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Upgrading self

November 24th, 2017 Comments off

Recently I have been on a trip to Mexio and US. I had some unique experiences with people on this trip. Those experiences are nothing specific to those places. But this trip gave me an opportunity to see people as they are.

During those 3 months and after that, I have been working on upgrading my software. I am questioning every aspect of my self and see if I am doing things in my best interest. I am trying to do things ‘right’ way.

On a recent discussion with a friend who questioned “what is right and what is wrong? is it not different from each perspective?” I said “We can tell that some one did wrong, when we can logically prove that they did not act according to their best interest.” So in theory we can always say some one is wrong provided we already know what their best interest is.

On this journey to upgrading self, I asked people around me for things they see wrong or things that needs improvement. To my amazement, some how people have very simple expectations. What ever they told me to change, I was able to do without even 1% loss to my time and effort. It significantly improved my interpersonal communication and relations. People used to treat me as hostile. Now I see that they don’t.

This upgrade is not finished yet, but I already feel like I am a much better shape now. If you are reading this do me a favor. Send me top 5 things you want me to change in me and why.

Practical wisdom: How to learn and teach

September 21st, 2017 Comments off

I believe that best way to learn wisdom is by reflecting on our own acts. And an outsider can help you reflect better. By talking about things and trying to learn from others experiences is a faster way to get wisdom.

I want to be the person who can help others reflect on themselves. I want to develop that skill.

As a starting, I offer free service for anyone who needs help in “Being Happy”. I offer one hour 8PM to 9PM(IST) on Whatsapp(Call or Text). Identity of my customers will be private. But their problems and situations will be used as examples for others. If more people need help, I will start charging for that time as I have limited time.

I consider my self to be a happy person, and I think I can help many people out there. So feel free to use this service when ever you need.

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Travel to the hearts of the people

December 31st, 2016 Comments off

We all know many people who like to travel. I am not one of them. I am not afraid of travel. Only that I don’t get enough return at the end of the journey or while in the journey. Traveling 10hr to reach to a place and enjoy the plane enough to forget the pains of travel, is almost impossible for me. Those who can are lucky people, they know a way to enjoy which I can not.

But I think I know even better way. For me people are far more important then places. I never saw a photo of a place and have a instant feeling of wanting to be there. Never felt it. May be there is some disconnection in my brain related to those parts.

I think my lack of visual memory is a bit to blame here with places. I don’t remember any specific places we visualize it fully. Every thing I see becomes like a text and gets stored in the brain. I know I have seen some place, I can even recognize it. But It will loose all its visual information once I close my eyes.

But I have seen many people or known about them with whom I want to spend time. In a way it is much harder task than visiting places. With places it is kind of one side conversation. People do have feelings, they have emotions, knowledge, experience etc. What we can share with a person can never be done with a place. A place does not know what you feel about it. You like it or not, it will still be there. They do change, but you are just a spectator to its change. You have no say in its change.

With people, it is totally different. Every person changes us and we change them. Some positive some negative. It all depends on how we want to change. Even if we don’t change, experience of being with some one makes us rich. Rich with knowledge.

So here is my crazy plan.

Live with different people every 2 weeks. Eating with them sleeping with them(well, not that way), going to offices, share personal feelings, opinions, problems, solutions, ideas etc. In a way be part of the family for total duration.

I lived with other people in hostels or in relatives homes when I am kid. But after I have grown up, it never happened.
Some of us live with friends in rooms, hostels. But most of the times our friends are just like us. Mostly the perspective will be same. I would like to make it as diverse as possible.

A single mom, Young couple, A Couple with one or two young kids, A Doctor, A Lawyer, A Scientist, A Mathematician, A Programmer, A Banker, A Receptionist, Different Country(s), Different Language(s),Different economic background(s) and so on. There are different kinds in each of these, so the possibilities are endless. I prefer all these people to be either a family, or couple or single women. No more single guys (Sorry guys). Being with single guys is always possible and does not seem that much challenging (and interesting).

So if you want to join this crazy experiment and want to invite me, please contact me. Or you can always suggest some interesting people you know about it. May be your friends are interested.

During the stay I can pay for all my expenses and also contribute to collective expenses. In case if you are wondering I will not be making any moves in the direction of love, sex etc. I can adjust in all kinds of environments. Will try to keep my health as top priority, other than that you wont be facing any issues from my side. I will share every thing openly(if you are okey to receive). You can share anything with me, and all your secrets will remain secret. I will be writing about my experience during and after. You can find out what a third person thinks about any of your stuff(things, feelings, ideas etc). I will give you feedback, suggestions. (in the writing which I will publish). I will anonymize all information about you(Optional).

The reason for choosing 2 weeks is to make it long enough to know a person fully. When we meet for single day, we all act. And I want to know real you, so it takes time. And it is not long enough to get bored(I hope). And if it gets bored, we can reduce it to 1 week.

After end of each experience, I believe I will be having one more friend or a family friends to count on. Not every relation lasts, many do.

What do you think? Are you in?

New Challenge: Meet a new person every day

February 1st, 2016 Comments off

From today and for next 365 days, I have decided to take a new challenge. I will be meeting with a new person every day. It will be either for lunch or dinner or even a breakfast.

That person will be in such a way that either I get benefit from them or they get benefit or most probably both get benefit by knowing each other. They can be of any gender, age and profession.

I will be requesting all my friends to suggest one person to meet. They should know both of us and should schedule for the meeting. This is my request to all my friends.

By doing this what I will be achieving the following.

  1. Knowing more people
  2. Spend time that will be productive
    Because I am asking for only one person from each friend, I believe they will give me the best of they can get. So I am sure it will not be waste of time.
  3. I will be able to develop skill to talk to strangers
  4. New perspectives and new ideas

I hope this will be a great challenge. So guys be ready with your recommendations.

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Lets outsource that work too..

December 2nd, 2015 Comments off

Purpose of life is to enjoy. Every day we find new ways to enjoy our life. If you are not doing that, please do so. For some of us doing interesting work is enjoyment. For some spending time with family is enjoyment. For some others it is to be with friends.  Traveling, Arts and so many other activities.  Each one of us are different, and we get happiness in different things. Being happy and enjoying life is the main task we need to do. I hope all of you are doing that.

While being busy in enjoying life, I some times face a problem. I believe most of you also face a problem like this. As I need to be happy, I try not to read things that makes me unhappy. Like tragedy news etc. Or even politics. I don’t read news paper. (Online or Offline). I don’t watch news in TV or any site. I try to keep me as much occupied in other stuff that brings me happy. But some times I have to face the reality. I may notice some people who are in need. Some things which are sad to read, but we still read. About some sad stories, or people looking for help. It is our human nature to feel compassion. We may not be 100% altruistic. But we all feel sympathy for others. We all feel that we should help them.

But for me this feeling that I have to help others comes at the cost of enjoying life. I may enjoy helping some people. But in most cases what needs to be done to help others is too much effort for an individual. So we all try to ignore the problem, as we feel we can not help. I believe in a view where it is not Govt duty to help others. [More info on this view is here] It is the society that has to take care of the people in need. Even though I enjoy every day, some part of my mind keep feeling guilty for not helping others.

Like me all of you are busy with enjoying your life and you should be. And I believe you might also have that guilty feeling. So I believe there should be a better way for us to help others. A way which will remove that guilty feeling from us. A way which is much better than an individual like you and me doing things.

So I came up with this idea. Every day we outsource things which we can not do to others. We pay others to do the work for us. From online shopping to Hair Saloon, that is what we do. We anyway do it in IT. That is what total economy runs on, outsourcing. So lets outsource this work also to some other entity. Some one who can do better than us.

We create a Trust/Fund/Society/Non Profit Company. We outsource the work to that entity. We donate/contribute/invest some part of our earnings to that entity.

Since the start in 2001 more than 200 people have worked in Vimukti. For most of you it is your first job. I believe almost all of them are well settled now with some rare exceptions. So I thought we can create this entity with all of us joining in this.

To see if people are willing to do, I asked my existing Vimukti Employees (around 15 as of now) to see how much of their current earnings they want to contribute to this idea. The answers I received are really surprising to me. They are willing to contribute from 1% to 4% of monthly salary. This is a very great news. After seeing that response I decided to write this post.

Here is the plan.

  1. We will create the entity (Society, Trust or Non Profit Company will be decided after discussion).
  2. We will set up site, accounting rules, rules of operation and transparency systems.
  3. We will donate some fixed % of our monthly salaries to this entity. (We will try to get tax free status).
  4. We will select a team, hire employees and let them do the work.

I don’t have a name for this entity yet. I want every Vimukti employees (Ex or working) to participate in this. Outsiders also welcome if you don’t have other outsourcing entities 🙂 . Please submit your interest at with how much % of your salary you are willing to donate. I believe it should be %. So think through it and send me your % number. Once I receive from every employee, I will start the work on this.

Will be waiting for your message.

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Building Web/Mobile application For a Political Party

October 27th, 2014 Comments off

I have been associated with Loksatta Party for long time. And I will continue to be. The goal of any Political Party should be “helping citizens” get the best from the government. As of now all political parties are being run like a 18th century organizations.

I believe that only way to address the needs of current generation is to use technology to the maximum. When I say technology I don’t mean a Twitter or Facebook account. They are marketing platforms. Not Organizational tools.

For that reason I wanted to build a software that can be used by any political party for its internal organization. Goal is to have the software that will address every aspect of the internal organization functions.

On high level features of the software are the following..

  • Allow people to Register as Members.
  • Allow members to see all internal events.
  • Support for complete paper less operations. (Voting, Meetings, Discussions, Q&A, Interviews, Press Releases etc)
  • Support for complete online operations where physical presence is not needed.
  • Transparent budgeting and financial information.
  • Multi Lingual Support and Translation Infrastructure.
  • Assigning and tracking responsibility of every activity
  • Record, Analyze anything and everything

Well, I know what you are thinking… How can I do all this? That is where I need your help. Don’t worry I don’t need you to write code with me.  I think I can do all the coding… actually I don’t need to. Using our new Ecgine Platform we can do all this without coding. It includes all mobile apps also. Everything can be done without any coding. And I will do the the architecture. (may be you can help me there too.)

What I need from you is the specification. What do you want? What kind of features? We need to remember that this is about going 100% online. So you have to think that anything is possible. So if anything is possible, what do you need.

This is not just for Loksatta Party. I want to give this software for free to any political party. So even if you belong to TDP or BJP or any other party you can help me. I believe it will lead to better politics and so better governance.

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Education Plan for my kids – Part 1

June 22nd, 2013 Comments off

“How I will bring up my kid in current education system?” It is an interesting question. I have been complaining on current education system since I finished my diploma. I had lot of arguments with others on this within and outside the family on this topic.

Most of those arguments ended up with “lets see what you will do when you time comes”. More people wants to know what I will do. Actually even I want to know what I will do. It is a very complex issue. Till now, I did not thought fully on what I will do, because of the fallowing reasons.

  • I don’t have kids now, and it is some future issue.
  • We don’t know if we will have kids or not.
  • Every kid will have some biological constraints beyond our control. What we plan to do may never work.
  • I am not 100% sure what I usually think is right or wrong(on this topic). It takes lot of research(money) to check their validity.

So if I make a plan now I have to consider the following.

  • My plans are for my kid that may be evaluated after 15 to 20 years.
  • By 2030 our society will be completely different than what we are now.
  • By then we will have computers that can think faster than human brain.
  • We will be talking to computers like we talk to other person.
  • They will be reacting to our thoughts without giving commands manually.

What I think my kid should learn are the following..

  1. High moral standards. (Must)
  2. Understanding of Human behavior. (Must)
  3. Aggressive optimistic attitude. (Required)
  4. Highly rational thinking. (Required)
  5. Do not remember information. (Highly suggested)
  6. Ask right questions to understand and solve the problem. (Preferable)
  7. Ability to go really deep into some problem in such a way to go through all available info on one topic. (Good to have)
  8. Ability to think really high level and abstract concepts. (Good to have)

In a way the most important 6 out of 8 points are nothing to do with what they learn in normal schools. So all those have to be taught differently in a school that is built for those things. Point 7 and 8 is also very unlikely to be taught in current schools. These last two are not very essential and I think they are needed only to excel financially.

I believe that I can train my kid personally on the first 6 points. If there is a school for these, then I will surely send my kid over there. I hope some one starts such school, or I have to start it myself. If I can not start I will teach myself. May be I will be forced to start the school when my kid needs it, and it will grow along with him/her.

I will be posting more detailed plans on those 6 points in future, so that I can refer to them when I really need. 🙂

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Get business applications developed for free

May 22nd, 2013 Comments off

We at Vimukti are working on ‘Ecgine’ our new business application development tool from last one year. We are as of now building around 5 different products using Ecgine.

We are now currently offering free development services for business applications. If you need(or know any one who might) a custom business application let us know. Our developers at Vimukti will be developing the custom product for you.

By offering this service we want to know your feedback and an idea of what you might want to build with it.

Your application can have lot of forms, reports, charts and even integration with 3rd party services like SalesForce, Google Drive or any REST API etc.

So what are you waiting for, dream big and let us know what you want to build. But remember we don’t have AI yet 🙂

Note: There will be runtime costs(servers and bandwidth) involved for using the custom application

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Creativity: Requirements

May 18th, 2013 Comments off

To be creative one needs to be in right environment. If you got an idea and no one around is even interested to listen to it, then that is when you drop 99% of your ideas. There may be 1% exceptional individuals who may continue even after that.

Environment is what we make. So if you want to be creative, go build your environment or change it. Find people who may like to listen to your idea, some who may understand it. Also you need some one to be critic. I hear people saying they don’t have any ideas. We wont get any ideas if we are surrounded by people who does not expect those ideas from us. Even if we get, we will not continue on them.

I have a very bad memory, I don’t remember my ideas unless I share them with others. I have lost so many of them just because there is no one with me at that time ready to listen.

Go find the people you need, build the right environment.

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Crime & Punishment

March 23rd, 2013 Comments off

Sending some one to jail for a crime they committed 20 years back is illogical when they are willing to accept their mistake and can afford to pay penalty.

We need to punish people for crimes, but all punishment should be in a way that society becomes better as a result. And if we are sure that society does not become better due to one way of punishment, then we have to find other way.

For example, one Hero is being sent to jail(or at least as it seems). I believe he could have ordered to pay 20cr just to avoid going to jail for 5 years. And I believe that that 20cr would have made the society much better place than he going to jail. If 20cr for him is less, then make it as big as possible but still with in his reach. And let him choose the option of going to jail or paying that money.

If the court can come up with an arbitrary number as 5 years, I am sure it can come up with a number like 20crores.

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