part of work also to a local company. I am going through some companies. We need to finalize the agreement before we start the production. For casing we are using a 3D printer for now.
Naveen: Oh, great. Never used 3D printer before. I read a lot about all the changes in and various new 3D printers. Wanted to do something with them, but never know anything what to do.
Rahul: Oh, it is in Sowmya’s room. Check it out if you want to.
Naveen: Sure.
Naveen went into Sowmya’s room. He found the 3D printer on the corner.

He checked the 3D printer, and found the website of that company. He downloaded the software and the tutorial manual. It is almost 7:30PM, he wanted to see Sowmya before going. So decided to print something while waiting for her.

He wanted to print a key chain with the company name. He quickly made the 3D model using the software. And pressed print.

While it was printing, he want to the rest room. When he came back, Sowmya was checking his laptop which is connected to the printer. Some how

Sowmya: Oh, it is you. I was just checked who is printing in my room.
Naveen: Sorry, Just trying out my first 3D printing.
Sowmya: No sorry needed. It is your company too now. You have all the rights to do what ever you want. What are you printing?
Naveen: Check it out, a key chain for my bike key. How is it?
[Printing is almost finished.]
Sowmya: Wow, that is nice. Have you done it before?
[She liked the fact that he wanted to print the company name instead of his name etc.]
Naveen: No, this is first time.
Sowmya: Hey, Key chain you will take it to your office. Don’t you think it will be a problem if some one sees?
Naveen: No one will care what key chain some one is using. You know big offices right, it is no one’s responsibility to see such small stuff.
Sowmya: Ya, right.

Naveen informed about the portal discussion and that he is waiting for her to discuss the data structure and related details. Sowmya explained the product and what kind of data it generates and at what frequency. They also discussed on how this data will be pushed to the cloud. They wanted to connect the device to a mobile phone and an App in the phone should extract the data from upload to the server.

Naveen did not want to talk about the mails or messages that are exchanged yesterday unless she brings up the topic. She also thought the same. But both of them wanted the other person to talk about it first.

It was almost 8PM so Naveen decided to leave. Already every one left the office by that time, only Rahul, Sowmya and Neveen were there. So they all decided to close for the day.

Rahul noticed Sowmya while she is looking at Naveen. [Naveen started the bike and zoomed off. She could see the key chain that he printed.]

Sowmya was lost in her thoughts, but still looking at the direction that Naveen went. It is almost impossible to talk in office. And she always get more questions than answers when she talks to Naveen in messages/mails. And just 2 days back she went out on date with Rahul. How and when to talk to Naveen?

Rahul: What happened? anything wrong?
Sowmya: oh, no nothing. Lets go.

He wished that she is right. But he knew, something is there.