Building Web/Mobile application For a Political Party

I have been associated with Loksatta Party for long time. And I will continue to be. The goal of any Political Party should be “helping citizens” get the best from the government. As of now all political parties are being run like a 18th century organizations.

I believe that only way to address the needs of current generation is to use technology to the maximum. When I say technology I don’t mean a Twitter or Facebook account. They are marketing platforms. Not Organizational tools.

For that reason I wanted to build a software that can be used by any political party for its internal organization. Goal is to have the software that will address every aspect of the internal organization functions.

On high level features of the software are the following..

  • Allow people to Register as Members.
  • Allow members to see all internal events.
  • Support for complete paper less operations. (Voting, Meetings, Discussions, Q&A, Interviews, Press Releases etc)
  • Support for complete online operations where physical presence is not needed.
  • Transparent budgeting and financial information.
  • Multi Lingual Support and Translation Infrastructure.
  • Assigning and tracking responsibility of every activity
  • Record, Analyze anything and everything

Well, I know what you are thinking… How can I do all this? That is where I need your help. Don’t worry I don’t need you to write code with me.  I think I can do all the coding… actually I don’t need to. Using our new Ecgine Platform we can do all this without coding. It includes all mobile apps also. Everything can be done without any coding. And I will do the the architecture. (may be you can help me there too.)

What I need from you is the specification. What do you want? What kind of features? We need to remember that this is about going 100% online. So you have to think that anything is possible. So if anything is possible, what do you need.

This is not just for Loksatta Party. I want to give this software for free to any political party. So even if you belong to TDP or BJP or any other party you can help me. I believe it will lead to better politics and so better governance.

Meta: Next generation application development

I am happy to let you all know that we made the first step my goal of intelligent systems. Meta is our solution to software development problems we know now. Meta lets you develop applications without writing any coding*. It will take your specification and will generate Web, Mobile**, Tablet** apps automatically.

Our aim is simple, lets not do our self what computer can do automatically and never write anything more than once.

The cool feature is, we write the code for you and you can take it and modify if you want. We generate code needed to run native on every platform. Like Java, Objective-C, C# etc.

Out Meta is in Alpha Stage now and ready for your experiments. Build what you always had in mind now with Meta. Here is an demo of how to make an App to share expenses by room mates.

Now if you are too exited and think you can add a lot to our plan, call me, you are welcome to join us. We are in the process of raising funds for further development and we are looking for great visionaries, developers and UI designers.

* You still need to tell us what you need.

** Coming soon for IPhone, Android, Windows Phone7

HTML to XML exporter

This XML exporter will take 2 inputs. One is a HTML file or URL and another one is a Template/Specification/Script file.

This exporter will use the information specified in the the 2nd Input (What ever u may call it), and parse the first HTML file and export the resulting data in to the XML file.

Example Case 1) You want to make an XML file with URL’s from the search result from any word. Now normal you will get the HTML file with all the HTML formating, Advertisements, Headings, Images etc etc.

But our requirements is to have the just URL’s in to the XML file. So the 1st input will be the URL of the search query. 2nd input will describe the section of the output and the its corresponding map to the XML tags.

We know how the 1st Input will be and what to do. Now the problem of the project is to design the format and function of the 2nd Input file(Template/Spec/Script) in such a way that you can specify what to do with the input and how you want the output in it.

If you know any freshers looking for learning programming please suggest them to visit my blog and see the projects in this category. I will provide assistance for them and may also give job. Even if you are not a fresher you can still join me in doing the project. Then we will be having a partnership in the resulting work.