Episode 13: Keychain

Next day evening Naveen went to the Sowmya’s office.

Rahul is busy in some work on his laptop. He could not find Sowmya in the office. He knocked the door and went into Rahul’s room.

Naveen asked if there is any work for him. After discussions it was decided that Naveen should help in creating a portal to capture all the data collected from all the testing devices, and they are securely stored in the server for future retrieval and analysis.

Encryption and Data analytics is little new to Naveen but building cloud applications for large data is some thing he has done many times. So he decided that he will collect all the requirements first and will create the architecture. Based on the architecture they will decide if they have to outsource it or build it them self.

He collected some required data from Rahul. But more details about the readings and the amount of the data Sowmya has to tell.

Naveen: Where is she?
Rahul: She went out. Some of her friends came from collage.
Naveen: Oh ok, so how is the production plan going.
Rahul: Most of the components and circuit boards all being manufactured in China. We are gong through testing of some test boards we god yesterday. May be in a month or so we may finalize first version.
Naveen: So the assembly will be done here.
Rahul: Yes, that is the plan. We plan to outsource that part of work also to a local company. I am going through some companies. We need to finalize the agreement before we start the production. For casing we are using a 3D printer for now.
Naveen: Oh, great. Never used 3D printer before. I read a lot about all the changes in and various new 3D printers. Wanted to do something with them, but never know anything what to do.
Rahul: Oh, it is in Sowmya’s room. Check it out if you want to.
Naveen: Sure.
Naveen went into Sowmya’s room. He found the 3D printer on the corner.

He checked the 3D printer, and found the website of that company. He downloaded the software and the tutorial manual. It is almost 7:30PM, he wanted to see Sowmya before going. So decided to print something while waiting for her.

He wanted to print a key chain with the company name. He quickly made the 3D model using the software. And pressed print.

While it was printing, he want to the rest room. When he came back, Sowmya was checking his laptop which is connected to the printer. Some how

Sowmya: Oh, it is you. I was just checked who is printing in my room.
Naveen: Sorry, Just trying out my first 3D printing.
Sowmya: No sorry needed. It is your company too now. You have all the rights to do what ever you want. What are you printing?
Naveen: Check it out, a key chain for my bike key. How is it?
[Printing is almost finished.]
Sowmya: Wow, that is nice. Have you done it before?
[She liked the fact that he wanted to print the company name instead of his name etc.]
Naveen: No, this is first time.
Sowmya: Hey, Key chain you will take it to your office. Don’t you think it will be a problem if some one sees?
Naveen: No one will care what key chain some one is using. You know big offices right, it is no one’s responsibility to see such small stuff.
Sowmya: Ya, right.

Naveen informed about the portal discussion and that he is waiting for her to discuss the data structure and related details. Sowmya explained the product and what kind of data it generates and at what frequency. They also discussed on how this data will be pushed to the cloud. They wanted to connect the device to a mobile phone and an App in the phone should extract the data from upload to the server.

Naveen did not want to talk about the mails or messages that are exchanged yesterday unless she brings up the topic. She also thought the same. But both of them wanted the other person to talk about it first.

It was almost 8PM so Naveen decided to leave. Already every one left the office by that time, only Rahul, Sowmya and Neveen were there. So they all decided to close for the day.

Rahul noticed Sowmya while she is looking at Naveen. [Naveen started the bike and zoomed off. She could see the key chain that he printed.]

Sowmya was lost in her thoughts, but still looking at the direction that Naveen went. It is almost impossible to talk in office. And she always get more questions than answers when she talks to Naveen in messages/mails. And just 2 days back she went out on date with Rahul. How and when to talk to Naveen?

Rahul: What happened? anything wrong?
Sowmya: oh, no nothing. Lets go.

He wished that she is right. But he knew, something is there.

Episode 11: First Date

Sowmya informed the team about the discussion with Naveen. She expressed her trust in Naveen. They have agreed to accept the investment. They have managed to convince the VC firm for the changes in investment amount and the offered %.

In 4 days all the investment process is finished and Naveen have transferred the money to the company account.

Even though they would get the required funding from the VC, it is the trust that Naveen had which convinced the team to give preference to him. Naveen also said that he would like to continue to contribute to the company in what ever way he can. So instead of a sleeping partner, he would contribute his IT skills in what ever way required. Officially Naveen can not work in this company due to employee agreement in his current company. So he told that he will come for one to two hours every day after office.

Company decided to hire another 5 including CAD Designer, Electronics engineer, Chemical engineer, Biologist and one office administrator.

While all this is going on Naveen wanted to know why Sowmya did not say anything when he told about his interest in her. Also Sowmya wanted to talk to Rahul and ask more about what he means by Love. She also wanted to know from Naveen what actually he is expecting from her. Rahul is waiting for Sowmya’s reply.

During office hours they do not have time for any of these. In non office hours they did communicate in chats but they are afraid to bring this topic during this busy time.

After 5 days finally Rahul decided to ask. He sent her message after dinner one night.

Rahul: Hey, have you thought anything me?

Sowmya: Doing that only now. šŸ™‚

Rahul: Oh great. Decided anything?

Sowmya: I don’t know what to decide also. I think I have some questions.

Rahul: Ok, ask.

Sowmya: Not now. And not in chat. Lets talk over lunch tomorrow.

Rahul: Not in lunch, Dinner?

Sowmya: So a date?

Rahul: Yes, a date.

Sowmya: Ok fine. Good Night

Rahul: Thanks and Good Night

Next day Rahul picked up Sowmya for dinner even though she said she could come herself. They went to a beautiful restaurant which is little far from their place.

Sowmya: So, we are on a date.

Rahul: Yes, we are.

Sowmya: You have been on dates before?

Rahul: No, This is my first formal one. You?

Sowmya: No, none.

Rahul: Normally, people talk about their likes, dislikes, habits, family and all other things. I think we fairly know about each other.

Sowmya: Yup, but I think there will still be some things we may not know.

Rahul: Sure.

Sowmya: Why not we start with what we think we know and see if that still is correct?

Rahul: Good idea, ladies first.

Sowmya: Okey. Your father is a bank manager. Mother is a house wife. Your home is in Delhi. You studied your +2 in Delhi. You have one elder bother, and he is working in Bangalore.

Rahul: Ya, right, go on.

Sowmya: You are staying along with your friends here. Before our project you were working as a programmer.

Rahul: right

Sowmya: You are friendly with every one. You like traveling. You used to have couple of girl friends before if my sources are right.

Rahul: Not really girlfriends, but kind of.

Sowmya: You are a very caring and joyful person.

Rahul: šŸ™‚

Sowyma: Thats it, now your turn.

Rahul: Ok, You are from Lucknow, your father is a business man. You are the only daughter in the family. You are staying here with your mother.

Sowmya: Right

Rahul: You are very intelligent, and very hard working person.

Sowmya: Thanks

Rahul: You are a bit reserved type.

Sowmya: What does that mean?

Rahul: It means little closed than average women that I have seen.

Sowmya: ok, go on

Rahul: You try to be like normal girls, but you are not normal. Your thoughts and actions always says you want to do something else.

Sowmya: Wow, no one ever said that before

Rahul: Am I right?

Sowmya: May be

Rahul: And you are very beautiful.

Sowyma: hmm, thank you. Anything else?

Rahul: lot of stuff, I know you like chicken Biryani, specially Hyderabadi Biryani. Your favorite color is Black. Your favorite number is 3. You go to temple every Sunday.

[Sowmya was wearing a black dress. Now she knows that Rahul knows why she wore that dress today]

Sowmya: Who told you all that?

Rahul: No one, I am seeing you for more than an year, so I know.

Sowmya: You have good observation skills.

Rahul: Thanks.

Sowmya: Now, you said you love me.

Rahul: Right

[Now he is relieved that she still did not forget about it. The conversation upto now was in a way that there is no such proposal, and he thought she would ignore it].

Sowmya: What do you mean by “Love”?

Rahul: I don’t know, the attraction between a man and woman?

Sowmya: So it is attraction?

Rahul: No, no. Not just attraction, It is much more than that. Like wanting to see the other person happy.

Sowmya: So you want to see me happy.

Rahul: Ofcourse, who does not.

Sowmya: So every one loves me than.

Rahul: hmm, I think you are enjoying this game.

Sowmya: šŸ™‚ Yes I am. Also I need to know clearly what you mean.

Rahul: Don’t you know what is Love before?

Sowyma: I know, but I need to know what you mean by it.

Rahul: If I had known you would ask me in this way, may be I would have prepared myself. When I said I love you, I mean I want you in my life. I want you to be my life partner.

Sowmya: ok

Rahul: Did you ask same question to every one who proposed to you?

Sowmya: No, at that time I never cared about it. I was putting my mind in studies, and after college on job.

Rahul: So what is my number?

Sowmya: May be 15, but not sure.

Rahul: wow, that many people. I thought you might have got a lot, but did not think that number will be that much big.

Sowmya: I know many girls who got much more.

Rahul: I know, considering your intelligence I thought not many people would dare to propose you.

Sowmya: So that that mean I am more intelligent than you?

Rahul: Sure you are.

Sowmya: Thank you, but I don’t think so. And I never thought people will think about intelligence before even proposing.

Rahul: They may not, but they will be afraid of it.

Sowmya: So you are not?

Rahul: With you, no I am not. I like you more because of it.

Sowmya: Okey

Rahul: So what is your opinion on me?

Sowmya: You are a great person Rahul. I like you. Like every one, I like to be around you. Because you make every one around happy.

Rahul: Thats it? like every one?

Sowmya: šŸ™‚

Rahul: What?

Sowmya: I need some more time. I know I like you. But there is something else, I still need some more clarity.

Rahul: Okey, thank you, that is more than enough for now.

Sowmya: Thank you for understanding.

Rahul: No no, thank you

They finished the dinner, and Rahul dropped her at home. Sowmya thought “Every thing is perfect with Rahul, he takes care of every thing. From reservation to pick up and dropping back. His dress and style, the way he opens the car doors for her, the way invites her by holding the chair for her, everything. He is really good and romantic.”

Sowmya: Thank you for the dinner. I had a good time.

She moved her hand for a handshake. Rahul took her hand with his both hands. She hesitated a bit, but she knows that she would like it. His hands are warm, it gave a pleasant feeling.

Rahul: Thank you for coming,

Sowmya: Good night

Rahul: Good night

It is not first time to see each other in eyes, but some how this felt different.

She went in to the house and started changing dress for sleeping. It was already 10:30PM. She removed her phone from the purse and kept it on the table. It is blinking, seems like a message notification.

After changing dress, she saw the message. It is from Naveen, he sent around 9PM. “Hi”. That is it, nothing else.

She thought better not to reply now. So she prepared herself for sleep. Her thoughts are around the definition of Love. What is its meaning, all these years she thought she knows what it means. Saw so many movies on it. So many boys proposed to her. But now she is clue less, what does it mean?

While lying on the bed, she immediately opened the phone and replied to Naveen, “What is love?”. Last online time of Naveen is 9:30, he might be sleeping now she thought. But why to send message to him? Why not ask Srinivas or Ramesh?

If he asks why I am asking, what to tell? shit, there is no way to delete the message now, even if I delete, message is already sent. She can do nothing now except prepare for what Naveen is going to ask or say. She does not want to tell about Rahul. Not that she wants to hide anything. She prepared some alternate story to tell Naveen if he asks why she asked about love. Now she can do nothing except going into sleep.

4 things I want girls to understand

My friend asked me “if there is one thing you want girls to understand, what would that be?”, this post is answer to that question.

I don’t think we can generalize all girls. Every one is different. So the answer will be, “nothing”. But that is not an interesting answer, and most probably that is not what my friend is expecting from me.

SoĀ  I am changing the question to “What I want girls to understand”. Here ‘girls’ means most girls I have seen. And it is about my perspective. I don’t mean all girls need my advise. Well may be no one needs my advise.

I have 4 things that they should understand.

  • Stop listening to your parents and make your own decision like most boys. It is very unlikely that your parents are more educated than you, and more aware of current generation needs or aspirations. Even if they are, unless you are mentally retarded there is no way they can make better decision than you. Stop doing stupid things to satisfy short term needs and happiness of your parents. Your long term happiness is more important for them and for you. So please treat stupid demands of parents as such, and ignore them.
  • Stop treating your boyfriend or husband as a god given gift for you to fulfill all your needs in life. Sorry to disappoint you, that is not true. (even if god exists, I don’t believe he/she/it intends that). They are just partners. Every one have +v’s and -v’s encourage +vs and discourage -vs. Do your duty as an Individual first, then as a partner. Stop depending on them for every decision, be independent and make your own decisions. You can discuss your decisions or even make them in such a way that they consider other’s views also.Ā  I have seen enough examples, and I can say for sure that an independent women will be more happy in long term.
  • Grow up, get out and do some thing. Stop sitting at home. Your husband does not need you 24hrs, if he does, may be he is just a kid. Your kids don’t need you 24hrs. I have seen enough families and I see no correlation between quality of character of a person to his mother’s hours of care. So just because you spend more time taking care of them does not make then better people. In fact I believe that it will affect adversely. Outsource what ever is possible. May be they will do better job than us. It is even good to earn x amount and spend all that X amount just to outsource what ever work you are doing.
  • Take care of your health. Your parents, or your husband or your kids can not return your health to you if you loose it for any of them. No one or nothing is more important then your health. Your house work is not exercise.

I feel very bad to live in circle/time where I know very less number of girls who follow all these 4 things. If you are following all these, then send me a message.

Deep drive

Starting today I am going go deep drive into a research mode. Till now I used to spend some time understanding issues like politics, social issues etc. I used to read news paper articles one in a month or so. Used to follow people who are not related to my core work areas. Like political leaders, some movie stars, and some social service people. 

I have decided that my brain capacity is limited, and I could not afford to spend anytime on other activities, even if it is for small fraction of time. I used to think a well balanced approach is good. But now I change my view. 

If I am going to do something great, then I need to be very focused. I cannot afford to think about anything else. Need no distractions. I am going to unfollow everyone not related to my core research. Not going to talk about politics, news movies etc. Even though I don’t do much, I won’t even talk about social issues. I don’t want to listen to them as well. 

One thing I will follow is about health and taking good care of the body. As without that we will be dead. But the rest of the stuff is not that important.

There is lot of crap I follow related to startups. It is just time waste.

So goodbye to Loksatta, JP, RGV, Wikileaks, and the rest….

It’s your fault

One of my friend asks whose fault is it regarding the crimes against women. I think this is my answer to that question.

I never knew the problem is this much serious. I never imagined that girls are subjected to such crime. Rare incidents are different and regular incidents are different. After reading the open letter from an actress my wife says it is happening to every one. But I never thought that is possible. Now I know that seems to be the reality.

Now to the question, whose fault is it? Is it not your fault. Fault of all educated women? Why each one of you have registered a police complaint on every time such things happened to you? That would have been say minimum of 10 crore cases. Don’t you think if you have started speaking out loudly it would have made a difference.

Corruption, and progress was the main issues in this elections. What was the issue before? Did women safety every came as the issue. Why not? Is it because women don’t have voting rights? I think we have then since independence. If there are even 1 lake cases registered in any city then politicians will come running for you. They will make you their agenda. What they want is to get elected. And if you are facing problem and every other girl is facing problem then they will try to pass laws or do what ever needed.

Now don’t say that laws are useless. Any country is great only because of its laws. Without laws you will not go to US. Or to any other place. So laws work. May be not to their maximum potential. But they work.

So the point is, shout it. Make it loud. Do strike. Don’t do peaceful rallies, do more crazy and violent protests. If your male friends are not joining you or your husband asks you not to go then complain. Until then do your duty first then you can complain.

I don’t mean to blame any one. My point is, the on the race to progress and urbanization we have forgot many thing. You can not suddenly become rich country without going through all these issues. 120crore population is too big for anything. So things will be tough. So at least in next election I want to see this issue to be primary focus. Else stop feeding the male population. They will fight for you.

History of India

Here is the history retold in a blog that I follow… (Totally copy pasted).

“History is something which has beenĀ interpreted, misinterpreted and reinterpreted several times according to the need. Here is my version of history. I don’t qualify to interpret history but here we live in the world where one only needs power to “propagate” their own versions, not necessarily true.
Disclaimer: The entire post is based on commonly available sources likeĀ GoogleĀ andĀ Wikipedia. Intentionally so, to break the hegemony of scholarly text which are often subjected to the comments “I have not read anything of that sort. It must be some skewed version”.
Unfortunately I have met quite a few people who believe there was one glorious golden period in Indian history what one misses is the point that before 1947 there was no “India”. The credit for the conceptualization of India has to go to the Britishers who united several warring states. Then the immediate argument would talk about the Islamic rule in India prior to which India had this hypothetical Golden Period, which was essentially Hindu.
This narrative also talks about how a new religion (Islam) invaded India. But consider this Islam first came to India in 7 Century AD through trade (Even according to the not so scholarly Wikipedia). This was probably before many of today’sĀ IslamicĀ countries knew Islam. Breaking another myth that Islam came through forcible conversions, it actually spread through trade. Coming to the eulogized Vedic Heritage, Vedas and Upanishads were actually written by the Aryans, who migrated to Indo-Gangetic region from the Eurasian regions. Now how do we call one migrant tradition as own and one as foreign?
Talking about this “Only Hindu” period, the Jews arrived in India 2500 years before and they are the said to be among the first converts to Christianity. Quoting Wikipedia “World’s oldest existing church believed to have been built by Thomas the Apostle in 57AD called Thiruvithamcode Arapally is in Tamil Nadu.”
From 600-300BC the region had Kasi, Kosala, Kamboja, Anga, Magadha, Chedi, Vatsa, Kuru, Panchala, Matsya, Surasena, Assaka, Vajji, Gandhara etc. All of them warring with each other. Now I again fail to understand how we were “one”. Another point to be noted is that each kingdom was trying to invade the other and in the process destroying the city, its temples, its public spaces etc. Again I fail to understand why only the Islamic rulers figure in the list of invaders, when we were always invading and destroying each other. Then there were the Greek and Persian invasions followed by the Maurya Empire. One point to be noted that the Mauryan Empire which we take pride in claiming Hindu was essentially Buddhist, i.e., Ashoka and his progeny spent major part of their life to spread Buddhism. And no, Buddhism is not “Hindu” it’s main point was to oppose the divisions in Hinduism, which were so prime to existence. So, unfortunately Buddhism cannot be claimed as Hindu. 230-700BC is considered to be the golden age when Andhra region was ruled by Satavahanas, Kharavela worked for spreading Jainism, Kushanas ruled till Tajikistan ( Now we Ā can either claim Tajikistan as Indian or accept it was just the matter of kingdoms and nothing Indian about it). Ā Then there were Cholas, Pandyas, Cheras, Kadambas, Pallavas, Chalukyas at different times in the south. There were north western hybrid kingdoms which were a mixture of Indo-Greeks, Indo- Parthians, Indo-Sassinids. Particular mention of Sassinid empire which extended to current day Baluchistan and due to the intermingling of Cultures arose the Indo-Iranian culture. This was aĀ contemporaneous kingdom of the eulogized Golden Gupta Empire. So the Pakistan and Baluchistan which we want to run and grab as Indian were not under one kingdom even during the “Golden Age”. Unfortunately even the Wiki map of Gupta Period says that it didn’t include the southern states, so for all practical purposes if one wants to establish the “Golden Period” one has to be ready to for go the southern states and the coveted Kashmir. This was followed by Harsha’s kingdom, Vijayanagara empire, Ganga dynasty, Gurjara Pratiharas, Rashtrakutas, Rajput kingdoms.
This was followed by the by what is pictured as the “Foreign Invasion” and Islamic Rule. I wouldn’t spend too much as already much has been done to soil this time. But I think all the Indian trumpet blowers have to be thankful to Islamic rule without which one would never have India in Current Shape.
To end, history has been interpreted as per the need but whether we like it or not we have all been a group of warring kingdoms and India was not even a concept.

P2P Internet and a possible better future

Internet is like a telephone line. We send data, we receive data. In telephone if we call others, we pay. But we don’t pay for receiving calls. Why can not we put the same for Internet too?

I am trying to explore this option a bit more.. I do not have all information. Anyone having more information, please contact me.

This is how the future looks based on what I said.

  • Your ISP IP 2 Your ISP IP all data traffic is absolutely free at 10mbps. (example only)
  • Your ISP IP 2 Any other Indian ISP IP data transfer rate is 2mbps (1Rs per GB).
  • Your ISP IP 2 International IP data transfer 512kbps and (Rs10 per GB)

What will we get out of it? You will get lower internet bills, higher internet speed. Free video calling between your friends and family. Traffic out of India gets reduced, India gets more internet servers, we put servers in India rather than in US.

Do you see any down side? Let me know.

When did you last tell ‘Sorry’?

While watching one of the youtube videos, I realized some thing that I did miss in my life.Ā  That is art of telling “Sorry”.

I am not talking about saying “Sorry” to a girl friend, or wife. But telling sorry to some one else. I tried to remember when I told some one else sorry. Even though I have very poor memory of what I did in my child hood, I can say for sure that I never told some one sorry.

I might have told some times to my employees, that too just because I might have shouted at them unnecessarily.

I believe that it is some thing our parents forgot to teach us. I don’t blame my mother for it. May be no one have thought her in the first place.

In that video, a Pakistani girl says ‘ham mafi chahthe hai’ (We seek forgiveness) for using wrong words in the debate. That spontaneous response from her, when no one is asking her to say sorry, is really an eye opening for me.

I don’t remember using the word ‘forgive’ or its equivalent word in any language ever.

I am very very impressed by the way those girls have talked. It has a very beautiful and meaningful song also. You should watch it.

Rackspace Cloud Ubuntu 9.04 Locals problem

When I started my new Ubuntu 9.04 server on Rackspace cloud I got some strange problem when ever I used apt-get.

Here is the errors I got

perl: warning: Setting locale failed.
perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:
LANGUAGE = (unset),
LC_ALL = (unset),
LANG = “en_IN”
are supported and installed on your system.
perl: warning: Falling back to the standard locale (“C”).
locale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory
locale: Cannot set LC_MESSAGES to default locale: No such file or directory
locale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory

I searched a lot for it. Then found the simple solution.

sudo apt-get install –reinstall language-pack-en

happy cloud computing..

Is this the way software has to be?

I have been using computers from last 10 years. Even though there are people who used it for 30 years..I can say that I know pretty much about them. When I say computers I mean software. Without software hardware is of no use. We have seen the tremendous growth in hardware in recent years. There is nothing I have at present to complain about hardware except one thing(“Why some people are still using flopy-disk?”).

I have used so many software…operating systems, Net browsers, Mail clients, Office software, multimedia, cd writing, downloading software etc etc. Recently I have tried a voice recognition software. It worked more than my expectations. I was able to do chatting with it without using keyboard(if I pay more attention to how I am talking).

I got one question in mind after that…
“Is it the way the software(all software I used till now) has to be?”

The natural answer came is “No, they must be much better than they are at present”.
But I don’t have clear points to support this answer. When I talked to others I found that they also agree to my answer. But they also don’t have any alternatives to show.
To find out the actual facts about this issue I am planing to start an analysis. First I will try to list the points which are wrong about present software. And then propose my alternative plan if above analysis shows that alternative is needed and possible.