Lessons from Movies: Castaway on the Moon

Mr. Kim is jobless, lost in debt and has been dumped by his girlfriend. He decides to end it all by jumping into the Han River – only to find himself washed up on a small, mid-river island. He soon abandons thoughts of suicide or rescue and begins a new life as a castaway. His antics catch the attention of a young woman whose apartment overlooks the river. Her discovery changes both their lives.

For me this movie is about hope. Having hope is a wonderful feeling. Hope can change a lot. I need to find a way to induce hope into other people’s lives.
The lesson for me is to make sure that I keep looking things from other peoples point of view. Those things that I am throwing away, may be there are people who are craving for them.

Information is wealth

Some of you may remember the Telugu/Tamil movie ‘Boys’ in which a beggar collects information about which day which temple offers free food(prasadam) and he uses it and asks others to go and stand in line. And when they ask why they can not do it themself, he says ‘Information is wealth” and they don’t have the information on when and where to stand.

This is very good point to learn from that movie. It is true for all of us. If you know correct information and you know how to use it, then it is much more valuable than lot of hard work. This is true for individuals and true for any entity.

Now lets take a political party. How much is the value of the information for its existence? Some information is lot more valuable and based on which the survival of the party depends. In fact entire party functionality is run by processing information. Here is some examples of the information which are needed for running any party.

  1. What are the problems of general public? And how many people suffer from each problem?
  2. What are the govt schemes and how good they are working?
  3. Is there any corruption in those schemes? What are the complaints?
  4. How much donations did we receive this year?
  5. How many new members joined? What is the rate of growth?
  6. What are the various programs run by the party? And how many members will attend each one?
  7. Who are the major contributors to the party? What is their age group?
  8. What are the various activities done by a party member?

This list is unlimited. Every decision made by the party depends on such information. It is not only true for the party, it is true for every contributor and every member. If I want to donate some funds to party, I want to know what it is doing with it. I want to know how much money it actually collecting. What is its expenses, and what are the activities it is doing.

Now lets suppose I want to contribute say Rs10,000 to the party and before I do, I want a clarification on some thing from the party president. What should be the approach? Can anyone expect what will be my time spent for this task? According to me, it is almost impossible. Because I don’t know what are the various roles in the party, and who are working on those roles. I don’t know their phone numbers and email addresses. If I don’t know who will read my mail which is sent to info@party.com why will I even send that mail? And what incentive will I have if I don’t know when I will get a response, and as I am sure that it is not read by Party President, I want to know who is making the decision to show to him or not.

Here is what I think is needed for a party to run in this age of information.

  1. Complete real time financial transactions and accounting data accessible to members
  2. Ability to contribute to specific activity or program and real-time information on how & when that is spent
  3. Communication system where every communication and decision is made.

I want to give an example of how the 3rd point works.

I sent a mail to info@party.com, a ticket is created for the person assigned to reply to it. Every member can see tickets of all members and how many are pending etc. Every ticket will have 2 parts, public and private. Public information any one can see, private information only recipients or those shared will see.

At any point of time  only one member is responsible for that ticket. And as any one can see how many are pending for each person, may be they can offer help in clearing them, or they can judge how the person is working. Each person have to clear their pending tickets within a reasonable time, otherwise people will keep asking about it.

More people can choose to participate on a ticket which will increase its rating and its urgency. In this way more people can join for a single information request. This will consolidate duplicate work and increase accountability.

If I ask a stupid question to a Party President, then instead of being ignored, I need some one to reply me saying ‘that it is stupid for So and so reason’. If they don’t have time, then they can take help of lot of other members who spend lot of time on Internet without knowing how else they can contribute to the party.

If there is a meeting, it has to be announced in the system, and who attended, and what are the decisions. Take advantage of moderators to keep the system clean, and create read-only posts when needed. But let every activity is recorded and questionable by other members.

I am sure that a good party will receive 2 to 5 times more contributions if they keep this kind of transparent system in place.

I know, it is not easy to create such a system. But I am sure it is needed. I am planning of how to do it, and once I am ready and it is not done by others by that time, I will do it with the help of others.


Thinking from other person’s point of view

I think there is some thing wrong in our culture when it comes to thinking about other people. May be I am exaggerating the issue.. But let me explain

We see Hero in movie takes money from all kinds of people and keeps running from them. We have seen it in many comedy movies. (Just now I was watching one of such movie). I wonder why we really enjoy that part. I know that we do enjoy, every one does. But why? Does cheating some one makes us happy? Does getting cheated makes some one happy? I am sure it wont.

If we see from the other person’s point view surly more than 90% of comedy films do not create any comedy.

Is this kind of behavior is inherent in our nature? Or is it some thing we acquire on the way?

I will surly do some experiments with kids(when they are available 🙂 ) to findout about it.


Lessions from the Movies: The Miracle Worker(1962)

This is the movie which I think have inspired “Black”. It is a story of a teacher’s struggle for teaching language for a girl who is blind and deaf.

  1. Look for long term benefits before looking at short term pleasures.
  2. We are heavily influenced by the parents. So we need to be extra careful when we become parents.
  3. With determination, it is possible to change people. But most of the time we lack the authority and will.



Lessons from Movie: Roman Holiday (1953)

Wonderful movie seen in recent times. Some times I wonder may be I belong to past than present. Story is about a young princess who wants to get out for a day from her boring routine. I don’t know why our movies lack the seriousness and integrity which is exist in movies taken 50 years before. I laughed so many times in that movie, but there is a no single comedy scene as we expect it.

  1. Enjoy the life, and make it beautiful.
  2. There is a lot of pleasure in love, or even in the pain of love. It is worth to fall in love.
  3. You will not get everything you want in life. But still we need to move on.
  4. And a good movie is worth 10 times than an average movie. I wonder why the rates are same?



Lessons from Movie: 100% Love

Even though I will not recommend any one to watch this movie, there is still some thing you can learn from this stupid movie.

  1. Do not watch a movie just because every one says it is good. 🙂 Many people have told that this movie is good. For me it is completely opposite. One of the stupid movie in recent times.
  2. If you love some one, say it directly. There are some people whom I like(Yes, Girls only). Lets see, when I will be able tell them.
  3. No matter how beautiful it seems, stupids things are stupid. For example, marrying a blood relative is very bad for kids. It is a kind of sin in my view. And it must be avoided in all cases. I certainly hate this movie for that one point.
  4. Think about others also. I don’t know how they become hero & heroine when they have played with the lives of other people, just because of their stupidity.