Surface Pro 3 Wifi not working problem (Solved)

In a strange way, my surface pro 3 does not show my home network (SSID) in the list. It happens on random times. All other devices at home have no problem connecting to this network.

One of the strange thing is, my surface shows all other networks in neighborhood except my own. As if it knows which is mine and which is not mine. 🙂

My usual remedy was to restart the wifi multiple times and some times it works. On couple of occasions I gave up using surface at that time and shifted to some other device.

Today I found the reason and the solution.

Cause: My surface pro is bought in US. And normally there are 13 wifi channels your router can work. But in US only 1 to 11 are allowed(Regulations). But in Europe and in other places 1 to 13 are valid. So my surface pro does not work when my router picks up channels 12 and 13. Normally wifi routers are configured to auto select the channel based on what other wifi networks are available at the time when we start the router. (We usually turn it off while sleeping or when going out).

Solution: Configure your router not to auto select or select channel from 1 to 11 only. My router does not have feature to force to skip channels 12 and 13. So I have configured it for one channel only. (6 in my case). If some other router in my building also selects 6th channel I may have interference. May be their router will auto select some other channel if I keep my up all the time.

Another good way to solve is to tell your surface pro 3 to use all channels. I found on internet that old versions of surface have some registry setting that will enable this option. But current surface pro 3 does not have same setting in same place. May be some one else will figure it out.