Purpose and Future Plan

Lets define ‘Purpose’ as something that drives me to do something which I am happy to do and gives satisfaction while doing and at the end if I achieve some related goals.

I used to enjoy solving technology problems. Even though I never invented anything, I consider myself as a builder. I find interesting things to learn from and combine stuff to create solutions. my IT journey lasted for around 20 years. Now I do not get much enjoyment from it anymore. May be this is just an excuse for not able to compete with much more intelligent people around me. It is okey.

My views of the world changed a lot in last 3 years. I used to be much more aggressive and assertive. I used to have strong opinions on many things from politics to technology. I used to blog them regularly, and liked getting critical feedback on them. I used to enjoy when I make more logical arguments than others.

But the more I read and learn, I am less certain of things. It is like changing from black & white to gray scale. Previously I used to see what is black/bad/wrong and what is white/good/right. Now I see all the shades in between. Going from 1bit to 8 bits. What we see is still same. But how we perceive it is totally different. May be as I keep learning, my perception will increase and may be I can go to 16bits and then true color.

Based on all the understanding of self, I like to work on human relations. Money, Fame, Power and Status all these are of no use, when there is no quality relations in ones life. I see people relations getting destroyed due to misunderstanding, lack of systematic approach to relations. I want to spend next 10 to 15 years working on something related to human relations.

There is another big reason why I wanted to pick this subject.

As per the predictions of well known futurists, we have around 12 to 15 years before computers become as powerful as we are.  After that may be we will merge with AI and become new species.

Now, I can choose to do multiple business ideas each lasting 3 to 4 years, or pick something that lasts 12 to 15 years.

Almost every business I can think of will go through radical transformation in coming years. So it would really be continues struggle. I don’t think I will enjoy that anymore. So I want something that does not change so fast. For something not to change, it should not be depending much on computers and AI. And that means it needs to involve human. That means it has to be some service we human can do.

Working on human relations is something that I think will be the last thing getting automated. That is why I picked this idea.

I enjoy doing it, I have lot of time to perfect my skills, and I don’t need to change it every 5 years.

Till now I have not done anything for more than 2 years. Since the beginning of my enterprise life, I kept chasing ideas after ideas. Now I don’t want to change it anymore.

I have started a new business initiative called Eeva Mentors Inc. Eeva is an online platform where users can get mentors who work with them on improving their relationships. I believe every one needs service like Eeva. It is a small cost to pay for making large returns on your relationships. Trust me, if you join this, you will not regret it.

So that is my purpose, and that is the future plan. Wish me luck.