Political Party Management System

We have started building a software called PPMS (Political Party Management System). This is developed on our Ecgine Platform.

The purpose of this software is to take advantage of technology to create a transparent environment for party members to work together. We want to embrace complete openness in the party and also in the development of this system.

We have hosted the project at GitHub https://github.com/akkinenirajesh/ppms

Issue tracking, Wiki and every other feature provided by GitHub will be used. We need lot of support and contributions from every one interested.

This software can be used freely by any political party in any country. We will provide complete free license to Ecgine servers and even willing to host the servers in our (Ecgine) cloud infrastructure for free.

Fork it and lets discuss what features you need and how we can add it into the system.

Building Web/Mobile application For a Political Party

I have been associated with Loksatta Party for long time. And I will continue to be. The goal of any Political Party should be “helping citizens” get the best from the government. As of now all political parties are being run like a 18th century organizations.

I believe that only way to address the needs of current generation is to use technology to the maximum. When I say technology I don’t mean a Twitter or Facebook account. They are marketing platforms. Not Organizational tools.

For that reason I wanted to build a software that can be used by any political party for its internal organization. Goal is to have the software that will address every aspect of the internal organization functions.

On high level features of the software are the following..

  • Allow people to Register as Members.
  • Allow members to see all internal events.
  • Support for complete paper less operations. (Voting, Meetings, Discussions, Q&A, Interviews, Press Releases etc)
  • Support for complete online operations where physical presence is not needed.
  • Transparent budgeting and financial information.
  • Multi Lingual Support and Translation Infrastructure.
  • Assigning and tracking responsibility of every activity
  • Record, Analyze anything and everything

Well, I know what you are thinking… How can I do all this? That is where I need your help. Don’t worry I don’t need you to write code with me.  I think I can do all the coding… actually I don’t need to. Using our new Ecgine Platform we can do all this without coding. It includes all mobile apps also. Everything can be done without any coding. And I will do the the architecture. (may be you can help me there too.)

What I need from you is the specification. What do you want? What kind of features? We need to remember that this is about going 100% online. So you have to think that anything is possible. So if anything is possible, what do you need.

This is not just for Loksatta Party. I want to give this software for free to any political party. So even if you belong to TDP or BJP or any other party you can help me. I believe it will lead to better politics and so better governance.

Get business applications developed for free

We at Vimukti are working on ‘Ecgine’ our new business application development tool from last one year. We are as of now building around 5 different products using Ecgine.

We are now currently offering free development services for business applications. If you need(or know any one who might) a custom business application let us know. Our developers at Vimukti will be developing the custom product for you.

By offering this service we want to know your feedback and an idea of what you might want to build with it.

Your application can have lot of forms, reports, charts and even integration with 3rd party services like SalesForce, Google Drive or any REST API etc.

So what are you waiting for, dream big and let us know what you want to build. But remember we don’t have AI yet 🙂

Note: There will be runtime costs(servers and bandwidth) involved for using the custom application

Meta: Next generation application development

I am happy to let you all know that we made the first step my goal of intelligent systems. Meta is our solution to software development problems we know now. Meta lets you develop applications without writing any coding*. It will take your specification and will generate Web, Mobile**, Tablet** apps automatically.

Our aim is simple, lets not do our self what computer can do automatically and never write anything more than once.

The cool feature is, we write the code for you and you can take it and modify if you want. We generate code needed to run native on every platform. Like Java, Objective-C, C# etc.

Out Meta is in Alpha Stage now and ready for your experiments. Build what you always had in mind now with Meta. Here is an demo of how to make an App to share expenses by room mates.

Now if you are too exited and think you can add a lot to our plan, call me, you are welcome to join us. We are in the process of raising funds for further development and we are looking for great visionaries, developers and UI designers.

* You still need to tell us what you need.

** Coming soon for IPhone, Android, Windows Phone7

My Dream of new Loksatta party website

For the record, all this is my dreams. None of this is officially approved or discussed with any one. I don’t know who else is working on various other things which I dream of replacing with this new site. So don’t blame me for dreaming, but any constructive criticism is highly welcome.

New website will have the following features

Streamlined Authorization to content

Now, there are more than 20 websites related to Loksatta. Once for each state, blogs for videos, and projects etc. Soon they will be 100 if we leave it like this.

New site will divide the website into a hierarchy. National Level, State Level, District Level, Ward Level. Also there will be sections that are divided based on Projects, Office Departments. It will allow users to create content (News, Posts) at all these levels. Users will have permissions to post in particular section only. People above that level have option to make that post appear in their section. For example if an post related to one activity in a district is done, that district level people will post that in their section. If it is good fit, then state level people will approve to make it visible in state level.

These permissions can be organized in hierarchy, and multiple people will have permission on once section where they have to collaborate. So website does not depend on any one person.


As of now there is no central place where I can see all the projects happening in Loksatta. I don’t know who is working in what project. Only when I know that information I will be able to offer my services or resources for it. So we need all projects listed and project team to update the progress in that section.

They will have information about events, next meetings, decisions etc all posted in the website rather than some blog.


Normally most contributors wants to make the contribution public. It will help others get inspired by it. So we need a members profile. From when I am a member and what I did for Loksatta. Otherwise there is no recognition, and without it people wont come to support us. So each member will have a profile and contribution information.

Central Ticketing System

Every task in the party must be routed through a ticketing system. If I asked some one for doing something, then there must be a pending ticket for that user until it is done. So every one else knows what we are doing, where the issues are pending, how we can solve pending issues.

Social Integration

There must be grater integration of the website with the social networks but it has to maintain the control of the community. With one click users should be able to make a post which is in the website appear in the Facebook page.

Accounting & Auditing

All accounting information should be publicly available and should be allowed for anyone to audit them. This is only possible when there is a section for that Office Department in the website and they are allowed to post what ever they like in that section.


Free Drupal7 CMS Training and Live project

These days I wanted to work on Loksatta.org website and post it from Joomla CMS to Drupal 7 CMS. Main reason for is that Drupal 7 is much more powerful and it has power to become one stop place for all Loksatta related work.

Initially I wanted to keep the site exactly same as how it looks before. Then there will not be any problem for users(who ever uses it now) to move to new site. Once they move on to it, we will keep making incremental changes every day so that there is no sudden shift.

For doing this I need help, and only way I can get help it by helping others. So I have decided to teach who ever joins me in this work about Drupal 7. All you need to know is ability to use internet and read English. I will teach the rest of it. There is some programming needed, but that you can learn easily. I also need some CSS designers help, may be I can teach that too.

So what are you waiting for? Learn the most powerful free CMS out there, send me a message right away. BTW this is completely online course, so no need to come visit me. You can do it even if you are in US, UK, India or even in China. 🙂

My Dream of Smart Machines

I have a document which I have written 2 years back which explains how the system should work and how software development should work, in the era of smart phones.

Thanks www.onx.ms it is almost a reality now. It is available for Android now, and soon will be available for other OS also I believe.

My dream does like this:

My smart phone and my PC , Laptop, Tablet should in in Sync and should be aware of each other. Mobile can detect where I am and what I am doing and tell that info to other devices. It can detect where my house it, where my office is, based on time and place. And it can detect if I am walking or driving. (It is already possible now). All this information is shared in common database with all other applications. Applications will know who I am, my age, profession, my position etc. My desktop will automatically sleep if I am out of office, and my home PC will be active automatically when I reach home. They can detect how many rooms I have and in which room I sleep etc. they can detect in which room they are now. Programs will be in scripting languages, and in a way that any one can change or view them. Programs can be downloaded, ranked in central repository. You can have trusted friends, so that you can trust the programs they are using etc. (ie. like I can trust every program that Bill Gates is using).

Almost every thing here is possible, and most of it is possible now using On{x}. They may not have thought the possibilities yes, but I am sure it will lead to a revolution.

Main factor for such a dream to come true is the API provided by the OS. If OS does not allow anything and does not trust any program to do anything, then this dream will not work. So bring the concept of trusted program, and  build network of trust. Please don’t make island of apps which will not be able to do anything on their own.


Installing rvm on Ubuntu 10.04

When I was trying to install rvm on our ubuntu server I got the error.

configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables

Luckily after 30min of searching I found


By doing “apt-get install build-essential” every thing worked perfectly

This too shall pass

Ramesh told me this 2 days back as a summary of the all the knowledge in one sentence. Yes, I agree with it.

I have tried to use Facebook many times, stopped using in between and again went to it. But I was never happy. The problem which you all may know is ….

Every friend is same. What I post will be shared with every one. Which is useless for 90% of my friends. At any time I post things which are relevant only to 10 to 15 % my friends.

I have tried to see if there is any groups concept. I was not able find.

Then I thought if there is some thing to beet FB, then I think some thing which provides this feature. And I am right.

I believe that Google+ is exactly what I have been waiting for. And there will be massive shift of users from Facebook to Google+. It will reach Facebook user levels in a rapid speed, a speed 10 times faster than the Android adoption.

Then I thought, Is it possible that Facebook introduces this features sooner and save some users? I don’t think that is possible. People are happy with the thought of moving on. They need some thing to move on to. It is in our nature. And I don’t think it is easy for FB to imitate Google+. It is not technical issue, it is philosophy.

That is why I said “This too shell pass” (Facebook).

Eagerly waiting for Google+ account.

PocketGear get funding from RIM

Routers reports that PocketGear is getting funding of $15 million from sources which include RIM.

RIM has its own App Store called “App World”. And with recent release of App World 2.0 we are seeing better results. App World 1.0 is used to generate total sales around 6000*.  After the release of 2.0 with new features like Credit card billing and carrier billing we estimate that it is making around 10k* sales per day.

Anyway one can see that sales in App World is like 150 times less than what it is in IPhone App Store.

Now instead of strengthening the functionality of App World, RIM choose to invest in some other App Store called “PocketGear”. This is totally insane from the point of view of any BlackBerry Developer.

As a developer who have participated in every store we can tell that App World is producing 100 times more sales than PocketGear for our applications.

Now only RIM can answer why they choose to invest in PocketGear.

Note: These numbers are total sales for all applications. And they are approximate numbers.